Saturday, April 30, 2016

Where Are they Now? Team E.R.I.C. All-Stars Edition

Team AmE.R.I.C.a was handpicked to play in a 2-game exhibition series in the Philippines last year. The mixed team from the USA went undefeated (2-0). Where are the men's players now, you ask?
Four of the men - Beau, Mickle, Dylan & Peterson - are all on the new AUDL team Dallas Roughnecks. The other 3: Perston (Stags, MLU), Rehder (Cascades, AUDL) and Nethercutt (Flyers, AUDL).

Five of the 7 men players will be playing tonight's as the Raleigh Flyers (4-0) host Dallas Roughnecks (3-0) in the AUDL's ESPN3 Game of the Week.

Friday, April 29, 2016

Ultimate Draft Day

This exchange from Ultiworld's Deep Look podcast [April 20, 2016 episode] is entertaining.

Sean Childers asks Charlie Eisenhood to imagine a fall college ultimate tournament (with extremely windy conditions at the Triple Crown Tour  2015 Pro Flight Finale, back in August 2015).

Charlie hilariously responds: "I don't even want to think about that. That hurts me. I'm physically in pain."

[Quote card by SLUDGE]

AUDL Podcast Renamed to Friday Forecast

The AUDL Podcast previewing upcoming weekend games has a new name; a title that is more catchy. The weekly in-season podcast hosted by Evan Lepler updated its name as of the April 8th recording to Friday Forecast.

Evan's rationale for accepting the renaming suggestion:
1. Friday and Forecast are alliterative.
2. Sounds "meteorological," like weather reports that are never 100% right - just like (as Evan freely admits) his predictions on American Ultimate Disc League games.

Thursday, April 28, 2016

What's Greater than Greater? Ultimate.

Greater Greater Washington - a blog about transportation, urban planning and smart growth in the Washington, DC metro area - is offering discounted D.C. Breeze tickets for GGWash readers.

Tickets for the May 7th game versus New York Empire are available at a $5 discount, or at regular price ($12.50) which would "in a tiny way help" GGWash pay the salary of staff editor Jonathan Neeley, who is a handler for the D.C. sports team in the American Ultimate Disc League . This is Neeley's 2nd season with the Breeze.

Buy tickets today.

DC Truck Stop Ultimate Shop

Today was the grand, um, opening of the store for DC Truck Stop. Most of the merchandise from the men's club ultimate team is DC-centric and other swag, um, pokes at the team's original name. Check out the, um, whole selection of, um, glorious offerings from DC Truck Stop Shop:

Truck Stop Discs, white...$10

DC Ultimate bottle opener sunglasses...$15

Truck Stop GH Hat, black...$15

2-Bars/3-Trucks T-Shirt, black...$20

Black/white "DC as Truck" reversible pinnies...$25

Travel Between the AUDL South Division

The AUDL South Division started in 2015 with 5 teams in 4 states. With the "Texpansion," this year's AUDL South Division added 2 teams - Austin Sol and Dallas Roughnecks - in Texas. For what it's worth, USA Ultimate regional boundaries dictate the original "5-outh" teams to be in South East region while Texas falls within the South Central region.

With the addition of teams, AUDL South teams have additional mileage on their roadtrips, which means travel expenses for team owners plus potential travel weariness on players and staff. In week 3, the Austin Sol traveled over 1000 miles to North Carolina and left (0-2). In week 4, Jacksonville trekked to Texas and were (0-2) by weekend's end. This upcoming weekend, Dallas Roughnecks visit North Carolina for their back-to-back game journey.
Through 4 weeks of play, home teams in the South Division are (10-4) [.714] which is a better record compared to the rest of the league. The West, Midwest and East home teams are collectively (16-12)  [.571].

[Map image via Jax; chart by SLUDGE]

Wednesday, April 27, 2016

USA Ultimate Gets into Rainbow Spirit

USA Ultimate to sell limited-edition rainbow-themed ultimate discs at their May college championship events in North Carolina. In addition to their published statement, USA Ultimate has amplified their voice in the DISCourse against HB2.

Working with Five Ultimate and Discraft, USA Ultimate plans to sell these statement discs at DIII College Championships in Winston-Salem (May 21-22) and also at D-I College Championships in Raleigh (May 27-30).  Proceeds will benefit the Equality NC Foundation, a nonprofit dedicated to securing equal rights and justice for LGBT individuals in North Carolina.

