Monday, July 31, 2017

EuroStars Tour Update: Americus Cup Won by Collective US Club Ultimate Teams

The U.S.A collective women's club team won notched their 5th and deciding win in the quest for the Americus Cup on Sunday. The EuroStars team lost twice on Sunday in El Cerrito by the same score 10-11 to both San Francisco Fury and Bay Area Nightlock.

After 7 of the 9 scheduled matches, the collective Team USA (Scandal, Brute Squad, Riot, Fury and Nightlock) has won 5 games and EuroStars have won 2; one in New York and one in Seattle.

While the Ryder Cup-style win-loss clinches the trophy for the US, the EuroStars and the USAU women's club ultimate teams have scored the same number of goals! EuroStars have scored 76 goals and the 7 USAU women's club ultimate teams have collectively scored 76 goals.

The EuroStars Tour continues on Tuesday in Devner and then the finale on Wednesday in Madison.

Sunday, July 30, 2017

Flooded Beach Ultimate Field at Wildwood

Not expected at Wildwood Beach Ultimate Tournament in Wildwood, New Jersey this beach ultimate field flooded from previous night's heavy rainfall.

[h/t Henry]

Friday, July 28, 2017

AUDL 2017 Postseason Schedule

Twelve teams qualified for the American Ultimate Disc League playoffs. The South Division starts the postseason on Saturday, July 29; the winner will play Raleigh on August 5th. The Midwest playoff game is scheduled as a home game for Minnesota on August 4th - the first night of USAU's 2017 U.S. Open Club Championships; the winner will play Madison. The East playoff will be decided in one weekend with a Friday-Sunday schedule (August 11, 13). The West Division will  also be decided over one weekend with back-to-back playoff games on August 12 and then August 13. The West's #2 seed (LA Aviators) will travel to San Jose (#3 seed) with the winner playing at San Francisco.

Division champions will meet on August 26-27 at the AUDL Championship Weekend in Montreal to decide the AUDL 2017 champion.

In bracket form, the AUDL 2017 playoff matchups look like:
[via AUDL]

Thursday, July 27, 2017

Awesome Assist by Claire Desmond Hits #2 on SportsCenter Top10

Claire Desmond's beautiful backhand to space was featured as the #2 highlight on ESPN's SportsCenter Top 10 last night. Chris Kocher caught Desmond's right-handed throw with a layout score during USA's gold medal flying disc/ultimate match of The World Games against Colombia.

This play was 1 of Desmond's 3 total assists at The World Games, and 1 of Kocher's 5 total goals during the 3-day competition.

Results of USA Ultimate 2017 Masters Championships

USA Ultimate's Masters Championships with 75+ teams competing concluded last weekend. Two top seeds out of the 6 won their divisional championship. The 5th-seed Minneapolis Surly C.O.U.G.A.R.S. was the lowest seed to win a division (Masters - Women).
Results according to USAU event site:

Masters - Women
Minneapolis Surly C.O.U.G.A.R.S. (5) 15-10 over Ripe (7). iRot (2) finished 3rd.

Masters - Men
Denver Johnny Encore (3) 15-10 over Rest Stop (6). All Bashed Out (10) finished 3rd.

Masters - Mixed
Chicago UPAARP (2) 15-11 win over Members Only (10); 512 finished 3rd.

Grandmasters - Women
Boston Boston (1) 12-11 win over J2 (2); Sidearm (4) finished 3rd.

Grandmasters - Men
Minneapolis Surly (2) 15-12 win over Johnny Walker (1); No Country (3) finished 3rd.

Great Grand Masters - Men
San Francisco Relics (1) 13-10 win over Old and in the Way (2); wreckAge (11) placed 3rd.

Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Book Tour for "Ultimate Glory" Stops In D.C.

