Thursday, July 31, 2014

WFDF Hand Signals for Ultimate

All players participating in the World Flying Disc Federation World Ultimate Club Championships should know these hand signals, since all calls are the responsibility of the players. There are 21 total signals. Some will already look familiar, though #19 looks like what some use as a "brick" call.

Hand Signals #1-7

Hand Signals #8-14

Hand Signals #15-21

And, if you don;t have time to watch study the 3 short-form videos above, then here's the dance version CliffNotes of the signals.

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Wednesday, July 30, 2014

World Ultimate Club Championships Played 25 Years Ago

Twenty-five years ago on this date (July 30th), the first-ever World Ultimate Club Championships concluded. The inaugural World Ultimate CLUB Championships was played in Cologne (Köln), Germany in 1989. USA swept in the Open division  - (1) Philmore, (2) Elvis, (3) Looney Tunes. In the Women division USA placed in the top 2 spots with (1) Lady Condors, (2) Smithereens, and Sweden's Stenungsunds FC won bronze.
1989 WUCC Wham-O 165g 80 mold Frisbee [SOURCE]
The 10th World Ultimate Club Championships are set to begin in Lecco, Italy, in early August.

NOTE: The first World Ultimate Championships and Guts Championships tournament was hosted in Gothenburg, Sweden, in 1983, and continued in 1984, '86 and '88...

Pro Ultimate Tryout Fees Up, Season Tix Prices Down in 2014

Good news for pro Ultimate fans. Not-so-good news for those seeking to play in pro Ultimate leagues.

Tryout fees trended higher, while season ticket prices decreased.

Compared to last year, fees for 2014 tryouts went up in both leagues. MLU's 8 teams averaged an increase of $3.13 (10%) and AUDL's 17 teams rose $2.61 (7%). On average fro both leagues, the tryout fees for prospective players increased by 9%, or by $3.20, from the 2013 charged rate.

On the contrary, season ticket prices decreased across both leagues. MLU teams slashed tix prices nearly $20 - an average of 24%. AUDL teams also reduced season tickets $8.54 (13%). Across all 25 teams in both leagues, season tickets dropped 18%  a savings of $12.86.
DATA: Tix prices - MLU . AUDL .
Tryout Fees - MLU & AUDL.

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

2014 AUDL Prize Money

$25,000 in total
The American Ultimate Disc League Championships finished this past weekend with the San Jose Spiders victorious over the 2013 AUDL champions, Toronto Rush.

A total purse of  $25,000 was divided by the two teams in the AUDL Finals - the same amount as in 2013. Both teams had already won $5,000 from their semifinals wins, so the Finals was to decide who took home the big $15,000 check.

$20,000 = total amount San Jose Spiders team earned for winning the 2014 AUDL Championship.
$714.28 = PER Spiders PLAYER take of the total prize money.

Toronto's take figures to be CAD$5400.65, or CAD$200.02 per Rush player.

Monday, July 28, 2014

AUDL Interleague Postseason Records

Regular season games in the first season of AUDL scheduled Eastern Division teams versus Western (now Midwestern) Division teams. These interleague games are so compelling from a fan's perspective, yet probably not so much for team owners who have travel expenses. In 2013 and 2014, the interleague games only happened during the postseason.

There have been 15 total AUDL postseason games since 2012, yet only 5 have been interleague postseason games - 3 of which have been the championship games. Here's how AUDL teams have fared in interleague postseason games.
[Arrows point toward team that lost] 

Interleague Postseason Records
San Jose Spiders: (2-0)
New York Empire: (1-0)
Philadelphia Spinners: (1-0)
Toronto Rush: (1-1)
Chicago Wildfire: (0-1)
Indianapolis AlleyCats: (0-1)
Madison Radicals: (0-2)

Sunday, July 27, 2014

San Jose Spiders - 2014 AUDL Champions

Congratulations to the San Jose Spiders for winning the 2014 AUDL Championship today!

