Tuesday, July 29, 2014

2014 AUDL Prize Money

$25,000 in total
The American Ultimate Disc League Championships finished this past weekend with the San Jose Spiders victorious over the 2013 AUDL champions, Toronto Rush.

A total purse of  $25,000 was divided by the two teams in the AUDL Finals - the same amount as in 2013. Both teams had already won $5,000 from their semifinals wins, so the Finals was to decide who took home the big $15,000 check.

$20,000 = total amount San Jose Spiders team earned for winning the 2014 AUDL Championship.
$714.28 = PER Spiders PLAYER take of the total prize money.

Toronto's take figures to be CAD$5400.65, or CAD$200.02 per Rush player.

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