The man who has a lifetime ban from playing the sport of ultimate in Washington, D.C. is making an appearance at a bookstore in Dupont Circle tonight. David Gessner continues his book tour supporting Ultimate Glory: Frisbee, Obsession and My Wild Youth; a 300+ page-turner The Washington Post describes as: recommended reading for every college student.

WHEN: July 26 @ 6:30pm

WHERE: Kramerbooks, 1517 Connecticut Avenue, NW, Washington, DC

On page 249, Gessner recounts his intoxicated incident in fall 1989 that led to banishment from D.C. The letter with his punishment read:
"Gessner is now barred from any WAFC (Washington Area Frisbee Club) sponsored event...WAFC will suspend all play at any tournament in which Gessner appears. His team will forfeit all games."

Tuesday, July 25, 2017

USA Ultimate Player Stats at The World Games 2017

USA Ultimate National Team continued their winning streak at The World Games. The 14-player roster from different club ultimate teams went (3-1) in the round robin, advanced to the gold medal game and won gold in their rematch against Colombia. All games were played to 13 points.

Team USA scored 64 total goals at The World Games during the Flying Disc event; all U.S. players scored at least 1 goal. All but one player - Sandy Jorgensen - tallied an assist. The U.S. mixed ultimate team scored the most goals of any team in one half - 9 goals! This scoring output happened during the 2nd half of their first game versus Colombia when the US were down 3-7 at half and would eventually lose 12-13. The U.S. would win their next games against Canada, Australia and Japan. Their remaining round robin game was cancelled due to rain. The 5th game played by the U.S. was the gold medal match.

Goal Leaders
Grant Lindsley = 8
Sandy Jorgensen = 8
Nick Stuart = 7
Beau Kittredge = 7

Assist Leaders
Jimmy Mickle = 10
Dylan Freechild = 9
George Stubbs = 8
Georgia Bosscher = 7

Goal + Assist Leaders
Jimmy Mickle = 14
Grant Lindsley = 13
Dylan Freechild = 13
Georgia Bosscher = 11
Chris Kocher = 11
Beau Kittredge = 10

[Data via TWG; chart by SLUDGE]

Monday, July 24, 2017

Recap: Flying Disc Ultimate event at 2017 The World Games

Pre-Tournament Seeding
The top seeds to The World Games flying disc/ultimate event were USA, Australia and Canada. The seeding was predetermined by WFDF qualification process is based on results across the mixed, men's and women's division championships during the WFDF 2016 World Ultimate (and Guts) Championships with the top-five combined county results plus the automatic host country bid (Poland).

WU(G)C 2016 Results in Mixed Division by TWG 2017 participating countries:
1. USA
2. Australia
3. Canada
6. Japan
8. Colombia
9T. Poland

Preliminary Round
After the preliminary round robin  matches were complete, all teams had at least one loss. 5th-seeded Colombia led the standings with their opening game match against the top-seeded U.S. team; Australia dropped to 4th and Japan to 5th.

The last preliminary match  - USA versus Poland - on Sunday July 23 was cancelled due to inclement weather (rain). The other four teams played earlier that day and Colombia, Canada and Australia would play later that same day in medal matches. The extra (unplanned) rest for the USA in a condensed schedule format tournament with a short (14-person) roster seemed to benefit the US team going into the gold match.

Medal Matches
USA won the rematch against Colombia 13-7 (7-5 half) to win gold.
Canada won bronze over Australia by the score of 13-11 (7-4 half).

Sunday, July 23, 2017

USA Ultimate National Team Wins 4th Consecutive Gold at 2017 The World Games

After an opening game loss to Colombia, the top-seed USA National ultimate team won their remaining 3* preliminary games to earn a rematch against Colombia for the gold medal. After a close first half, US pulled away from COL to win the gold 13-7 (7-5 half). This is USA's 4th consecutive gold medal at The World Games and USA's 5th total medal in the Flying Disc event. The silver medal is Colombia's first ever medal in Flying Disc/Ultimate at The World Games.

