Tuesday, April 23, 2019

AI Invented a New Sport Which Has Elements of Ultimate Frisbee and Goaltimate

Artificial Intelligence was tasked to invent a sport by feeding it data about 400 popular sports. The new sport - Speedgate - pulls the best of rugby, soccer, croquet and ultimate Frisbee. Elements of goaltimate are also sprinkled in Speedgate game. 
Ultimate Frisbee: Players with possession are not allowed to run (or move).

Goaltimate: Passing through a hoop (or gate).

Read more. [via TechCrunch]

Read the full rules at the Speedgate portal.

Monday, April 22, 2019

VIDEO: First Goal in Premier Ultimate League

The first goal of th Saturday, April 20, 2019...
Sadie Jezierski (#11, Columbus Pride) with a layout catch score against Nashville NightShade. It appears to have been assisted by Emily "JT" Barrett. The first point was a break for the PRide d-line

Columbus would go on to win 24-13 (13-6 halftime) over Nashville.

Saturday, April 20, 2019

Premier Ultimate League Premieres Tonight (April 20)

After launching in January and securing funding in March, the Premier Ultimate League will have its first pulls tonight.

In Week 1 of PUL regular season, four of the 8 PUL teams play; Atlanta Soul visit Medellín Revolution in Colombia, and Columbus (Ohio) Pride play at Nashville NightShade.

Friday, April 19, 2019

Sportsbook: 2019 Pro Ultimate Games - PUL

Betting lines - point spreads - for semi-professional ultimate games are for entertainment purposes. Spreads by SLUDGE.

View the full Premier Ultimate League 2019 schedule.

Saturday, May 25
Indianapolis Red @ Nashville NightShade (-3)

Saturday, May 18
New York Gridlock (-2.5) @ Raleigh Radiance
Indianapolis Red @ Austin Torch (-7.5)

Friday, May 10
Medellín Revolution (-3.5) @ Columbus Pride

Saturday, May 11
Nashville NightShade @ Austin Torch (-7)
Medellín Revolution (-7.5) @ Indianapolis Red

Saturday, May 4
Medellín Revolution (-7.5) @ Atlanta Soul
Columbus Pride @ New York Gridlock (-3.5)

Sunday, May 5
Medellín Revolution (-6) @ Raleigh Radiance

Saturday, April 27
Atlanta Soul (-2.5) @ Austin Torch
Indy Red @ New York Gridlock (-7.5)

Saturday, April 20
Atlanta Soul @ Medellín Revolution (-7.5)
Columbus Pride (-2.5) @ Nashville NightShade

Comparison: AUDL and PUL Inaugural Seasons

The Premier Ultimate League beings its inaugural league tomorrow (April 20). Similar to the American Ultimate Disc League, PUL will have 8 teams competing in its first season. There are two locations that have founded teams in each league – Columbus, Ohio and Indianapolis, Indiana; not necessarily known ultimate frisbee hotbeds, but certainly well-positioned cities in the Midwest.

Revolution is the one team name shared among founding teams in the AUDL (2012) and the PUL (2019) - Bluegrass (Lexington) Revolution [AUDL] and Medellín (Colombia) Revolution [PUL].

Thursday, April 18, 2019

Medellín Revolution 2019 PUL Roster

Medellín (Colombia) Revolution is the only international team in the Premier Ultimate League. Overall, 15 players from the 2018 Revo club team that won silver at last year's WFDF Ultimate Club Championships are also on their 2019 roster for Premier Ultimate League.

As predicted in January, Medellín Revolution rostered some U.S. club players for their 2019 PUL squad. Calise Cardenas (Seattle Riot), Claire Chastain (Denver Molly Brown) and Kayla Helton (San Francisco Fury) are currently listed as members of Revo for the PUL season. At USAU Club Championships, Fury won and Molly Brown and Riot tied for 3rd place.

Revolution's season opens on Saturday, April 20 when they host Atlanta Soul.

Wednesday, April 17, 2019

PUL Successfully Pulls In $120,000

Via a Player Sponsorship Program, the Premier Ultimate League raised $120,000 in less than a week.

$120, 000 = 800 sponsorships (4 per player x 200 players) @ $150.

PUL's pilot season begins April 20, 2019.

Thursday, April 11, 2019

Logo for USA Ultimate College D-III Championships 2019

The USA Ultimate D-III College Championships will take place May 18-19 in College Station, Texas. College Station is located in eastern Texas, and is home to the main campus of Texas A&M University.