What a first season for the Spiders, who clinched first place in the West Conference with a (13-1) record, and later won the West Conference Finals. With a lean roster, the Spiders won the American Ultimate Disc League Championship with a victory over Toronto Rush today, 28-18 (halftime 12-8)! San Jose finishes their inaugural AUDL season with a (16-1) overall record. Ashlin Joye and Beau Kittredge were named co-MVPs of the AUDL Championship held in Toronto.
Line score via @SJSGameday

Saturday, July 26, 2014

Spiders Travel Roster

A deeper breakdown into the San Jose Spider's roster in Toronto for the AUDL Championship Weekend., which is smaller than their normal 28-player roster.

The majority of players are from Revolver (33%) with equal representation from Polar Bears and Condors (19%). MisChief, BW players are at 10% and Boost FC & Bravo are represented by one player each.

Yep, couldn't resist blending the pie chart data into a spider web. (Sorry)

Wildwood 2014

"The World's Biggest Beach Ultimate Tournament" starts today in Wildwood, New Jersey. There are a total of 510 teams playing in the 2/2 beer, 3/1 beer, and 3/1 open divisions. "Just for fun, still competitive, just not hard core" perfectly describes the tournament's vibe, not just the Beer Division.

According to the website, the Wildwood Ultimate Beach Tourney has been bestowed recognition by Discraft with a "Transcendent Tournament Award." Anyone who has ever attended WW can attest to the above and beyond experience at this gathering. Remember the sunscreen!

Friday, July 25, 2014

Club Representation on AUDL Final Four Teams

A main source of American Ultimate Disc League players are from each team's local club teams. Here's the breakdown for each team in the AUDL Final Four:

PRIMARY Club Team Feeder on each AUDL Final Four Team Roster
63% (17 of 27) Toronto Rush roster  = Toronto GOAT men's team
36% (10 of 28) Madison Radicals roster = Madison Club men's team
32% (9 of 28) San Jose Spider roster = San Francisco Revolver men's team
25% (7 of 28) New York Empire roster = 7 Express mixed team

NOTES: Based on published 2014 online rosters.
Does not represent attending players at 2014 Finals Weekend.

REALTD: Minnesota Wind Chill's 2014 roster

Thursday, July 24, 2014

Team Rankings in 2014 AUDL Season: Offense & Defense

With the 119-game regular season schedule for 2014 American Ultimate Disc League over, let's compare and rank team goals. Each AUDL team played 14 regular season games within their division in 2014. While Minnesota Wind Chill and Vancouver Riptide are within the top 8 teams in the ranking, the records of Indianapolis and DC were better to earn them a playoff berth.

:Team Rankings:
Based on combined rankings of offense + defense during the 2014 regular season.

#7Wind ChillMidwest(8-6)5th9th

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Preview: AUDL Championship Weekend 2014

AUDL Playoffs continue this weekend after each team won their first round playoff game. These four teams are, by record and performance, the best in the league. Saturday's game is being billed as "the 4 best Ultimate teams in North America will meet to determine which 2 teams will play in the AUDL Championship game."

The winner of each semifinal game plays in the finals on Sunday, July 27 at 1pm. All games will be played in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. $20,000 in prize money goes to the winning team.

New York Empire (#4) vs Toronto Rush (#1)

Saturday, July 26 @ 3p ET. Streamed via ESPN3.

Empire (11-4; 5-2 home, 5-2 away, 1-0 playoffs)
Rush (14-1; 6-1 home, 7-0 away, 1-0 playoffs)

(15-1) = Toronto Rush's overall record at home.
(6-0) = Toronto Rush's all-time record versus New York Empire.
2014: Rush won both meetings (April 13, June 21) against Empire by 2 scores and 3 scores, respectively. The April game was played at New York, and the second match-up was played in Toronto.
2013: Rush won all 3 regular season meetings versus Empire, and again in the playoffs.


Madison Radicals (#3) vs San Jose Spiders (#2)

Saturday, July 26 @ 7p ET. Streamed via ESPN3.