Australia and Canada played in the bronze medal match, which was won by Canada, 13-11 (7-4 half). This is Canada's 2nd consecutive bronze at the World Games and their 4th total medal in the Flying Disc event.

*The last scheduled preliminary game - USA vs Poland - was cancelled due to inclement weather.

Friday, July 21, 2017

EuroStars Visit Washington to Play DC Scandal

The second game of the EuroStars Tour visits the DC-area to take on D.C. Scandal.

WHEN: Sunday, July 23 @ 6pm

WHERE: Wakefield High School, 1325 S Dinwiddie St, Arlington, Virginia 22206

TICKETS: Youth (<18): $5; Adult pre-purchased: $10; Adult at the door: $15

A free girls clinic from 5-6PM will precede the game.

Thursday, July 20, 2017

Medal History for Flying Disc (Mixed Ultimate) at The World Games

The quadrennial World Games opens today with Flying Disc (mixed ultimate) scheduled for play on Thursday through Saturday. In its history, only 4 countries have medaled at The World Games in the Trend Sport of Flying Disc.

USA has won gold in flying disc at 3 of the 4 World Games; and 3 of the last 4. Canada is the only other country to win gold in flying disc. USA has won the most medals (4), followed by Australia, Canada - both with 3, and then Japan (2).

Based on the WUGC 2016 results, the six participating countries at The World Games in  Wroclaw, Poland are: United States of America, Japan, Australia, Colombia, Canada, plus the host country of Poland.

[Data via TWG; chart by SLUDGE]

Design of US World Games Ultimate Team Gear Inspired by Olympic Uniforms

Five Ultimate gives a really cool behind-the-scenes look at the design process of the U.S. ultimate team gear for The 2017 World Games. 
The inspiration for a shield logo (above) was the Olympic Diving Team...from 1932

The uniform designs (below) were said to be influenced by Nike U.S. track uniforms from the 2016 Olympics and the Turkish women's basketball jerseys (2016).

Check out all the USNT 2017 designs from Five Ultimate.

Wednesday, July 19, 2017

How Kurt Gibson Got Injured

Evan Lepler via Tuesday Toss: Week 16 gives details on Kurt Gibson's pectoral injury - specifically how Kurt got hurt. The injury occurred during a trip to play ultimate, but was non-ultimate related.

Gibson...suffered a torn pectoral muscle while 'jumping off a cliff in the Philippines' before the AUDL season began.

The injury occurred in early March while attending the Boon Rock Star Cup, an ultimate event in the Philippines that Gibson attended along with Jimmy Mickle. During a day excursion in Boracay, there were several people jumping off platforms of different heights into the ocean. Multiple times, Gibson leapt off an elevated diving board that was about eight meters high. Fearful of getting injured, he chose not to attempt the highest board. When he jumped off the same rock platform and into the water for a fourth and final time, he 'landed really weird.'
"As soon as I hit the water," he explains, "my body went down and my arm got caught on the surface and it pulled my arm up when I was kind of flexing, I guess; so that tore my tendon off the bone, and they had to sew it back on the bone. It wasn't too fun."

The injury prevented Gibson from participating in USA National Team and competing at The World Games. Gibson has fully recovered and played his first game of the AUDL 2017 with Dallas Roughnecks on Saturday. Additionally, Gibson plans to return to Boston Ironside for USAU Triple Crown Tour.

Map: Roster of TWG USA Ultimate National Team

Fourteen players were selected to represent the USA at The World Games in Poland. Nine different club teams are represented on the USA National Team. Half of USA's roster plays for club teams in San Francisco; 3 from Fury and 4 from Revolver. Seattle is the only other location with multiple representation - 1 on Riot and 1 on Sockeye. Washington, D.C. Scandal, Denver Bravo, Madison Heist, New York PoNY and Boston Brute quad each have 1 player on the US roster. 

