Friday, November 30, 2007

Winter Pickup

TEN A.M. at:


Made with SLUDGE

Speak to me oh powerful rotating .gif!

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

A Day Late

The Sludge Web Team just returned from their Turkey-induced nap only to realize our SLOG e-commerce is still not up & running -- kinda like the 2nd game of the fall tourney.

As compensation, download a coupon for no-cost shipping for your next purchase @ SLOG 2.0. [hyperlink disabled]


The Awards Committee is undertaking an investigation based on received "copycat" ethics charge. Pepper may only be used in the dishes brought to the Sludge BBM, not to spray down the friendly competition of Annual SLUDGEYS.

Of course it's an honor & privilege to receive such award; trust your past work in 2007 will be judged with due diligence.

Nominations are still gladly being accepted....

Sunday, November 25, 2007

A Date in 2008

stdKudos Social Butterflies,
you've got a date next year already.

WHAT: Sludge BBM
(banquet, ball, meal)

TIME: 6pm or 5:30 pm for Sludge Gen II.

WHEN: Sunday, January 6, 2008

WHERE: Georgetown

WHY: Tradition

ATTIRE: Comfy Blacktie Formal

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Kenneth Returneth

Once Upon last Saturday, Ken rode up to pickup on his Segway and quickly challenged Charlie to a BeardOff, which Ken has been growing since the last time anyone caught a glimpse of him.

Charlie (of course) won the BeardOff & now has the title to Ken's Segway. Back to the self-powered bicycle for you Mr. Ken!

Charlie revved up the Segway for a NASCARy victory spin. Segued toward the Washington Monument, CH then performed a perfectly executed ollie as international tourists cheered him.

.The End.
Writer Credit: WGA Strike.
Photo Credit: "Product"

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Call for Noms 07

As mesmerizing as good negative space, I am proud to announce the Call for Nominations - SLUDGEYS 2007. Focus!

2007 was a memorable year! Or was it? (Un)fortunately, we gots a semi-newsworthy SLOG to remember almost everything, and an artistically relevant awards programs to show for our dear team, SLUDGE.

Your nominations/anecdotes/fabrications will gladly be accepted so the Awards Committee won't hafta think in the possible areas:

Biggest Best Brown Movement Award
Criteria: No criterion. Go with your gut.

Best/Most Offensive Play on Offense (Individual)
Criteria: Scoring is a big part of offense, but that’s not the only criterion for receipt of this award. In any particular game or period of a game, did someone exhibit mad throwing skills? Or incredible catching talent?? Or great cutting proficiencies? Overall common sense on offense?

Best/Most Offensive Play on Offense (Group)
Criteria: Which Sludge group play best put up the numbers en route to Sludge’s total score in a particularly impressive game?

Best/Most Defensive Play on Defense (Individual)
Criteria: “Our best defense is a good offense,” does not justify America’s military, so that pre-emptive crap doesn’t have a place here. The best play by an individual, which was most responsible for Sludge’s defensive success in a particular game.

Best/Most Defensive Play on Defense (Group)
Criteria: The best group play that was most responsible for keeping the opponent from scoring.

Most Entertaining Point/Moment (on the field or sidelines)
Criteria: A moment or point, in or near the game, that resulted in laughing, crying, blushing, delirium, and/or throwing up.

Spirit of the Game Award (on the field)
Criteria: By the book, “Ultimate has traditionally relied upon a spirit of sportsmanship.… In Ultimate, the honor system works…” blah, blah, blah.

Best Spirit of the Game Award (off the field)
Criteria: Karma; following the Golden Rule; by the Law, not getting arrested.

Best World Peace Award
Criteria: Best moment of someone walking away when they really wanted to punch the opponent.

Most Improved/Worsened Award
Criteria: Did someone nicely recover from an injury? Basically, did someone smartly slow down the worsening process?

Best Fashion Award (on the field)
Criteria: Best fashion statement that displayed stunning presentation, style, attitude, and wonderful overall appearance to supplement the standard issue brown t-shirt. Otherwise known as the Chris ‘wolfie’ Wolfson Award in honor of C’w’W’s wolf winter hat.

Best Food Offering Award
Criteria: Best edible offering based on taste, creativity, and appearance at either a game, Sludgefest, OBX, or pickup. Otherwise known as the ‘Bruce’ Award in honor of his delicious oatmeal cookies.

Best Story About ‘the Bestest’ Play Award (Fiction)
Criteria: Awarded to the author of the best work of fiction about ultimate, injury, family or whatever.

Best Excuse for Missing a Game Award (Fiction or Non-fiction)
Criteria: Quality of research and writing are major considerations in the judging of this award, as are insight and originality.

#1 Fan Award
Criteria: Any one, any one, at all that attends Sludge game(s) without stealing playing time from us. Cheering is not necessarily required.

Best Sludge Addition Award
Criteria: Open to purchases, offspring, significant others &/or pickups added in the year 2007.

Best Captain Award
Criteria: Best bearded person with the initials CH who reminds us that following is a lot easier than leading.