All college ultimate games will be played with the USA Ultimate disc at the college ultimate championship events.

DC Current on SCTop10

Major League Ultimate (Frisbee) landed on ESPN's SCtop10 again. New York Rumble's Sean Mott makes a jumping one-handed catch score over two DC Current defenders - Trevor Griesman #16 & Gabe Webster #23.

This acrobatic catch was one of the 10 goals D.C. Current gave up in the 4th quarter in a 19-21 loss.

RELATED: DC on the wrong side of ESPN highlights in 2013.

[h/t @MLUTomLevy]

Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Perfect Goaltimate Sponsor

Inspired by the yellow-y- orange goalty hoops seen at G4, is this not the perfect sponsor for any/every goaltimate league/tournament...?
When Kraft Mac & Cheese becomes the title sponsor of future goalty tourneys, MAC's will certainly be allowed.

Monday, April 25, 2016

WFDF WUGC Needs an Update

The World Ultimate and Guts Championships must change its 2016 logo event. It's time to cut out Guts.

Updated logo by SLUDGE
In its latest announcement, WFDF refers to the London 2016 event as "World Ultimate Championships." Everyone knows the livestreaming crowdfunding campaign is for showcasing the ultimate tournament, not the Guts portion of the program. While the Olympic recognition of WFDF mentioned all flying disc disciplines, WFDF's video presentation focused highlights solely on ultimate.

The logical move is for the world's premier event's logo and all of its impressions (social media, press releases and throughout the video broadcast) to be congruent with with its sport.

If WFDF's strategy is to raise the profile of the sport of ultimate, then it's time to cut out Guts.

Sunday, April 24, 2016

Austin's Rainbow Effect

Last weekend was especially colorful thanks to the Austin Sol. Besides game results, here are some rainbow-related happenings on and off the AUDL field.

On April 16th, Austin Sol played Charlotte Express.

Austin Sol's assistant coach and player, Ryan Purcell gave a rainbow wristband a show of support to
former ultimate player and) current Charlotte Mayor Jennifer Roberts. [via Facebook]

On April 17th, Austin Sol played Raleigh, where many of the players on the Flyers wore rainbow wristbands.

A photo posted by Raleigh Flyers (@raleighflyers) on

Cincinnati began selling a "unisex" Rainbow Wristband with the Revolution logo....$8
Wristband from Revolution Pro Shop

Contested Strip had a message for the AUDL.

Saturday, April 23, 2016

DC Breeze Lose in Double Overtime

The D.C. Breeze still have never notched a win versus the Toronto Rush. Tonight's loss is the Breeze's ninth in as many games against the Rush. Similar to two seasons ago, DC lost by 1-goal to Toronto.

DC's offense struggled to find flow the entire game while Toronto - playing its first game of the season - looked like they were in mid-season form. The Rush's precise swing passes keyed their offense. Even a bit of luck helped Toronto in the 3rd quarter.

Toronto did not make many unforced errors until the fourth quarter and the Breeze were finally able to take advantage.

DC made the game very interesting after a 15-12 halftime deficit with a comeback in the final quarter of regulation. Brad Scott made a huuuuuge defensive layout which led to DC's tying score in the fourth.

Toronto received the disc in the sudden-death 2OT and walked the disc up when Jeff Linquist broke the mark with a scoober for the (by AUDL rule) only and final score of the game, which was caught by Nathan Hirst (#27).

What an exciting game! Though, a heartbreaking loss for the home team. The DC Breeze fall to (1-1) on the season.

Rosters were not full strength as Toronto played without Mark Lloyd and DC was without Nicky Spiva, Brett Matzuka & Coach Itoh. Next week will be even more interesting as the same 2 teams match up again in Toronto.

Toronto Rush at (1-0) on the 2016 AUDL season extend their undefeated streak versus U.S.-based East Division teams to (36-0).

Live Streaming of DC Pro Ultimate Games

For those unable to attend D.C. pro ultimate home games in 2016, you have the technological miracle option of following your hometown teams with online streams.

