Monday, July 30, 2018

Chart: Appearances at AUDL Championship Weekend

The AUDL Madison Radicals (12-2, 1-0), Los Angeles Aviators (11-3, 1-0), New York Empire (8-6, 2-0), Dallas Roughnecks (13-1, 1-0) have advanced to the AUDL 2018 Championship Weekend (August 11-12) in Madison.

Madison advances to their (AUDL record) 6th straight appearance, while Dallas makes their 3rd consecutive appearance. New York Empire also has 3 appearances, returning to 2018 Weekend after competing there during their first 2 seasons (2013, 2014). LA Aviators advanced to their first ever AUDL Championship with last week's win in the West Division Championship.

AUDL Championship Weekend Appearances [2013-2018]

NOTE: AUDL 2012 Championship game (Philadelphia Spinners vs Indy AlleyCats) not recorded because "AUDL Championship Weekend" started in AUDL 2013 season.

Friday, July 27, 2018

WFDF World Masters Ultimate Club Championship 2018

Seventy-two teams from 13 different countries are scheduled to compete at  WFDF's 2018 World Masters Ultimate Club Championship (WMUCC) in Winnipeg, MB, Canada. Competition begins on July 29 and ends August 4.

The host country, Canada, will be represented with the most masters division ultimate teams - 24. USA is second with 23 total teams across the 4 divisions. The Masters Men and Masters Mixed Divsions both have a total of 21 teams, while the Masters Women and Grand Masters Divisions have 15 teams each.

# of Total WMUCC 2018 Teams by Country
Canada = 24
USA = 23
Japan = 5
Colombia, Great Britain = 3 ea
Australia, France, Germany, New Zealand, Republic of Korea, Singapore = 2 ea
India, Mexico = 1 ea

Tuesday, July 24, 2018

Comparison: WUCC 2018 Seed vs Finish for US Club Teams

Club ultimate teams from the US swept gold at WFDF 2018 World Ultimate Club Championships - similar to past WUCC events hosted in the United States. All U.S. club teams advanced to their division's quarterfinals at WUCC 2018. All US-based club teams combined for an impressive (109-13) win-loss record at WUCC 2018.

Overall, 9 medals were won by U.S. club teams. U.S. mixed teams won a record 4 competition medals, U.S. women's teams won 3 medals, and U.S. men's teams won 2 medals. More bronze medals were won at WUCC 2018 than previous WUCC events due to inclement weather preventing placement games in the final rounds.

US teams in WUCC Men's Division

Team Seed Finish Change
San Francisco Revolver
Austin Doublewide
Raleigh Ring of Fire

US teams in WUCC Women's Division

Team Seed Finish Change
Seattle Riot*
Boston Brute Squad
Denver Molly Brown
San Francisco Fury
Atlanta Ozone

US teams in WUCC Mixed Division

Team Seed Finish Change
Seattle BFG
Boston Slow White*
Philadelphia AMP
Boston Wild Card*
Seattle Mixtape

*did not originally qualify for WUCC.

(27-1): combined record of U.S. club teams that previously did not qualify for WUCC 2018, including 3 medals - a gold, a silver, and a bronze.

Medal Qty Team(s)
Gold 3 BFG, Revolver, Riot
Silver 1 Slow White
Bronze 5 AMP, Brute Squad, Doublewide, Molly Brown, Wild Card

The US has won 9 medals at WUCC before - just not ever in this combination.

3 = # of WUCC gold medals won by US club ultimate teams; Revolver, Riot, BFG

9 = total # of 2018 WUCC medals won by US club ultimate teams

Monday, July 23, 2018

Results: WFDF World Ultimate Club Championships 2018

The WFDF World Ultimate Club championships concluded on Saturday and US-based club teams swept gold in every division (again). Over 120 club ultimate teams competed at this international tournament.

Women's Division
Seattle Riot (7) won 15-8 [8-4 half] over Medellin Revolution (5) to win back-to-back Club Worlds titles. Riot did not originally qualify for this tournament based on their finish at 2017 USA Ultimate Club Nationals.

Men's Division
San Francisco Revolver (1) won their 3rd consecutive WUCC title with a 15-13 win [8-7 half] over Sydney Colony (4). Previous championships by Revolver were won in 2010 and 2014.