Tuesday, April 09, 2019

Westcoast Women's Professional Ultimate Announced

Westcoast Women's Professional Ultimate will debut in southern California with games in May and June 2019.

The schedule for the logo-less league along with participating teams were announced yesterday. Per their website, the Westcoast (<--one word) Women's Professional Ultimate [WWPU] is "an unprecedented competition series to bring professional women's ultimate frisbee to the West coast." WWPU is not (yet) associated with the Premier Ultimate League (PUL), though PUL is listed as a sponsor.

The current schedule billed as "2019 Southern California women's professional ultimate series" reveals 3 WWPU teams - Los Angeles Ninety-Nines, San Diego Wolfpack and Seattle Cascades. Rules, disc type, streaming, and rosters have not been posted.

WWPU website indicates Portland and Vancouver as additional sites without a team name reveal. The Cascades are planning to participate in a northwest women's ultimate series against teams from Portland and Vancouver.

A total of 8 games between 5 teams are estimated to played as part of the 2019 season of Westcoast Women's Professional Ultimate.

Learn more about WWPU at westcoastwomensultimate.com.

Logo for USA Ultimate College D-I Championships 2019

The USA Ultimate D-I College Championships will take place May 24-27 in Round Rock, Texas. The event logo takes the shape of a solid guitar headstock or peghead.

[via UPLA]

Friday, April 05, 2019

Sportsbook: 2019 Pro Ultimate Games - AUDL

Betting lines - point spreads - for semi-professional ultimate games are for entertainment purposes. Regular season lines are sourced from AUDL's Pick'Em challenge. Postseason spreads by SLUDGE.

View the full American Ultimate Disc League 2019 schedule.

Week 8
Saturday, May 25
Ottawa Outlaws @ New York Empire (-6.5)
Madison Radicals @ Toronto Rush (-1.5)
Minnesota Wind Chill (-2.5) @ Pittsburgh Thunderbirds
Montreal Royal @ Philadelphia Phoenix (-2.5)
Indianapolis AlleyCats @ Chicago Wildfire (-3.5)
Tampa Bay Cannons @ Atlanta Hustle (-1.5)
Austin Sol @ Dallas Roughnecks (-4.5)

Sunday, May 26
Madison Radicals (-6.5) @ Detroit Mechanix
Montreal Royal @ DC Breeze (-3.5)

Week 7
Friday, May 17 
San Jose Spiders @ San Diego Growlers (-5.5)

Saturday, May 18 
Detroit Mechanix @ Pittsburgh Thunderbirds (-4.5)
Indianapolis AlleyCats @ Minnesota Wind Chill (-2.5)
Atlanta Hustle @ Raleigh Flyers (-5.5)
DC Breeze (-2.5) @ Ottawa Outlaws
Madison Radicals (-1.5) @ Chicago Wildfire
Toronto Rush @ New York Empire (-2.5)
Tampa Bay Cannons @ Austin Sol (-4.5)
San Jose Spiders @ Los Angeles Aviators (-4.5)

Sunday, May 19 
DC Breeze @ Montreal Royal (-3.5)
Tampa Bay Cannons @ Dallas Roughnecks (-6.5)
Toronto Rush (-1.5) @ Philadelphia Phoenix

Week 6
Saturday, May 11 
Ottawa Outlaws  @ Toronto Rush (-5.5)
Chicago Wildfire (-2.5) @ Pittsburgh Thunderbirds
DC Breeze @ New York Empire (-4.5)
Atlanta Hustle @ Indianapolis AlleyCats (-2.5)
Minnesota Wind Chill @ Madison Radicals (-3.5)
Raleigh Flyers (-3.5) @ Tampa Bay Cannons
Dallas Roughnecks (-3.5) @ Austin Sol
San Diego Growlers (-1.5) @ Los Angeles Aviators
Seattle Cascades @ San Jose Spiders (-1.5)

Saturday, May 4  
Montreal Royal @ Toronto Rush (-3.5)
Austin Sol (-1.5) @ Atlanta Hustle
Indianapolis AlleyCats (-2.5) @ Pittsburgh Thunderbirds
Ottawa Outlaws @ DC Breeze (-3.5)
Minnesota Wind Chill @ Chicago Wildfire (-2.5)
San Diego Growlers (-2.5) @ Seattle Cascades
Los Angeles Aviators (-1.5) @ San Jose Spiders

Sunday, May 5 
Austin Sol @ Raleigh Flyers (-5.5)
Minnesota Wind Chill (-4.5) @ Detroit Mechanix
Ottawa Outlaws @ Philadelphia Phoenix (-4.5)