Georgia Bosscher (Heist)
Claire Desmond (Fury)
Carolyn Finney (Fury)
Dylan Freechild (Sockeye)
Sarah Griffith (Riot)
Lien Hoffman (Brute Squad)
Sandy Jorgensen (Scandal)
Beau Kittredge (Revolver)
Chris Kocher PonY)
Grant Lindsley (Revolver)
Jimmy Mickle (Bravo)
Anna Nazarov (Fury)
Nick Stuart (Revolver)
George Stubbs (Revolver)

[Map demonstrating club team location, not player residence. Data via USAU; map chart by SLUDGE]

USA Ultimate 2017 Championships: Masters Division

The USA Ultimate 2017 Masters Championships is scheduled for July 21 - 23 in Aurora, Colorado.
# of  Teams by Division
Women's Masters (30+) = 16
Men's Masters (33+) = 16
Mixed Masters (33+ for males / 30+ for females) = 12
Women's Grand Masters (37+) = 6
Men's Grand Masters (40+) = 16
Great Grand Masters (50+ for males / 45+ for females) = 11

Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Broadcast Schedule for Flying Disc at 2017 The World Games

Based solely on the published schedule, nine (9) games in the Flying Disc event will be broadcast on the Olympic Channel.

Four live games and five replays are on the broadcast schedule. The Gold Medal match is not scheduled to be streamed as a live event.  An online petition started to showcase the gold medal game as a live broadcasted event. Six countries will compete during 3 days of competition of mixed ultimate. WFDF indicates games will be available, however that specific stream schedule has not been published.

Here are the available games in local time*:
*Wrocล‚aw is 6 hours ahead of EDT

[NOT LIVE]  @ 10:45 / AUSTRALIA VS JAPAN, replayed @ 13:15

[LIVE] @ 9:00 / JAPAN vs POLAND

[LIVE] @ 12:30 / USA vs POLAND
[LIVE] @ 15:00 / Bronze medal match
[NOT LIVE] 17:00 / Gold medal match, replayed @ 19:00

[Subject to change without notice]

Nashville NightWatch (0-14)

With their 5-goal loss on Friday against Atlanta and a 9-goal loss on Saturday versus Jacksonville, the Nashville NightWatch became the fifth franchise - and the first South Division team - in American Ultimate Disc League history to go winless in the regular season. The NightWatch end their 3rd consecutive losing season with a -141 point differential.

Nashville posts an overall record of  (5-37) since their inaugural AUDL season in 2015.

Monday, July 17, 2017

EuroStars Ultimate Tour Schedule 2017

The EuroStars Ultimate Tour starts on July 21st in New York City and ends August 2nd in Madison, Wisconsin with visits in between to Washington, D.C., Denver, San Francisco (2 games) and Seattle (2 games). Clinics are planned at each stop.
EuroStars Tour 2017 [via]

Sunday, July 16, 2017

[UPDATE. Ultiworld Retracts Story About] The Time When Skyd Magazine Offered to Buyout Ultiworld

UPDATED [8:51pm]

Skyd Magazine's Editor Liam Rossen provided their side of this story via reddit:
This is incorrect.
In 2012, Bryan reached out to Charlie to talk about partnering and the Ultiworld reporters potentially joining the Skyd team, as we often did to new ultimate blogs that popped up (that's how we got No Look Scoober [Bryan] and Inside Breaks [Neeley and Joaq] in the beginning).
We never made any sort of offer to buy out Ultiworld at that time, and we certainly never had "$10 or $11000" floating around to even entertain that possibility.
Ultiworld's Charlie has since confirmed the deal specifics as discussed on the podcast were not accurate.

Correction: I just looked up the email (from Bryan Jones) in my inbox and there was never any kind of financial offer discussed for a buyout of Ultiworld by Skyd. There was the desire to “make [Ultiworld] an offer to join up” with Skyd, but, as I said on the podcast, I don’t think that was ever actually discussed (although I honestly do not remember). I think Wes and I just misremembered the specifics of what actually happened there. Although we did talk about six figures being the selling price ๐Ÿ˜‚. Apologies for the error.