Mixed Division
Seattle BFG (3) won 15-11 [8-6 half] over Boston Slow White (9) to win their 1st Club Worlds title. BFG went (5-0) in pool play with a +46 goal differential, and would win 5 more games in the elimination brackets to win the championship.

The next World Ultimate Club Championship will occur in 2022, though the location has yet to be determined.

Saturday, July 21, 2018


The World Ultimate Club Championships moved indoors to prevent inclement weather from drowning out the rest of the semifinals and finals of each division, leading to "Club Worlds" to be updated to Indoorlds.

RECAP: WUCC 2018 Finalists

After an elongated-yet-shortened semifinals due to inclement weather, the championships for each division are set.

Men's Division 
San Francisco Revolver (1) vs Sydney Colony (4)

Women's Division
Seattle Riot (7) vs Medellin Revolution (5)

Mixed Division
Boston Slow White (9) vs Seattle BFG (3)

Watch the livestream of the division finals today (Saturday) at 8:30AM (Men), 2:30PM (Women), and 4:30PM (Mixed). 

Friday, July 20, 2018

RECAP: WUCC 2018 Semifinalists

Day 6 is done and 4 club ultimate teams in each division have advanced. USA is represented the most with 9 club ultimate teams; Australia (M), Canada (M), and Colombia (W) each have 1 club ultimate team in the semis at the WFDF World Ultimate Club Championships.

Women's Division
Seattle Riot vs Denver Molly Brown
Medellin, Colombia Revolution vs Boston Brute Squad

Mixed Division
Boston Slow White vs Boston Wild Card
Philadelphia AMP vs Seattle BFG

Men's Division
San Francisco Revolver vs Toronto GOAT
Austin Doublewide vs Sydney, Australia Colony

Semifinals are played on Friday, then finals on Saturday - watch live!

Thursday, July 19, 2018

Portland AUDL Team To Be Named the Swifts [CORRECTED]

[CORRECTION, 1:25PM: The group of players from Portland - organized by the women's club team Schwa - named the team competing against Cascades mixed squad. The Swifts have no affiliation with the to-be-named Portland AUDL franchise. Capitol Hill Seattle, who published the original article, has been asked to correct their online article.

The Portland mixed team ("Swifts") will be competing against the Seattle Cascades mixed roster on July 21 @ 6PM PT in a friendly]


The Capitol Hill Seattle Blog broke news about the new AUDL team in Portland. The former Vancouver Riptide franchise will be known as the Swifts. The Portland Swifts are planned to play in the AUDL West Division during the 2019 season.

Swifts are birds, that look like:
 vaux's swift

No formal announcement has yet been made by the Portland, Oregon team's ownership or the league.

RECAP: WUCC 2018 Quarterfinalists

Day 5 at the 2018 World Ultimate Club Championships has concluded and each division's quarter-finalists have been decided.

Quarterfinal teams by country
13 = USA (M: San Francisco Revolver, Austin Doublewide, Raleigh Ring of Fire; X: Seattle Mixtape, Philadelphia AMP, Seattle BFG. Boston S;low White, Boston Wild Card; W: San Francisco Fury, Boston Brute Squad, Denver Molly Brown, Atlanta Ozone)
3 = Canada (M: GOAT X: Crash W: 6ixers )
2 = Germany (M: Bad Skid; X: Hässliche Erdferkel), Japan (M: Nomadic Tribe ; W: HUCK)
1 = Australia (M: Colony), Colombia (W: Revolution), France (M: TCHAC), Netherlands (X: GRUT)

All countries represented by club ultimate teams in the quarter-finals had teams in every division except for the Netherlands—their only and only team (GRUT) advanced to the quarterfinals in the mixed division.

Monday, July 16, 2018

Detroit Mechanix (0-14), Again

With their loss on Saturday versus Pittsburgh, the Detroit Mechanix became the only American Ultimate Disc League team to be winless in the 2018 regular season. The Mechanix have now posted a record three winless regular seasons - in 2014, 2015, and again in 2018.

The Detroit Mechanix end their 7th consecutive losing season with a -188 point differential, which averages to over 13-point per loss (13.42). Detroit's biggest loss was a 29-point drubbing by Madison Radicals in May. Mechanix played 14 games in the Midwest Division during the 2018 AUDL regular season. Since 2012, the Detroit Mechanix have an dismal overall record of 16 wins and 86 losses (.157).