Saturday, April 23, 2016
Toronto Rush @ D.C. Breeze - Saturday, April 23 @ 6:30pm ET
via ESPN3

New York Rumble @ D.C. Current - Saturday, April 23 at 7pm ET
via MLU Live

Friday, April 22, 2016

Recycled Ultimate Shorts

I don't comprehend how a plastic bottle becomes clothing material, but I do wish that some day someone figures out a way to create ultimate shorts from plastic Frisbees. Until that day, VC/Lookfly has a eco-friendly product for your torso.

Lookfly NewLife Short [VC Ultimate]

Info: NewLife isn't only designed for top performance. It's also made to be comfortable and designed to be silky smooth.

What makes NewLife even better is that it's eco-friendly. It's produced entirely from recycled plastic bottles. If you ever have to get rid of can throw it in with your household recycling.

Price: £18.00

History of Toronto Rush vs DC Breeze

The D.C. Breeze host Toronto Rush on Saturday, April 23. With the exception of their April 2014 game, the D.C. vs Toronto series has been lopsided with the Breeze - just like other U.S. East Division teams - having never won against the Rush.

In the DC vs Toronto games [8 games over AUDL 2013, 2014, 2015 seasons]:
  • DC has lost every game (0-8) vs Toronto
  • 7 of 8 games have been decided by at least 10 goals
  • 2 of the 8 games have been decided by 20+ goals
  • 1 game was decided by 1 goal
  • DC has lost by an average of over 15 goals (15.375)
  • DC has scored an average of just over 16 goals (16.25)
  • DC has allowed to score an average of over 31 goals (31.625)

[Notes: Data via UltiAnalytics, League Vine. All games were played regular season, except for 7/19/2014 which was a postseason match]

In summary....
DC's Record vs Toronto: "0-8" 

B'Earth Day

Happy Earth Day! 

As suggested in the past years...PLAY ULTIMATE  to celebrate!

[image via HUCKRS]

Thursday, April 21, 2016

AUDL Pays Tribute to Prince

After today's news broke about the passing of the artist known as Prince, the American Ultimate Disc League posted a perfect tribute to Prince.

Toronto Rush Rock U.S. East Division Teams

The Toronto Rush start their fourth AUDL season against a familiar opponent on Saturday night. With Saturday's game, the Rush will have opened every American Ultimate Disc League season by playing the DC Breeze 4 consecutive years (2013, 2014, 2015, 2016).

In those 4 opening matches, the Breeze have gone (0-4) versus the Rush. Moreover, the Breeze have never won a game against the Rush. DC is (0-8) all-time versus Toront including all regular season and post-season games.

The DC Breeze are not alone in this category of never beating Toronto Rush. No U.S.-based East Division teams has ever won a game against Toronto Rush. In 3 seasons, Toronto is (35-0) in the regular season when playing an American-based AUDL teams from the East Division. With that excellence it figures that Toronto Rush have been East Division Champions in 2013, 2014 and 2015.

CHART: Toronto Wins Against U.S. East Division teams [Regular Season]

*excluding post-season

Five U.S.-based teams are winless against Toronto; Rochester Dragons (11 games), DC Breeze (7), Philadelphia Phoenix (7), New York Empire (7), and New Jersey Hammerheads (3).

Montreal Royal is the only East Division rival to have have beaten Toronto Rush - once in 2014 and again in 2015, while Ottawa Outlaws have never beaten in their 3 contests.

Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Vancouver Riptide Mascot Washes Ashore

Vancouver Riptide recently teased the unveiling of a team mascot. Known as "Dude," the blue haired, yellow bodied character in full Riptide uniform is very smiley. So far, Dude is good luck to the home team as Riptide won their AUDL home opener 34-23 over Seattle Cascades.

UltiPhotos: Full Coverage - Vancouver Riptide vs Seattle Cascades - 4/16/16 &emdash; riptide_cascades01368_20160416_192525_JBP
Vancouver Riptide "Dude" [photo by Jeff Bell]
No word on whether or not Dude is related to Marge Simpson.

The Ten Commandments of Frisbee

From a 1978 publication, here are the "The Ten Commandments of Frisbee"

There are those who claim that the Frisbee represents not a game, but rather a way of life. Below are the rules by which that life is controlled. Together they form a concept of prediscenation upon which the Frisbyterian religion is based.

