Thursday, July 17, 2014

Tribute for Injured DC Current Player

Bummer news from the D.C. Current camp about handler Alan Kolick's wrist injury. As of today, it was announced Kolick would undergo surgery on his (non-throwing) right wrist after an injury sustained while playing with Truck Stop during Chesapeake Invite this past weekend.

Knowing how players (& fans) enjoy tributes to fallen/injured players, here's a jump start on some ideas. Kolick (#99) is a fan of the headband and even the neckband (see below).
  UltiPhotos: Highlights - DC Current at Philadelphia Spinners 6/21/14 &emdash; MLU Spinners vs. Current 

So, some ideas:
1. A wristband with Kolick's # worn by every player/fan on their right wrist.

2. First throw of the game by the Current to be thrown left-handed.

3. Players to write #99 on their cleats.

4. A head/neck-band with Kolick's # worn by every player/fan on their choice of either head &/or neck.
5. A T-shirt to be worn during warm-ups.
Washin-99-ton DC Current T-shirt

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Anonymous said...

He's not dead. Plus, they won't need him anyway, Vancouver like the rest of the MLU west is garbage.