Monday, November 19, 2007


We don't stop playing
because we get old;
we grow old because we stop playing.

-- George Bernard Shaw

See y'all @ pickup!

Friday, November 16, 2007

Wedding Bells Ringing

honeymoonHere somes the bride,
All dressed in white Hawaiian jam shorts...

Congrats to Sludge's #1 fan-turned-MJ's #1 fan....
a new power couple is amongst us.

TO: Flowerdog Ellie
Take Good Care of them!

Tuesday, November 13, 2007


In tribute to the ageless rockers, Led Zeppelin, who just put out a new album Mothership today.

From Hammer of the Gods- the Led Zeppelin Saga (1985):
:Chapter 2: Zeppelin Rising: Page 58
Led Zeppelin was intended to duplicate the band's early live shows so the new band would have something to sell while it spent the following year touring America. The album had to have a minimum of overdubs that would be difficult to reproduce onstage, so the tracks were recorded almost "live" in studio. Typically, adhering to Jimmy [Page]'s light/heavy scheme, the songs started as acoustic white blues etudes that mutated into Bonzo's stomping thud coupled with Pag'es hard-raunch guitar. "Good Times Bad Times" builds slowly until the whole band stops for an instant and - like a burst of pent-up electrical energy freed ffrom a capacitor - Jimmy rips into one of his thousand note flurries. Again, Annie Bredon's folish lament "Babe I'm Gonna Leave You" begins with Jimmy strumming an acoustic Gibson J-200 guitar, and then alternates with grinding hunks of sludge.

Playoffs: 11.12.07

humanatSunday, 11/11
BODY: Hey, hey, hey, I just got a txt msg from the Motor Skills Department saying we're playing another game @ Lake Fairfax! I thought ultimate was only gonna be on Saturday??
YOU: I told you there were FOUR games.
BODY: I will hafta talk to the Ear Group about this as there seems to have been a communication breakdown.
YOU: You should join the party where Pride is; they seem to be having a great time.
BODY: You're not the boss of me! Headsup, your muscles could use another extra hour of sleep like last weekend.
YOU: That only happens once a year.
BODY: Jeez, Internal Clock is now going on the repair list. FYI on my memo to the Brain that Monday's gonna be b-a-d & those things you call Vitamin I ain't gonna help you this time.

Sludge hearts Sludge Women
Sludge's slow arrival to Sunday's game mirrored their less-than-stellar start. Down 3-0 before CH's arrival, Sludge knew they were beta carotene than this! Dipping into their old (the playbook; not the players) playbook , brown finally peeled into their frustrated Carrot opponents with hucks, D, & turnovers. Sludge 8-7 at half.

The play of Sludge women - Gayle, Bucci & MJ - continued to be good for the eyes as Sludge pushed the score to 14-10. GPHRACK! Sludge choked on a big carroty bite and allowed a tie game, only to win by 2 points; 16-14.

Snack Diet
After a full game of snacking in the previous game, Sludge entered the Elite 8. With mixed enthusiasm, Sludge began Slowsky (YouTube O:30 seconds). Snax' shiny blue uniforms with numbers were intimidating enough. Running up the score 8-1 was bordering unfun.

Enter Liz...and Sludge scored some pity points in the 2nd half. Not enough for the eventual Go Home/Season Ending loss of 15-4.

Congratulations on a fun and prosperous post-season, Sludge!

C you next year...?

Monday, November 12, 2007

Post Season: 11.10.07+

11:10 - All Aboard
Sludge arrived to Anacostia Park on Saturday & ran into a train wreck! Expectations were low even before the brown train left the station. On the right track Sludge scored the first point versus DLuv. At midpoint of the ride, Sludge was 2 traincars in front.

[As you may recall from a previous game, Sludge was also ahead @ half.]

Rob's ballsy playing couldn't prevent a Great Train Robbery as DLuv stole one from Sludge 11-9.

Next up...a familiar opponent. If this pool felt very similar to a past pool, then you were not alone in this assessment. They began to eat away/devour/chomp - take your pick of words - at a sour Kerfuffle! Where's Matthew when you need him?

After 9 points, Chmp was AMTRAK -- working in a field with no competition.

Down 5 at halftime, Sludge's One-Day-& Done received a much needed injection of Joe's super duper popper stopper Zone D. Choo Choo! Like the Metro's 3rd rail, Sludge's energy was electrified and created turnovers and scores.

Sludge just couldn't keep churning steam (& time) to complete the uphill climb. Loss: 12-7.

Now, was it really necessary to drive around the park with the flashing hazards at this point?
I Don't Think So!

At the start of the 3rd consecutive game on the same field, there were whispers Sludge was c...old. A welcomed green light was signalled as Sludge sped past B2Swill with conductive D. Up 4 at half, Sludge just kept a rollin' & won a 'I Think I Can, I Think I Can' victory.

Game 4 was forfeited by EPA which gave Sludge a free ride...into the playoffs. Time to get some Rest & Relaxation.

