Monday, April 04, 2016

WTOP Sports Coverage of DC Pro Ultimate Teams

WTOP sports covers the DC pro ultimate scene once again.

In Noah Frank's D.C. Ultimate teams prepare for Opening Day (April 1, 2016) article, he labels the AUDL's expansion to 26 teams as "aggressive" and MLU's 8-team approach as "holding steady."

The 2 teams' General Managers—Breeze GM Alex Ghesquiere and Current GM Matt Dewhurst—supply quotes related to gender equality in ultimate and issues with having two pro ultimate leagues.

From the article:
Ghesquiere: "I think having two leagues is probably unsustainable."

Dewhurst: "It would be good to have the focus be squarely on one league. I think it's pretty evident that at some point down the line there's going to have to be a merger of some sort. We're both working off the same fan bases and were splitting loyalties that don't necessarily need to be split."

screengrab via WTOP

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