Thursday, April 28, 2016

Travel Between the AUDL South Division

The AUDL South Division started in 2015 with 5 teams in 4 states. With the "Texpansion," this year's AUDL South Division added 2 teams - Austin Sol and Dallas Roughnecks - in Texas. For what it's worth, USA Ultimate regional boundaries dictate the original "5-outh" teams to be in South East region while Texas falls within the South Central region.

With the addition of teams, AUDL South teams have additional mileage on their roadtrips, which means travel expenses for team owners plus potential travel weariness on players and staff. In week 3, the Austin Sol traveled over 1000 miles to North Carolina and left (0-2). In week 4, Jacksonville trekked to Texas and were (0-2) by weekend's end. This upcoming weekend, Dallas Roughnecks visit North Carolina for their back-to-back game journey.
Through 4 weeks of play, home teams in the South Division are (10-4) [.714] which is a better record compared to the rest of the league. The West, Midwest and East home teams are collectively (16-12)  [.571].

[Map image via Jax; chart by SLUDGE]

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