1. The most powerful force in the world is that of a Frisbee straining to land directly under a car, just beyond reach. (This term is technically called "car suck")

2. The higher the quality of a catch or the comment it receives the greater probability of a crummy re-throw. (good catch; bad throw)

3. One must never precede any maneuver by a comment more predictive than, "watch this!" (Keep 'em guessing)

4. The higher the costs of hitting any object, the greater the certainty it will be struck. (Remember: the disc is positive; both cops and old ladies are negative)

5. The best catches are never seen. (did you see that? … What?)

6. The greatest single aid to distance is for the disc to be going in a direction you did not want. (Goes the wrong way – goes a long way)

7. The most powerful hex words in the sport are: "I really have this down – watch." (Know it? Blow it.)

8. In any crowd of spectators at least one will suggest that razor blades could be attached to the Frisbee. ("You could maim and kill with that thing.")

9. The greater your need to make a good catch the greater the probability your partner will deliver [their] worst throw. (If you can't touch it, you can’t trick it)

10 .The single most difficult move with a Frisbee is to put it down. (Just one more)

Page 118 of Frisbee Players' Handbook]

RELATED: Ultimate Players Decalogue

Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Flatball Radio Heard on NPR

Flatball Radio was featured on NPR's (WBUR) Only A Game weekly sports podcast on heard public radio.

From the WBUR article: Ultimate players and fans are super-welcoming. They're like a bunch of misfits who've found each other, and in finding each other, they've found a place to belong.

Matt Mastrantuono, creator of Faltball Radio and who also directed Chasing Sarasota, said: "I think there are stereotypes about Ultimate Frisbee for a reason. We're a goofy bunch. Some of the smartest, most interesting people that I know come from this community, so I think that, you know, I think we're able to get them to branch out to do more than just things with a little plastic Frisbee."

Monday, April 18, 2016

Austin Sol Lost Twice But Scored a Victory

Austin Sol may have gone (0-2) versus the North Carolinian AUDL teams, yet the Sol still scored an important victory.

RELATED: Austin Rainbows

Down U24 in 2018

The World Flying Disc Federation announced in January 2016 that WFDF's 2018 World Under-24 Ultimate Championships (WU24) will be hosted in the city of Perth (Australia) and organized by Australian Flying Disc Federation. Perth, capital of Western Australia, is located in the southwestern part of the country.
wu23 ultimate
WFDF's WU24 is scheduled from Sunday, January 7 – Saturday, January 13, 2018, at the UWA Sports Park in Perth.

The event was formerly called "Under-23" but did not properly convey the age limitation, so only ultimate players under (the age of) 24 will be allowed to play Down Under in 2018.

Per the announcement: "To follow the calendar WFDF cycle of events, WU24 was due to be hosted in 2017 but given the seasonal issues it is being held early in the next year. Nonetheless, the age eligibility criterion for the tournament will be based as if the event were in 2017. Accordingly, the WU24 is open to all players who are fourteen (14) years old or older and do not turn twenty-four (24) years of age during the calendar year 2017. Therefore anyone born before January 1, 1994, is not eligible to play."

[image by SLUDGE]

Sunday, April 17, 2016

BREAKING: Austin Sol to Adopt Rainbow Name

With Austin Sol's controversial decision to wear rainbow wristbands during their weekend road trip to North Carolina, here are some logo updates if/when(?) the Austin AUDL franchise opts to change their name to the Rainbows.

[arco iris = "rainbow" in Spanish

Friday, April 15, 2016

Compilation: Coverage of Score by the Philadelphia Spinners

A collection of headlines covering that incredible play/catch by Nick Hirannet and Himalaya Mehta.

This Unreal Frisbee Play Is The Ultimate Catch [Huff Post Sports]

THE CHICKEN WING SPECTACULAR: Ridiculous Ultimate Frisbee Save Leads To An Even More Ridiculous Score [Digg]

We promise this ultimate frisbee highlight is very, very impressive [Extra Mustard / Sports Illustrated] 

This ultimate Frisbee play is so crazy it takes a few viewings to understand [SB Nation]

Philly ultimate player lays out for the catch [ESPN]

Trust Me, This Is A Cool Ultimate Frisbee Highlight [Deadspin]

Incredible ultimate frisbee highlight defies logic [Ten Play]

Ultimate Frisbee team beats buzzer with a mind-blowing play [Fox Sports]

Ultimate Frisbee Yields Gnarly Toss, Snag [Sports Grid]

This Ultimate Frisbee buzzer-beater is the greatest Ultimate Frisbee buzzer-beater [For The Win]

[Image via MLU Box Score]

Thursday, April 14, 2016

TBT: Inaugural AUDL Game

On this day in history, the first American Ultimate Disc League (AUDL) game was played. The Connecticut Constitution won the opening AUDL game by the score of 29-23 (14-8 HT) over the Rhode Island Rampage.