Friday, April 26 
Seattle Cascades @ San Diego Growlers (-3.5)

Saturday, April 27
Toronto Rush (-3.5) @ Ottawa Outlaws
Indianapolis AlleyCats (-5.5) @ Detroit Mechanix
New York Empire (-3.5) @ Philadelphia Phoenix
Pittsburgh Thunderbirds @ Minnesota Wind Chill (-4.5)
Raleigh Flyers (-3.5) @ Atlanta Hustle
Seattle Cascades @ Los Angeles Aviators (-5.5)

Sunday, April 28
Montreal Royal @ New York Empire (-2.5)

Saturday, April 20
Philadelphia Phoenix @ DC Breeze (-1.5)
Chicago Wildfire @ Minnesota Wind Chill (-1.5)
Detroit Mechanix @ Indianapolis AlleyCats (-9.5)
Pittsburgh Thunderbirds @ Madison Radicals (-6.5)
Atlanta Hustle @ Tampa Bay Cannons (-1.5)
Austin Sol @ Dallas Roughnecks (-2.5)
Los Angeles Aviators @ Seattle Cascades (-1.5)
San Diego Growlers (-1.5) @ San Jose Spiders

Friday, April 12 
San Jose Spiders (-3.5) @ Los Angeles Aviators

Saturday, April 13
DC Breeze @ New York Empire (-3.5)
Dallas Roughnecks (-2.5) @ Austin Sol
Raleigh Flyers (-2.5) @ Atlanta Hustle
San Jose Spiders @ San Diego Growlers (-2.5)

Sunday, April 14
Madison Radicals (-1.5) @ Indianapolis AlleyCats

Friday, April 5
Raleigh Flyers @ Dallas Roughnecks (-2.5)

Saturday, April 6
Raleigh Flyers @ Austin Sol (-1.5)
Atlanta Hustle (-2.5) @ Tampa Bay Cannons
San Jose Spiders (-1.5) @ Seattle Cascades
Los Angeles Aviators @ San Diego Growlers (-3.5)

Season 8: AUDL 2019 Starts Today

The American Ultimate Disc League starts its 8th season today. Twenty-one teams across four divisions play 12 games over a 15-week regular season for a chance to advance to AUDL Championship Weekend (August 10-11, 2019) in San Jose, California.

Thursday, April 04, 2019

Summary of Best AUDL Players in 2018 Season

Evan Lepler continued his annual "Tools Survey" concept for the American Ultimate Disc League and learned the best players in the  2018 season - as decided by each division's coaches - in 20 different skills categories. One player from each division - East, Midwest, South, West - was recognized in each category.

Compilation List of "Tool" Recognitions by Trait

[Data via AUDL; compiled by SLUDGE]

Wednesday, April 03, 2019

Ultimate Mixed Division Awareness Day

Join the ultimate community by celebrating Mixed Division Awareness Day.

Mixed Division Awareness Day 
is celebrated today on 4/3 (April 3rd)!

Mixed is one of the most common divisions in the sport of ultimate and a leading cause of the genders playing ultimate together. Ultimate's Mixed Division affects people in all demographics and is most often found in people playing ultimate competitively and recreationally.

Ultimate at The World Games is played as a mixed (coed) competition. Mixed gender beach ultimate is the favored format for ultimate in the Olympics.

Did You Know? "GENDZONE" is the endzone where gender ratio is dictated from. [source]

Let's use this day (4/3) to raise awareness about the Mixed Division and take action toward appreciation. Spread the word!

(Mark Your Calendars: 2020's holiday to be celebrated on March 4th)

Tuesday, April 02, 2019

Women's College Ultimate Game Involved 'Rare Move'

In February at Presidents' Day Invite 2019 during a women's college ultimate quarterfinals, UC-Santa Barbara Burning Skirts and Colorado Kali played a close first half. The halftime score was UCSB up 8-7, then at 9-7 this happened:

"In a rare move, both teams used their captain’s clauses to request the observers leave the game. The teams felt the game was being bogged down with technicalities and calls."

Per USA Ultimate's 11th edition, the Captain's Clause states:

UCSB would eventually win the game 11-8 over Kali and finish 2nd while Colorado Kali finished 6th. Event host UC-San Diego finished first at the college ultimate regular season event in La Jolla, California.

[via @UltiworldLive]

Monday, April 01, 2019

Ultimate Puzzle

Follow each instruction in order.

Do not skip ahead.


Your answer should be the two-word name of a game invented in New Jersey that is popular around the world. ULTIMATE FRISBEE