[Originally posted on 8:11am]
Ultiworld just celebrated 5 years and took a trip down memory lane in their anniversary Deep Look podcast [July 14, 2017]. Original collaborators Charlie Eisenhood and Wes Cronk discussed their recollections of building their simple website plus a business offer unknown until now.

The gist is then-Skyd-reporter-now-Ultiworld-supporter Bryan Jones on behalf of Skyd Magazine emailed Ultiworld a buyout offer - after just 2 weeks after their launch.

From the podcast [start @ 6:30]
Wes: We got this offer from was no more than 10 or $11,000...$11,000 was something I could see young 'us' biting at. ... There's no way you sell for less than six figures, right?

Charlie: Two weeks in!

Wes: ...You have spent five years doing this. I think that the fun and satisfaction of those 5 years are worth more than that 10K would be to you now.

Charlie: Oh yeah. I don't think we ever had a conversation with Skyd.... We're two weeks old and we have a garbage Wordpress site slapped together. I won't lie. ... I'm a competitive person. And, I was out to beat Skyd in every way possible.


Friday, July 14, 2017

Rumble Cup Saga

Evan Lepler chronicled this story in Week 15's Tuesday Toss. Below is a reprint of Lepler's story.

By beating the Royal in the final meeting of the regular season, the Rush retained the "Rumble Cup," a trophy that the two franchises have exchanged as a symbol of the rivalry. As Toronto GM Scott "Shooter" Hastie revealed on Twitter, it was clutch that the Rush took care of business, because the transfer of the trophy would have been difficult considering that Raina had absentmindedly forgot to bring it to the game.

Raina explained what happened. "Shooter's tweet is accurate," he admitted.

"I woke up late from a nap prior to our game and in my haste to get ready, I left the cup on the mantle. So in the huddle before the game, I reminded the guys of the importance of the matchup and then added 'Also, we have to win this game because I left the Cup at home!' Not quite 'Win one for the Gipper,' but it got the job done so I'm sure Knute Rockne would approve.”

One wonders if Raina’s girlfriend and housemate was rooting for the Royal on Saturday, as she apparently is not a fan of the Cup being prominently displayed in their shared home.

"The Cup proudly sits on the mantle in our house mainly because my girlfriend hates it," said Raina. "It stayed there all of the last offseason and the plan is to keep it there indefinitely. She tries to take it down every now and then, but I always put it back."
Rumble Cup [via]
The Rush and Royal match up two more times in the 2017 AUDL season.

Though I'll refrain from offering any relationship advice, I will note that the Rumble Cup could be at stake again before long if the Royal can find their way into a matchup with the Rush in the playoffs. If that transpired, the Cup would have more riding on it than ever before.


On This Day: Ultiworld Launched in 2012

Happy Birthday to Ultiworld! Congrats on making to the 5-year mark.

Ultiworld officially launched on this day (July 14) in 2012 as "a new premier news media site about the sport of Ultimate."

Here's a photo from how Ultiworld filmed games - atop a ladder with a handheld videocamera.
Charlie (Ultiworld filming at USAU Mid-Atlantic Regionals (Sept 2012).

Thursday, July 13, 2017

Logo for 2018 World Ultimate Club Championships

The logo for WFDF's World Ultimate Club Championships has been spotted. The international ultimate tournament will take place July 14-21, 2018 in Cincinnati (actually in Lebanon), Ohio.

[h/t CUPA; adjusted by SLUDGE]

Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Beau Kittredge Deemed 'Fittest Athlete Alive' According to Outside Magazine

Beau Kittredge was profiled in Outside Magazine in June 2017 by author David Gessner in a piece called 'No Disc-respect.' The article says Beau "looks like an NFL wide receiver, sprints like an Olympian, and jumps like Jordan."