Game highlights via Skyd Magazine:

Here's how the teams reported their scores via Twitter:

Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Philadelphia Spinners Score #1 on SCTop10

For SportsCenter's Top-10 (SCTop10) Monday's segment (April 11), the number 1 play came from the first week of Major League Ultimate:

An overthrow at the end of the 2nd quarter was saved by Philadelphia Spinners' Nick Hirannet (#7) with a greatest along the sideline. Hirannet used a chicken-wing throw into the end zone right to a sliding Dustin Damiano (#4) who did not catch the disc, but deflected the disc toward the back of the endzone where Himalaya Mehta toe-dragged for a layout catch score.

Spinners went on to win 18-16 (11-8 HT) over Boston Whitecaps.

Fundraising for 2016 USA Ultimate National Teams

USA Ultimate is sending 7 teams to Worlds this year – 5 teams at WUGC (June 18-25) and 2 teams at WJUC/Junior Worlds (July 31-August 6). To help cover travel, room and board, each U.S. National Team has established a fundraising page via RallyM; each with a goal of $50,000.

Links to RallyMe for each team:
WJUC 2016
Junior Men
Junior Women

WUGC 2016
Masters Men
Masters Women

According to Five Ultimate, donors will receive sweet merch.

Monday, April 11, 2016

Best MLU Rivalry: Boston Whitecaps at DC Current

Boston visiting Washington, D.C. could arguably be the best rivalry in Major League Ultimate. Since 2013, the Whitecaps have played in DC seven times. Six of the seven games have been decided by a 1-goal difference.

They just so happen to be the only 2 franchises to have won the MLU Championship.

Following are game results of Boston @ DC in the 4 seasons of the MLU:
April 9, 2016: Boston 17 - 16 DC


June 13, 2015: Boston 18 - 17 DC

April 19, 2015: Boston 18 - 19 DC


June 28, 2014: Boston 17 - 18 DC

April 19, 2014: Boston 17 - 18 DC


June 1, 2013: Boston 23 - 19 DC

April 27, 2013: Boston 20 - 19 DC

Boston is (4-3) playing in D.C. Of those 4 Whitecap victories, 3 have been 1-point wins. DC Current is (3-4) in the home series versus Boston and have won every game by 1 goal.

Sunday, April 10, 2016

DC Breeze Win Home Opener

For the 4th time in 4 seasons, the D.C. Breeze opened their AUDL season playing against a Canadian team. Instead of the Toronto Rush as it's been the past 3 seasons, Breeze welcomed the Ottawa Outlaws on Sunday afternoon at Galludet University.

The Breeze started the game with 4 consecutive goals. And, for the first time ever (4 years), the D.C. Breeze won their home opener of their AUDL season with a 28-17 victory. The Breeze are now (1-0) on the 2016 season.

Box score breakdown:

[Data via @DCBgameday; Box score by SLUDGE]

Saturday, April 09, 2016

MLU 2016: Season 4 Begins Today!

Major League Ultimate starts its 4th season today! MLU's 40-game regular season runs through June 18th.  Also, watch every MLU game.

Friday, April 08, 2016

Sportsbook: 2016 Pro Ultimate Games - MLU

Betting lines - point spreads - for professional ultimate games are for entertainment purposes only. Please enjoy responsibly! View the full MLU 2016 schedule.
Favored team shown as ( - #).

Week 13, MLU Championship: July 16 in Philadelphia, PA
Portland Stags vs Philadelphia Spinners (-2)

Week 12, Playoffs: June 25-26
Seattle Rainmakers @ Portland Stags (-4)

Boston Whitecaps @ Philadelphia Spinners (-1.5)

Week 11: June 18
Vancouver Nighthawks (-1.5) @ San Francisco Dogfish
Seattle Rainmakers @ Portland Stags (-4)
New York Rumble @ Boston Whitecaps (-5)
Philadelphia Spinners (-3) @ Washington D.C. Current

Week 10: June 11-12
Washington D.C. Current @ Boston Whitecaps (-6.5)
San Francisco Dogfish @ Seattle Rainmakers (-9)

