Sunday, April 29, 2007

Where in the World?

Continuing "Where in the World" paying homage to the worldly mobility of Sludge.

Today's Feature: Charlie.

Q: Where in the World is Charlie?

A: CH is in CO.

Saturday, April 28, 2007

Ring Alert

Clue #1:

Clue #2:

Friday, April 27, 2007

Week 7: Sludge Fashion Slays

Sludge Fashion Slays "Built2Swill" on the Runway Field

by Bucci

Sludgers woke up to a most refreshing April, not "October", day. A rough week behind them, they bounded out from under the covers to rush to see their favorite brown clad friends. Underneath the bluest of blue skys with a Teletubbie-like sun giggling down upon them, they faced the lead singer of U2 and his merry band of frisbee players.

Anna Luna, clad in a "Lemon" T-shirt with a kitty on it and cargo capris, and Lucy, sporting a pink jumper, Sludge Next Gen T-shirt and fruit salad pants, laughed and played with Penelope, Lucy's grandmom, and Sludge's #1 Fan, Mark, underneath the Joshua trees surrounding the field.

As Bono pulled the frisbee, it was rumored he muttered frustratingly, "All I want is you"! Uncertainty over whether he was charmed by Gayle's green shorts and Sludgie hair ribbon, or Russell's 'guns' protruding out of his cut off brown t-shirt was quickly cleared up -- it seems he meant the Sludge Zone.

Even though Sludge didn't technically have "The Edge" on their side, David, in his magical orange hat, and layered fashion sense (brown cut off shirt, white T-shirt underneath -- no looking at those guns ladies! He's spoken for now!) led the team to a quick 5-0 lead. MJ, surfing the field in her turquoise board shorts, scored at least 4 of this first half's goals.

Sludge then showed its "Babyface" as Built to Swill shouted "Zooropa!" & scored the next two goals. Charlie, sporting his simple, yet commanding, black shorts and matching knee pads declared that Swill may have found the weak link. After a bit of Rattle and Hum on the sidelines, an Angel from Harlem, aka McLean Gardens, sporting a black baseball hat and blue shorts sans sea foam green leggings, zipped his way around the field to bring Sludge to halftime, 8-2.
Rob, sporting black shorts and a stylish brown shirt with orange trim, offered offensive advice during halftime. Christy, following the trim trend with green shorts and an orange trim, declared, "With or Without you -- we could still lose this game".

Achtung Baby! The second half began with lots of running, no one Riding Wild Horses. Matthew, with striped shorts, chose to accessorize wisely with a glowing yellow Nalgene and a killer long throw for many scores. Andrew thoughtfully wore Hokie colors as he declared he wasn't just Running to Stand Still.

Final score - 15-7ish

It wasn't a War, just a frisbee game, and it probably was more forgettable than the Unforgettable Fire, but we Still Haven't Found What We're Looking For, and Where the Streets Have No Name, aka "the Polo Fields for pickup next week since we don't have a game" we will play again!

Saturday, April 21, 2007

Where in the World?

Continuing "Where in the World" paying homage to the worldly mobility of Sludge.

Today's Feature: Michael.

Q: Where in the World is Michael?

A: Los Vegan is in Las Vegas.

Friday, April 20, 2007

Where in the World?

Continuing "Where in the World" paying homage to the worldly mobility of Sludge.

Today's Feature: the Reillys.

Q: Where in the World are the Reillys?

A: The Reillys are in Florida.

Thursday, April 19, 2007

Sludge, the movie?

slampleCreative idea for our team-family, but since the movie title has been already been taken, go back to your day job.

Sludge (the movie) is a story of the residents and communities in the coalfields, but it is also a look behind the curtain: a story of the overseers and regulators responsible for health and safety and the agencies and departments that house them. Sludge (the movie) reveals the hidden cost of America’s coal production and the penalty exacted upon the people of the Appalachian mountains in exchange for cheap electricity.

Movie Premise:

Shortly after midnight on October 11, 2000, a coal sludge impoundment in Martin County, Kentucky, broke through an underground mine below, propelling 306 million gallons of sludge down two tributaries of the Tug Fork River. By morning, Wolf Creek was oozing with the black waste; on Coldwater Fork, a ten-foot wide stream became a 100-yard expanse of thick sludge. The spill polluted hundreds of miles of waterways, contaminated the water supply for over 27,000 residents, & killed all aquatic life in Coldwater Fork and Wolf Creek. The spill was 30 times larger than the Exxon Valdez and one of the worst environmental disasters ever in the southeastern U.S., according to the EPA.


Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Sunday, April 15, 2007

Week 6: ONE outta Two


The forecast leading up to Saturday was stormy weather. Regardless of the weather, hung over this game was a cloud – would it be a dark or would it be a fluffy, white one?

There was a playoff scene happening at Lake Fairfax as players/teams streamed onto the green open space & just wandered. Why is it that the field you're playing on is always the farthest from where you parked @ Lake Fairfax? From the first pull, Sludge's zoney ways that we know & adore returned. SoliD really Stepped It Up. It was an impressive shutDown of any up field throws, courtesy of the cup.