Radicals (13-2; 7-0 home, 5-2 away, 1-0 playoffs)
Spiders (14-1; 7-0 home, 6-1 away, 1-0 playoffs)

:2014 Season Scoring:
Madison Radicals had the best goal differential in the league (+127); San Jose Spiders were third (+112).
Spiders scored the highest number of goals with nearly 400 goals in the regular season (398).
Radicals allowed the lowest number of goals (211) during the regular season.

Radicals Defense = 15.07 avg goals / game
Allowed 20 or more goals in only 2 regular season games; both times were on the road with one being a loss versus Minnesota (Week 3), the other was a win against the Revolution (Week 1).

Spiders Offense = 28.42 avg goals / game
Scored 20 or more goals in all regular season games.

Three out of the 4 teams require travel to the AUDL Finals location in Toronto. San Jose has the furthest trip to attend from the west coast. Not to mention, the expense of booking a flight to YYZ only 6 days ahead. Madison and New York teams are traveling by bus.

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

SB Nation on Pro Ultimate

SB Nation's "The ESPN3 Chronicles" series supplied wisecracks for Saturday's AUDL Playoff game between Indianapolis AlleyCats and Madison Radicals.

We address some of the main jabs from Rodger Sherman's SB article, "Ultimate Frisbee is a Sport":

1. "...despite all the makings of a real sport, it is sorted on ESPN3 under "games," right next to dudes playing video games, while football and soccer and hockey all get their own categories as sports"

SLUDGE: This point has been argued on this blog many, many, many, many times before.

2. "Someone is tracking every single pass made over the course of this ultimate frisbee league's season."

SLUDGE: Heads up, Ultimate leagues. To legitimize a sport, game/player statistics are to be tracked and presented in a method to inform/engage the audience. Beyond the final score reporting, this point was recently highlighted by the Wall Street Journal and regularly highlighted by MLU, plus nicely condensed by the San Jose Spiders.

3. "There actually were a relatively large amount of fans there."

SLUDGE: Um, yeah, just like in 2013. News Flash: Ultimate Frisbee is popular.

 4. "Indianapolis Alleycats is a bad name."

SLUDGE: First, it's "AlleyCats." Second, this criticism lacks rationale. Here's a sample template for next time.

Monday, July 21, 2014

Buy a Beau Bobblehead

After Beau Kittredge signed with a new AUDL team late last year, the San Jose Spiders began packaging Beau bobbleheads with 2014 season tickets. The Spiders are now offering the "Beau-bblehead" in their online gear store.
[Image source: SJS Fb]
Beau Bobblehead

Info: A bobblehead in the likeness of top Ultimate player on San Jose Spiders, Beau Kittredge. Beau, posed in a standing position, has an authentic fauxhawk, vest and jeans - exactly as modeled.

Price: $25 + s/h

Saturday, July 19, 2014

Washington DC Current - 2014 MLU Champions

Congratulations to the Washington, D.C. Current for winning the 2014 MLU Championship tonight!

What a season for the Current, who clinched first place in the Eastern Conference with a (9-1) record, and then won the Eastern Conference Finals. Tonight, the Current won the Major League Ultimate Championship with a victory over Vancouver Nighthawks, 23-17 (halftime 13-4)! DC caps off their 2014 MLU season with a (11-1) record.

DC just dominated the first half. The Current 's offense was balanced with timely cuts underneath, precise throws upfield and finding open space in the end zone. The defense, like all season long, forced Vancouver turnovers. DC's led 13-4 at half. The Nighthawks scored as many points in the second half as DC scored in the first half, but DC's lead proved too much for Vancouver. Markham Shofner (#80 on the Current) was named MVP of the MLU Championship.

MLU Championship game ticket

DC Pro Ultimate Teams in the Playoffs

After positive play in the regular season, both the DC Current (MLU) and the DC Breeze (AUDL) earned a spot in their respective league's postseason. DC pro Ultimate teams posted an incredible combined record of 19-5 (.792 winning %).

Tonight, both DC teams have a playoff game.

DC Breeze play in the first round of American Ultimate Disc League playoffs against Toronto Rush at Toronto's Varsity Stadium at 6pm ET.

