Monday, July 07, 2014

[Chart] Scoring at the U.S. Open Finals

The first major event of USA Ultimate's 2014 Triple Crown Tour finished up this weekend in Blaine, Minnesota. Each winning club Ultimate team won $2000 in prize money at the U.S. Open Ultimate Championships.

See the scoring progression from each division's championship game.

Mixed: Berkeley Polar Bears (2) vs Minneapolis Drag'n Thrust (1)
Polar Bears led by 3 at half, and won 15-12. Turnovers = 42

Women: Seattle Riot (3) vs  Boston Brute Squad (6)
Riot led at half by 3, and won 10-7. There were 76 turnovers recorded in this game.


Men: San Francisco Revolver (1) vs Denver Bravo (4)
Revolver led at half by 2 and won 14-12. Turnovers = 33


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lvlln said...

I was initially surprised that the women's final only had about 2.3x as many turns as the men's final, because it was one of the ugliest games I've seen at the elite level. Then I normalized for number of points and saw that they had over 3x as many turns per point, which makes more sense.

Poor play by both offenses, but I thought Brute Squad gave away turns on drops more often. Their D kept getting them the disc back, but they could never hold onto it.