Washington D.C. Current @ Philadelphia Spinners (-5.5)
San Francisco Dogfish @ Portland Stags (-12.5)

Week 9: June 4-5
Seattle Rainmakers (-6) @ San Francisco Dogfish
Vancouver Nighthawks @ Portland Stags (-8)
Boston Whitecaps (-2) @ Philadelphia Spinners

Boston Whitecaps (-6.5) @ New York Rumble

Week 8: May 28 
Washington DC Current @ Philadelphia Spinners (-3.5)
Seattle Rainmakers (-7.5) @ Vancouver Nighthawks

Week 7: May 21 - 22
Portland Stags (-1.5) @ Boston Whitecaps
New York Rumble @ Washington D.C. Current (-2)
San Francisco Dogfish (-4.5) @ Vancouver Nighthawks

San Francisco Dogfish @ Seattle Rainmakers (-6.5)

Week 6: May 14
New York Rumble @ San Francisco Dogfish (-5)
Philadelphia Spinners @ Boston Whitecaps (-1.5)

Week 5: May 7
Portland Stags (-6.5) @ San Francisco Dogfish
Philadelphia Spinners (-7) @ New York Rumble
Seattle Rainmakers (-8.5) @ Vancouver Nighthawks

Week 4: April 30 - May 1
Portland Stags (-10.5) @ Vancouver Nighthawks
Washington DC Current @ Boston Whitecaps (-6.5)

Vancouver Nighthawks @ Seattle Rainmakers (-9)
Washington DC Current @ New York Rumble (-1.5)

Week 3: April 23-24
San Francisco Dogfish @ Portland Stags (-3.5)
Vancouver NightHawks @ Seattle Rainmakers (-3)
New York Rumble @ DC Current (-2.5)

New York Rumble @ Philadelphia Spinners (-8.5)

Week 2: April 16-17
Boston Whitecaps (-10) @ New York Rumble
Portland Stags (-7.5) @ Vancouver Nighthawks
Philadelphia Spinners (-3) @ DC Current

Portland Stags @ Seattle Rainmakers (-1.5)

Week 1: April 9 - 10
Philadelphia Spinners (-3.5) @ New York Rumble
Vancouver Nighthawks @ San Francisco Dogfish (-5)
Seattle Rainmakers @ Portland Stags (-2.5)
Boston Whitecaps (-4) @ DC Current

Boston Whitecaps @ Philadelphia Spinners (-2)

MLU to Live Stream Entire 2016 Season

Every MLUing Game!

Major League Ultimate announced their plan to live stream every game of their 2016 season. All 40 regular season games, plus the 3 postseason games totals 43 MLU games - which is an increase compared to the number of live coverage in years past.

From the announcement: Live games will not only increase the off-site fan experience, but will lead to more accurate and timely stat-keeping, better turnaround for highlight production and a more visible activation of sponsorship.

Watch MLU games at:

Compilation of Fallen Portable Toilets at Ultimate Tournaments

Last week was windy!  How windy was it?

MLU Improvements for the 2016 Season

Ahead of this weekend when Major League Ultimate's third season begins, below are areas of improvement for MLU's 2016 season.

1. Consistency of the Live Stream for Broadcasts
The stream was a constant issue again and again during live broadcasts. (NOTE: The stream is a regular issue for any live streamed event) The stream would drop, the audio was off, and overall the technical issues made it challenging to watch the intermittent feed.

2. Use Data Visuals during Broadcasts
MLU wonderfully collects lots of game data and has shown they know how to use collected data. Adding these visuals during the broadcasted game would add value for the viewing audience.

3. Better MLU Podcasts
2014 was the year of MLU podcasts, but then they disappeared. There was a 6-month gap in between episodes until Cleats & Cufflinks returned. Now, with Nic Darling and Dusty Rhodes, C&C has been steadily entertaining - especially episode 38. Looking forward to listening to more MLU insight on future podcasts.

4. Find a better camera angle without obstructive views
Yes, that's a pole blocking your view of the disc.
screengrab of Seattle game footage
The camera setup at Seattle Rainmakers' games must find a better angle to avoid obstruction(s). That is all.