DC Current play in Major League Ultimate's Championship game versus Vancouver Nighthawks in Chester, Pennsylvania, at PPL Park at 6:30p ET. Watch for free.

Congratulations to both Washington, D.C. pro Ultimate teams, coaches and players! Good luck!!

MLU Championship Game BINGO

Play along as you watch tonight's MLU Championships game. Claim a square when the box description happens or is mentioned by the announcers or is seen during the broadcast.  Good luck & have fun!

Friday, July 18, 2014

Ultimate at PPL Park

Early online promotions for the MLU Championship game included this image of PPL Park - the new venue to host Major League Ultimate's big game:
The juxtaposition of a soccer field in an ad promoting the sport of professional Ultimate was unsettling. (Though, in reality, Ultimate players know far too well the shared turf with football players.) Plus, with no mention of "ultimate," a person may not readily connect "MLU" to a non-soccer sporting event.

Just recently in the lead up to the final game of the MLU season, the venue image was updated:
The promotional event is accentuated by the custom-designed MLUlti field; not to mention, a growing crowd already waiting for the pro Ultimate game to begin! Who are those people? And, how long have they been there??

AUDL 2014 Playoffs

The AUDL post-season begins tonight! Six Eight teams (47%) out of the 17 teams advanced into the playoffs. Both Western Conference teams - Spiders and FlameThrowers - appear in the playoffs for the first-time.

  • Besides those new teams on the west coast, the DC Breeze (2nd AUDL season) are the only other team to make their first appearance in the postseason. 
  • Philadelphia Phoenix are the only 2013 playoff team not returning to the 2014 playoffs. 
  • The Madison-Indianapolis game is a rematch from 2013 playoffs.

The above visual by the AUDL nicely displays the first round of playoffs. Here are some examples of how teams are using visuals to promote their playoff games.

NY Empire display strong PS skills:

Radicals take their standard approach while Indy employs wishful thinking of ending their losing streak:

SJ Spiders' appease-the-sponsor advertisement:

Preview: MLU 2014 Championship

On Saturday, July 19th at 6:30pm ET, Major League Ultimate will host its second annual championship game, featuring a match up between Western Conference Champion Vancouver Nighthawks and Eastern Conference Champion Washington DC Current. This game will be played at PPL Park with a capacity of 18,500 in Chester, Pennsylvania (~18 miles away from Philly).

DC is 2.5 hours (138 miles) away from Philly by road. Vancouver is 5+ hours (2406 direct miles) away by air.

Both ream rosters draw heavily from their city's elite club ultimate team; DC Current/Truck Stop, Vancouver Nighthawks/Furious George.

OFFENSE: These two teams were tops in the league in goals; DC 216, VAN 212.
DEFENSE: They rank #3, #4 respectively; DC 174 goals; VAN 182 goals.
Both teams increased their win totals compared to last year. DC (9-1) clinched the top spot in the Eastern Conference while Vancouver (6-4) came in 2nd place in the Western Conference.
Both teams won the conference finals by 1 point.
Both teams have a similar dark PUMA jersey.

Saturday, July 19's forecast has a slight wind and a low chance of rain during the day and into the evening.

Watch the game on MLU live-stream (free), or buy a ticket to attend in-person. Be sure to appreciate the "first custom field painting in league history" and the extra cameras capturing the game.

Ticket prices range from $18 up to $65.

Thursday, July 17, 2014

Tribute for Injured DC Current Player

Bummer news from the D.C. Current camp about handler Alan Kolick's wrist injury. As of today, it was announced Kolick would undergo surgery on his (non-throwing) right wrist after an injury sustained while playing with Truck Stop during Chesapeake Invite this past weekend.

Knowing how players (& fans) enjoy tributes to fallen/injured players, here's a jump start on some ideas. Kolick (#99) is a fan of the headband and even the neckband (see below).
  UltiPhotos: Highlights - DC Current at Philadelphia Spinners 6/21/14 &emdash; MLU Spinners vs. Current 

So, some ideas:
1. A wristband with Kolick's # worn by every player/fan on their right wrist.