Saturday, November 10, 2007


CLo provides the following...
As an antidote to the ugliness, watch the beauty, nay, the magic, of some truly chilly ultimate:

Or, if you just want to be Beau (watch until the end, regardless of how painful you find the music, not to mention the subject):

And, if you just want to be impressed by human geekiness (must watch after the previously listed video):

...Was that Russ?

Friday, November 09, 2007


Transcript of an interview with El CHaptain before this weekend’s Tournament play:

Explaining Sludge’s 2-4 fall season …
For the same reason the letter m is used for slope in equations. Some would see it as 2 wins & 4 losses in the traditional fall season. Factor in 2 wins during scheduled scrimmages and hey we’re undefeated in our alt season! Bottom line: Sludge has never missed making the post-season.

On Sludge’s chances in the Tourney …
I feel like if we are able to show up, then we’re able to play. Under my tutelage, Sludge has never, comparatively, lost by 39 billion or 1.1 billion!

On how difficult it is to play in a game after not shaving all week …
You actually go out on the field feeling better. After a while, you pretty much get it. It would be like having to practice to drink Iced Tea out of a straw. Once you play for a while, you kind of get the hang of the flow.I’ve played for a long’s a great game. I’ve been fortunate to play this long. It’s fun for me. Anytime you can take a day off, you take it.


Thursday, November 08, 2007

Tourney Time

When: Saturday, November 10th @ Anacostia Park/front fields

Four games at: 11am, 12:30pm, 2pm & 3:30pm.

Raindate: Sunday, Nov 11th.

Wednesday, November 07, 2007


Another day, another gadfly is published in the newspaper. No, not like the previous NY Times submission.
Diplomatic Service
Standardized Tests

LTE Examiner 11.06. 2007: Proposal to reopen library in Tenleytown welcomed
Re: “Tenley-Friendship development plan criticized” (Oct. 22)

I am no stranger to Tenleytown. I frequent the shops and eateries, and am always disappointed to see the boarded-up Tenley-Friendship Library. As a D.C. resident, I would love to be able to patronize this library.

I’ve heard of the city’s plans to solicit proposals for a public-private partnership to rebuild the library in addition to condos or apartments above. What a welcoming addition that would be to the vibrant heart of

Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Dr's Advice

Some would say that Sludge has come to a crossroads; an intersection of sorts. Who to turn to...WaPo's Dr. Gridlock??

Dear Dr. Gridlock:
My Ultimate frisbee team has fallen on tough times; it's hard to tell what the problem is, and I guess it may not be a problem at all--it's just the nature of things. The trouble is our opponents have been scoring 15 points before we do. What would you recommend?
Signed, Concerned*

Dear Concerned:
Dr. Gridlock is a traffic column. If you're not sitting in traffic, burning fossil fuel, polluting the environment, enriching the coffers of Big Oil while munching on fast food and yammering on your cell phone, then you don't have anything to complain about.
Signed, Dr. Gridlock

Dear Dr. Gridlock:
I'm sorry--I guess I'm not being clear. You see, we're trying really hard--I mean, I think we are; well, maybe we're all trying hard but at different times, and we're not sync-ing up or something...Our D-fense rocks, sometimes our throws are accurate, and sometimes our players make good catches. But these three things aren't happening enough. Please help.
Signed, Concerned

As I mentioned before, Dr. Gridlock addresses traffic issues. Unless your team is experiencing problems directly related to traffic, then please don't waste any more space in my column.
Signed, Dr. Gridlock

Dear Dr. Gridlock,
You know, you're right, maybe we're clogging the lanes with our cuts...maybe the passes aren't being thrown to clear passing lanes...but what else could we do to improve? You've been really helpful so far and I really value your insight. Please help.
Signed, Concerned

Maybe the problem dogging your team is it's stocked with morons like you. This is a traffic column--vehicular traffic, not liberal, hippified, pot-smoking frisbee traffic. Although it's not generally my practice, I'd venture to guess you guys are just old. Learn to manage your expectations.
Signed, Dr. Gridlock

*"Concerned" wishes to remain Anonymjous

Monday, November 05, 2007

Week 9: Not Too Crumby

If the first half was a snotrocket, then the 2nd half was a heavy sinus congestion. Something no one seemed to want to catch. I'm not saying all throws were great, but ALL drops were certainly not.

Sludge started brisk just like the day. The Zone Defense deliciously buttered Dtoast as the Sludge Oven was set to dark. As formentioned, there was forced out brown productivity. And done quickly as the 10 8-0 2 halftime score would demonstrate.

The next 7 points would be bit more encrusted. Dtoast made a bigger-than-sliced-bread comeback which tempered the day. "Game On!" at the Washington monument grounds. Brown kept the lead throughout and at the end of Saturday's brunch Sludge made their own toast-this time to victory-15 to 12.

Other Note-Worthies:
  • Liz made a rookie mistake & forgot her brown shirt.

  • Rob forgot himself.

  • Post game pickup featured the talented cut/catch/throws of Gen II: Charlotte Rose & Ian.