5. Move MLU Championship to the West Coast
For the past 3 years, the championship game has been hosted in/near Philadelphia. MLU should either find a West Coast venue or allow the Western Conference winner to host the championship game. First, it's time to share the joys of the MLU Championship game with the left coast. Second, a team from the West has never won the MLU Trophy. Travel may be a factor (maybe not); let's find out.

NOTE: I'm first & foremost a fan of ultimate. I attended MLU games in DC and followed the 2015 season. These suggestions are meant as constructive feedback to aid the sport.

Thursday, April 07, 2016

MLU Cleats and Cufflinks Podcast Delves Deep

Episode 38 of MLU's Cleats & Cufflinks is a heavy dose of Frisbee Zen led by The Dusty Lama. Dusty focuses on the pivot foot, disc spins and the sphere of catchability.

Warm up your ears. Open your mind. Breathe In. Listen. Breathe Out. Repeat.

Dusty re: pivot foot [17:55]: "It's almost like a limit function in math. Where it's like you decrease to this point where it's essentially zero. And the last thing that is touching the ground - that's your pivot. Until you get to the last thing you have multiple pivots. So, you are constantly decreasing the number of pivots you have until you're stuck with one spot."

Forward to the 22:05 mark of the podcast or video to hear Nic Darling's reaction: "We're running the risk of perhaps annoying our audience."

Rethinking the Boston Whitecaps Jerseys

Coca-Cola was announced as the title sponsor for the Boston Whitecaps (2-time winner of Major League Ultimate) in 2015. The familiar red Coca-Cola logo was seen on Boston's 2015 jerseys.

Though, based on Boston's team name, DASANI bottled water (a beverage of The Coca-Cola Company) would have been a better product choice for Whitecaps' jerseys.
Jersey mockup by SLUDGE
Has a certain "flow" to it, no?

Rethinking the 2016 NY Rumble Jersey

US Coachways was the jersey sponsor for the 2015 New York Rumble. The 2016 jerseys are likely to be updated with the (a US Coachways company) deal.

Here is a mock-up for the Rumble's 2016 tops.

Shifting the BusRental logo to the underarm gives its hairy appearance an anatomically correct location - similar to Jimmy Fallon's Hands High sports apparel.

Wednesday, April 06, 2016

Ultimate Peace Tour Visits DC

Ultimate Peace is visiting Washington, D.C.
WHAT: The Ultimate Peace Friendship Tour

WHENThursday, April 7 @ 6:30pm - 8:00pm

WHERE: Busboys and Poets (near Takoma Park)

INFO: Rare opportunity to meet and interact with exceptional and diverse teenagers from the Middle East, including Leaders in Training and UP staff.

Bay Area Women's Ultimate All-Star Game

The San Francisco FlameThrowers are hosting an All-Star game for women ultimate players in the Bay Area. The game will be played prior to their regularly scheduled AUDL game versus Seattle Cascades.

When: Saturday, April 9 @ 4:45pm PT

Where: Laney College (Oakland, CA)

Info: "While we are incredibly excited to compete in the AUDL, the players, staff, and management of the Flamethrowers recognize that the opportunity to play professional ultimate is not available to all. In particular, we acknowledge that the professional leagues' focus on a predominantly male version of our sport exacerbates the existing gender inequities in ultimate. In recognition of this fact, we join others around the league in committing to advocate for the growth of women’s and mixed ultimate, to showcase the extraordinary female talent in the club game, and to vocalize our support for women's professional ultimate. We intend to honor these commitments in ways that are both visible and meaningful."

Also: The Spiders will be making a $1.50 donation to Bay Area Disc for each attendee to the All-Star game.


Team 1 & 2 rosters via
[h/t Fury] UPDATED 2:15pm. Hopefully, all up-to-date now.

MLU Rookies in 2016 Season

Major League Ultimate reported rosters for their 2016 teams. Each team indicated which players were "rookies" within their published roster. Out of 240 MLU players, 47.9% (115) are "rookies" (new MLU players) in MLU's 4th season.

Just like in 2014 & 2015, nearly half are playing in the MLU for the first time

The roster for Portland Stags has the lowest rookie percentage at 26% of their team

Boston Whitecaps (35) have the largest roster in the MLU, again

Vancouver Nighthawks and New York Rumble signed the most "rookies" with 20; nearly 2/3 of their rosters

The 4 teams that made the 2015 postseason have the fewest # of "rookies" on their rosters in 2016