2. First throw of the game by the Current to be thrown left-handed.

3. Players to write #99 on their cleats.

4. A head/neck-band with Kolick's # worn by every player/fan on their choice of either head &/or neck.
5. A T-shirt to be worn during warm-ups.
Washin-99-ton DC Current T-shirt

William Tell-ing with a Frisbee

Which do you prefer to see for a disc to be aimed at?
A) An orange cone atop Nick Cannon wearing a bike helmet with a faceguard, or
B) A full beer balanced on a partygoer's head

Video of Brodie Smith's talent showcase on America's Got Talent

Did we forget to mention that this collision is in SLOW MOTION???

No contest.
[HT Disclip]

Ultimate Masters Championships 2014

This year's USA Ultimate Masters Championships are scheduled for July 18-20 in Sarasota, Florida. There are 15 Masters Men (33+ years old), 10 Masters Women's (30+ years old), and 14 Grand Masters teams (40+ years old) will compete for the 2014 championship.

This continues the format of Men and Women Masters plus Grand Masters divisions play concurrently at one national championship event.

Based on team listings in the Event Guide, the 39 teams represent 21 states at the Masters Championships. Four states  Florida, Minnesota, Pennsylvania & Texas  have teams in each division.

[Updated 4:19p 7/17/14]


Championship Games
Masters: Austin Tejas 12 - 11 Florida Wolly Mammoth

Grand Masters: Minneapolis Surly 11 - 10 Oakland Shadows

Women Masters: Philadelphia Loose Cannon 12 - 11 Raleigh Ripe

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

The Frisbee and Archie Comics

The main character of the long-running comic book series set in a small town called Riverdale is coming to an end. This week's Life With Archie comic book (which is set in the future) will [[SPOILER ALERT]] have Archie Andrews killed trying to save a friend's life. Do not despair; Archie's character will remain alive in the other Archie Comics series.

Let's take this opportunity to celebrate some Archie comic book covers featuring a Frisbee:
WARNING: These read like anachronistic versions of #ultimatepickuplines

How do you score points with a Frisbee?
By making it land near a group of girls! (1969)
Wow! Ronnie's got some pretty fancy curves!
And her Frisbee throwing is pretty good, too! (1969)
Archie holds a green disc while running away from a Demon Driver (1976)
I bet this Frisbee flips out Veronica on her birthday!
It sure will, Archie! She's expecting a pearl necklace! (1978)

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Triple Crown Tour 2014 Prize Money

In USA Ultimate's 2014 Triple Crown Tour, a total of $30,750 is available as prize money for teams competing. The most one club Ultimate team could earn is close to $10,000 ($9,750).

Breakdown of Event Prize Money
[Each event total to be divided equally between the 3 divisions]

Triple Crown Tour Prize Money Leaders
[updated 10/20/2014]

Club Ultimate TeamCityWinningsDivisionWins
Polar BearsSan Francisco$5000MixedUS Open, Pro Flight Finale, Reg Season #1
RevolverSan Francisco$4000MenUS Open, Reg Season #1
Brute SquadBoston$3750WomenPro-Elite Challenge, Pro Flight Finale, Reg Season #1
Drag'N ThrustMinneapolis$2000MixedNationals
Johnny BravoDenver$2000MenNationals
RiotSeattle$2000WomenUS Open
ScandalWashington, DC$2000WomenNationals
MachineChicago$1750MenPro-Elite Challenge, Pro Flight Finale
Chad Larson ExperienceAmes$750MixedPro-Elite Challenge
7 FiguresLos Angeles$500MixedElite-Select Challenge
Molly BrownDenver$500WomenElite-Select Challenge
Ring of FireRaleigh$500MenElite-Select Challenge

Total = $24,750. Twelve (12) different club teams won prize money in the 2014 TCT season.

RELATED: 2013 TCT Money Leaders

Reaction to Rescheduled AUDL Game

The last game of AUDL's 2014 regular season was a rescheduled game between Minnesota Wind Chill and Indianapolis AlleyCats. And, the visiting team - Indianapolis AlleyCats - were none too thrilled to re-play.

