Saturday, March 31, 2007

Week 4: dp vs DP

Unlike Weeks 1, 2, & 3 where Sludge DNP, Sludge finally d.p. [did play] versus DP (Duck Pond).

At kid-friendly Montgomery Hills fields, the first meeting of the Babysitters Club began.

"Play time" started amicably 15 minutes late and then, it was very cute, everyone started to play so well with one another. A somewhat depleted DP went #1 first as Sludge gave up the first point of their spring season. A pickuppy pace ensued between the endzones -- pull; 2-3 throws before the first mark appeared; then a turn or a bid for a score. Generally, spring described the season more than the step-of-Sludge.
By "Snack time," Sludge was ahead 8-to-3.

It was a beautiful day with a slight wind which created some semi-turbulence in the 2nd half. Errant throws seemed to be either just out of reach or off the fingertips. Defensively, Sludge's Zone-D attempted to awake from its winter nap, but it had a temper tantrum that created a "timeout" situation. Those privleges were hastily replaced by Person-D for the rest of the day. Everyone and every body of age had plenty of play, 4:3 ratio was on the field while at the playground there was a 1:1 ratio of adult:child.

On this day, proud parents could hear their Sludge Generation II children say:
"My mommy/daddy beat your mommy/daddy in ultimate frisbee!"
The game ended too soon with a Sludge victory which led to pickup...pick up of toys & blankets, a quick pickup game, and eventually pick up & GO-TO-YOUR-ROOM (Couch) for..."Nap time!"

:Fashion Notes:
>New bling was worn by the newlyweds.
>Charlie wore his UnderArmour Brown shirt.
>Anna Luna sported (soccer?) cleats.

Thursday, March 29, 2007

OMG! OBX 2007 Fundrai$er

Thank you everyone for helping out with this year's OBX Fundraiser. Your money will be put to good use and make for a good, beachy fun. Your proud donations are being directly used for a pay-it-7-months-forward vacation.

2007 TOTAL GOAL: $6,741.25
March's GOAL (deposit) = $3,000
As of 03.01.07: $0 collected.
-$3,000 of the month's goal
-100% of month's goal

As of 03.30.07: $2,675 collected.
-$325 of the month's goal
-89% of month's goal

With wishful thinking & a proper bankroll, Here Comes the Sun will live up to its name.

OBX Vacationers Unite! Or at least, write a check to Fishpez.

Monday, March 26, 2007

Week 3: DNP*

::Game canceled due to weather::

Spring showers prevented our scheduled game on Saturday (again).

::Game canceled due to weather::

(DNP* = did not play, except if you are on the Sludge Phone Tree)

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Spring's Saturday Schedule

Spring 2007
-Date, Time & Location-

Week 1: BYE

Week 2: March 17: 4:30pm @ Montgomery Hills Field #1

Week 3: March 24: 2:45pm @ Montgomery Hills Field #2

Week 4: March 31: 9:30am @ Montgomery Hills Field #2

Week 5*: April 7 @ 9:30am + 11:15pm @ Montgomery Hills Field #1 - *2 games

Week 6*: April 14: 9:30am @ Lake Fairfax Field #4 + 11:15pm @ Lake Fairfax Field #3 -- *2 games

Week 7: April 21: 9:30am @ Montgomery Hills Field #2

Week 8: BYE

Week 9: BYE

Week 1: May 12 @ TBD
Week 2: May 19 @ TBD

-->CLICK HERE to download the schedule into Outlook or your wireless handheld device. Nice try...not yet available in Sludge version 1.0!

Saturday, March 17, 2007

Week 2: DNP

::Game canceled due to weather::

No luck playing our scheduled game versus EPA Tree Huckers at 4:30pm on Saturday at Montgomery Hills.

::Game canceled due to weather::

(DNP = did not play)

Friday, March 09, 2007

Week 1: DST, FYI

With a Stay of Execution (...of scheduling B-Leeg games), Sludge remains undefeated early in the 2007 season. YEAH!

Sans game, Sludge can freely spring ahead without having any aches or pains begging for that lost hour of rest. May the extra daylight provide some possible lure to maybe exercise (run?, step in the shower?, dust off cleats? find brown shirt?) before the first game. Well, at least, change your clock(s).

THANK YOU to all who pickedup - either in game or during park cleanup.

Sunday, March 04, 2007

Be a Sludge Gamer!

I typically don't surf car-related Web sites, but after seeing a bunch of CASTROL GTX TV ads about battling harmful sludge and calling sludge nasty names, I looked them up to send in a complaint. Instead, I was amusingly distracted by their online games. Thank You, Internets.

Sludge Whacker
Beat back the sludge monsters in this carny game!

GTX Man(buff) Battles Dr. Sludge(PhD or MD?)
Just like Nintendo's Mike Tyson's Punchout, test your skills and reaction time in this first person boxing game!