Monday, July 09, 2018

CHART: Medal History at WFDF World Ultimate Club Championships

Seventy-five (75) medals have been awarded at the ten (10) World Ultimate Club Championship events since 1989.  There have been club teams from 7 different countries that have ever won a WUCC medal. 

USA club ultimate teams have swept WUCC medals 13 times (6 in the men's division, 2 in mixed, and 5 in the women's division). Japan is the only other country to have swept a division - women's division at 2006 WUCC.

Gold: Club teams from 3 different countries have won gold at WUCC.
Silver: Club teams from 5 different countries have won silver at WUCC.
Bronze: Club teams from 6 different countries have won bronze at WUCC.

Previous events hosted in the United States - in 1993 and in 2002 - were swept by club teams from the USA.

Club teams from the USA won gold at the inaugural WUCC event in men's and women's divisions (1989) and gold when the mixed division was introduced (1999). Further, club teams from the USA won gold at the last WUCC event in 2014.

Friday, July 06, 2018

List of WUCC Medal Winners: USA Club Ultimate Teams

Club ultimate teams from the United States have won A LOT of medals at WFDF World Ultimate Club Championships. Overall, thirty-five (35) different US-based club teams have won a total of 59  medals at WUCC (1989 through 2014); below is the list.

16 = # of different US-based club teams with WUCC gold medals

Men: Revolver (2), New York, New York/New York Ultimate (2), Condors, DoG, Double Happiness, Philmore, Seattle Sockeye

Mixed: Chad Larson Experience, Donner Party, Drag'n Thrust, Red Fish Blue Fish

Women: Women on the Verge (3), Maine-iacs (2), Riot (2), Fury, Lady Condors.

13 = # of different US-based club teams with WUCC silver medals
Men: DoG (2), Double Happiness (2), Seattle Sockeye (2), Elvis, First Time Gary, Hang Time

Mixed: Brass Monkey, Polar Bears

Women: Lady Godiva (2), Ozone (2), Schwa (2), Fury, Smithereens

16 = # of different US-based club teams with WUCC bronze medals

Men: Condors (2), Johnny Bravo, Looney Tunes, NYC, Rhino Slam!, Sockeye, Windy City

Mixed: Mental Toss Flycoons, Slow White and the Seven Dwarfs, The Ghosts

Women: Lady Godiva (2), Ripplt, Riot, Scandal, Trigger Hippy, Women on the Verge

There are 14 US-based club teams that have won multiple WUCC Medals:
4 medals: Boston Lady Godiva (W), Seattle Sockeye (M), Seattle Women on the Verge (W)

3 medals: Condors (M), DoG (M), Double Happiness (M), Riot (W)

2 medals: Chad Larson Experience (X), Fury (W), Maine-iacs (W), New York, New York (M), Ozone (W), Revolver (M), Schwa (W)

Which of these club teams from the USA will win at WUCC 2018 and be added to the list?

Thursday, July 05, 2018

Recap: Teams at 2018 World Ultimate Club Championships

The WFDF 2018 World Ultimate Club Championships will collectively feature 128 teams from 36 countries in 3 divisions. Specifically,  the men's division will feature 40 club teams from 25 different countries, the mixed division will feature 48 club teams from 26 different countries, and the women's division will feature 40 teams from 21 different countries.

Competition begins on Saturday, July 14 in Warren County, Ohio.

Tuesday, July 03, 2018

Medal History at WFDF World Ultimate Club Championships

There have been ten (10) World Ultimate Club Championships hosted by WFDF. Since 1989 - when the first WUCC happened - seven (7) different countries representing club teams that have medaled at WUCC.

Club ultimate teams from the United States have absolutely dominated the WFDF World Ultimate Club Championships - collectively winning 59/75 (78.7%) available WUCC medals. USA club teams have won the most WUCC medals with fifty-nine (59). In second place, Japan club teams have collectively won 8 WUCC medals, next is Canada with three (3), followed by Australia with two (2), and tied with 1 medal is Finland, Netherlands, and Sweden.

USA club ultimate team(s) have won medals at every WUCC.

NOTES: More than one club team can represent a country.
Compiled data excludes masters divisions/includes men's, mixed and women's divisions only.
Data via WFDF; compilation and chart by SLUDGE.