Their previous meeting on May 31 was cancelled before halftime due to weather. This rescheduled match was necessary because of its playoff implications – 2nd & 3rd place in the Midwest Division.

Before the game:
During the game:

AlleyCats neglected to tweet the final result (loss 15-25) after tweeting the halftime score (6-14).

After the game:
AlleyCats' players took to twitter to provide, um, feedback about their 18-hour (~1200 miles) round trip.
@CameronEBrock tweets

Monday, July 14, 2014

Posting Game Results by AUDL Teams

The American Ultimate Disc League regular season ended on Sunday, but you may not know that by visiting some of the team's websites. ALL teams have a website. ALL teams have their schedule posted. NOT ALL teams post their game results.

If a sports team bothers to have a webpage listing their game schedule, then they are obligated to keep it updated. This request seems not like just common courtesy, but also common sense. The lack of score reporting by more than half of AUDL teams is unprofessional for a professional ultimate league.
  • Only 4 teams (23.5%) in the league have posted ALL their game results
  • Teams with a perfect publishing of game results: Salt Lake Lions, San Jose Spiders, Detroit Mechanix, Madison Radicals.
  • 12 teams (70.5%) out of 17 have posted SOME (8 teams) or ALL (4 teams) games results. [Some = not all]
  • 5 teams (29.4%) out of 17 have NO games results posted. REPEATED: Five teams did not post ANY of their game results to their website during the 2014 season.
  • WEST: 2 out of 5 teams posted results; San Francisco FlameThrowers, Seattle Raptors, Vancouver riptide did not
  • MIDWEST: 5 out of 6 teams posted results; Chicago Wildfire did not
  • EAST: 5 out of 6 teams posted results; Montreal Royal did not

If keeping score on how teams posted score results, the divisions would breakdown like this:
[All teams played a 14-game regular season]

Salt Lake Lions (14/14)
San Jose Spiders (14/14)
San Francisco FlameThrowers (0/14)
Seattle Raptors (0/14)
Vancouver Riptide (0/14)

Detroit Mechanix (14/14)
Madison Radicals (14/14)
Cincinnati Revolution (13/14)
Indianapolis AlleyCats (12/14)
Minnesota Wind Chill (11/14)
Chicago Wildfire (0/14)

New York Empire (13/14)
Toronto Rush (12/14)
Rochester Dragons (10/14)
DC Breeze (9/14)
Philadelphia Phoenix (9/14)
Montreal Royal (0/14)

[Data was compiled on 7/14 by visiting each team's website and visiting their "Schedule" webpage.]

Sunday, July 13, 2014

Pool Party: 07.19.14

Where: Chevy Chase, MD

When: Saturday, July 19

Time: 2pm - 8pm
Noodle volleyball and lawn games throughout. MLU Finals viewing party post-pool party.

Eileen/Matthew: cherry cobbler, mango salsa and chips
Nigel/Sue: fruit salad and gigantic green salad
Rachel/Michael: steak w/ chimichurri sauce for the grill, & veggie burgers
Henry/Kitty: hummus, tabbouleh salad, pita  and edamame
David/Gayle: red-pepper dip and pita chips, beer
Michael/Christy: beer and snacks
Steve/Sarah: hot dogs & buns, zucchini (possibly vegan) chocolate cake. And maybe a dish involving swiss chard
Reillys: fresh baked lime chips, crack tofu, & rice/bean/kale combo.

Friday, July 11, 2014

Ultimate Player Stereotypes

Humorous long video documentary on stereotypes of Ultimate players:

Thursday, July 10, 2014

Updated Logo for Chesapeake Invite

Last year's Chesapeake logo covered both the Invite and Open Tournaments, while the 2014 Invite logo is specific for this weekend's USA Ultimate Triple Crown Tour event.

All the invited club teams appear on the 2014 logo:
Chain Lightning
Sub Zero
Ring of Fire
Florida United
Truck Stop
High Five

Brute Squad
Molly Brown
Green Means Go
Hot Metal

Wildfire (the logo lists "Safari" which was Wildfire's previous name)