Monday, April 25, 2016

WFDF WUGC Needs an Update

The World Ultimate and Guts Championships must change its 2016 logo event. It's time to cut out Guts.

Updated logo by SLUDGE
In its latest announcement, WFDF refers to the London 2016 event as "World Ultimate Championships." Everyone knows the livestreaming crowdfunding campaign is for showcasing the ultimate tournament, not the Guts portion of the program. While the Olympic recognition of WFDF mentioned all flying disc disciplines, WFDF's video presentation focused highlights solely on ultimate.

The logical move is for the world's premier event's logo and all of its impressions (social media, press releases and throughout the video broadcast) to be congruent with with its sport.

If WFDF's strategy is to raise the profile of the sport of ultimate, then it's time to cut out Guts.

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