With a controlled pace to the game, Sludge excelled with turnover creations, then transitioning into catch-&-pass O. Sludge nicely spread the CSinners from sideline-to-sideline with rotating short cuts for gain and always moving the disc forward.

However, it was quiet; maybe too quiet. Remember when you used Online Bill Pay for the first time? Ya know, everything appears to work real easy; maybe too easily? So, all transactions are deliberate, and checked (& announced after every single score). True, you might make an oopsie, you just don't want it an extra zero faux pas.

Well, there was no stopping it...the eff epp-bomb detonated & was heard loud and clear by everyone of all ages on the sidelines. The game continued on with an R-rating due to inflammatory language. Finally, the ordeal was punctuated by Gayle's game-ending catch. Game Over, 15-8.

Lessons Learned from this Game:
1-Don't get stall counted when you're on your own goal line.
2-Don't get stall counted at the start of the 2nd half.
3-Don't combine 1 & 2.

After the more important game was done [& won], Sludge moved to the next field to play Cold Fusion. CF's MO: zone-based D, quick-to-the-disc O. BTW, their oldest player JUST turned twenty-seven (27)...born in 1980!

First half: ???...Hmmm, totally blanking on the details. Oh, did you know David brought doughnuts on Saturday?

Sludge's O labored right away and the struggles at the goal line were indicative of the game. In the second half, Sludge finally found some holes & scored 5 total points. All I'm saying is the Iraqi Border Patrol could learn something from CF's goal line stance.

One-out-of-2 ain't bad especially when the 1 is the more desirable outcome.

Thank you to all Sludge fans for their support!!

Thursday, April 12, 2007

Where in the World?

Continuing "Where in the World" paying homage to the worldly mobility of Sludge.

Today's Feature: Bucci.

Q: Where in the World is Bucci?

A: Bucci is in Florence & Venice, Italy.

Monday, April 09, 2007

Postcard from Bahamas: DnG

Now that the 2nd biggest news from the Bahamas has been DannielynNA'd, the way more interesting top news from February 2007 can finally be published about DNG.

February 1 , 2007: David & Gayle were Just Mustard (what does the right foot sandal read??) Married with a wedding ceremony on the beach.

The hardware proves the successful event.


Sunday, April 08, 2007

Week 5: Unexpectations

Let’s just say everyone was early to Sludge’s 2nd game of the day.

With a slow arrival to kid-friendly (not Clevelander-friendly, apparently) Montgomery Hills, the field was covered with a light snow. CHOMP appeared warmed up; whereas every individual Sludge arrival remarked the inconvenient truth that on April 7th, it was hat-&-glove (not short shorts) weather.

CHOMP bit off the first points until Sludge’s Zone D-frosted them. Sludge cooked up a 8-7 lead at half.

On a day calendared as “No Housework Day,” there was certainly lotsa hammering going on.
The other lotsa that was happening…CHOMP 2nd half binge of points. The game was both time- & point-capped; so if you blinked, the game was suddenly over at 11 points.

One final note of sportsmanship in this particular game. In JellyBelly’s potpourri of flavors, they offer one called “Buttered Popcorn.” IMO, it’s so wrong to offer such a nonconforming (OK, disgusting) flavor. Though, BP might leave a bad taste in your mouth; remember it’s only one flavor, and the rest of the bunch is usually sugary sweet.

Sludge’s 2nd winter league game of the spring season started immediately after the first game. Simultaneously, a flurry began to fall. The weather, like the flow of the game, was back & forth with Sludge predominantly up 1 point throughout the flurries-to-overcast game.

Absintheminded defended Sludge well by keeping the O on the sidelines which narrowed our playing field. Sludge’s usual weatherless play was indeed affected by the EASTER-ly wind creating lotsa turnovers.

Again Sludge was ahead 8-7. As quick as cherry blossoms lose their blossoms, Sludge was Passover-ed on the scoreboard, all the way to 15.

Much like the cold weather, Sludge losing 2 games in 1 day was unexpected. What to do, huh? Fuggetaboutit.

Thursday, April 05, 2007

Where in the World?

Stemming from a recommendation, here's a new installment called "Where in the World." This pays homage to the worldly mobility of Sludge.

Today's Feature: Joe.

Q: Where in the World is Joe?

A: Joe was in Playa del Carmen, Mexico.

Tuesday, April 03, 2007

From Frisbees to Flatulence

ACHTUNG! Any bad swill or ill-advised hammers may be regulated in the FFFuture as an ‘air pollution agent.’ Read on...

Russ drew Sludge's attention to the Supreme Court's landmark decision yesterday on EPA's authority to regulate greenhouse gas emissions.
Russ contributed the following: Justice Scalia dissented, naturally, and he makes an important observation of interest to the ultimate community in footnote 2, which I quote in full:

"Not only is EPA's interpretation reasonable, it is far more plausible than the Court's alternative. As the Court correctly points out, 'all airborne compounds of whatever stripe,' ante, at 26, would qualify as 'physical, chemical, . . . substance[s] or matter which [are] emitted into or otherwise ente[r] the ambient air,' 42 U. S. C. §7602(g). It follows that everything airborne, from Frisbees to flatulence, qualifies as an 'air pollutant.' This reading of the statute defies common sense."