A companion article '24 Hours with the Fastest, Fittest, Most Explosive Ultimate Frisbee Player' delves into Beau's daily routine dishing him an insanely high compliment:
When you think of insanely fit athletes, who comes to mind? Odell Beckham? Lindsey Vonn? CrossFit Games champ Mat Fraser? What about Beau Kittredge, the two-time American Ultimate Disc League MVP? No? Well, the Alaska-born, San Francisco-based ultimate player might just be one of the fittest athletes alive.

Here's Beau's 14-hour day:

9 a.m: Wakeup, Stretch

9:30 a.m: Morning Stroll

10 a.m: Breakfast 

11:15 a.m: Get Up
Beau: "Every hour, I'll get up, walk around, and maybe stretch for about five minutes." This kind of intermittent low-intensity exercise and mobility work has huge dividends in building and maintaining Kittredge's movement quality and preventing injuries, he says. Once he sits, he'll often place a lacrosse ball under his hamstrings or glutes.

1 p.m: Track Workout

2:15 p.m: Lunch
Beau: "I don’t really track my nutrition. I'm just constantly trying to get in more calories and drink more water."

4:15 p.m: Yoga
Beau: "I hate yoga, but I think it's a necessary evil."

6:00 p.m: Dinner

8:00 p.m: Weights Workout
Three times a week, usually between track days, Kittredge will hit the weight room after dinner.

9:30 p.m: Eat More
Beau: "I suck down a protein drink then lay on the couch for a while until I can move."

11:00 p.m: Bed

Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Triple Crown Tour 2017 Prize Money

In USA Ultimate's 2017 Triple Crown Tour, a total of $33,750 is again available as prize money for competing teams. Five TCT events offer prize money, plus a bonus to teams that win the three major, or "triple crown," events -- US Open (first Regular Season Pro Flight event), the Pro Flight Finale (last Regular Season Pro Flight event), and the National Championships.

Below are the available amounts each winning team is awarded.
If an ambitious club team were (able) to compete and win all the TCT events with prize money, they would win $8750 (which includes the bonus for the triple crown).

[SOURCE: USAU TCT Guidelines]

RELATED: Prize Money Leaders from 2016 TCT season.

Monday, July 10, 2017

Comparison: Seed vs Finish of Club Teams at 2017 USA Ultimate TCT Pro-Elite Challenge

The 2-day 2017 Triple Crown Tour Pro-Elite Challenge was completed in Aurora, Colorado over July 8-9. Sixteen teams from each division - men, women, mixed - were in competition.

Here's how each team in the 3 divisions finished compared to their pre-tournament seed. Biggest movers - up and down - also noted.

The Top-5 played out according to seed. The finals was a rematch of the 2015 & 2016 National Championship.
UP(+): Seattle Underground, Boston Siege
DOWN (-): San Diego Wildfire


The 16-seed - Seattle BFG - in the Mixed Division won the TCT PEC. The 1-seed Boston Slow White finished 2nd.
UP (+): Seattle BFG, Colorado shame
DOWN (-): DFW Public Enemy

The 1-seed did not advance to the final in the Men's division. Revolver (2) won over Washington D.C. Truck Stop (4).
UP (+): Oakland Guerrilla, New York PoNY
DOWN (-): Kansas City Prairie Fire, Madison Club

[Data via USAU; charts by SLUDGE]

Friday, July 07, 2017

A Super Collection of Ultimate Frisbee Mugs

Mugtopia offer a dozen ultimate frisbee themed mugs, including but not limited to:
Warning! May Start Talking About Ultimate Frisbee Mug

Weekend Forecast? 100% Chance of Ultimate Frisbee

Get a GRIP! It's Important But Not As Important As Ultimate Frisbee
I Totally F'ing Love Ultimate Frisbee
A Day Without Ultimate Frisbee Wouldn't Kill Me But Why Risk It?

Price: $10.25 USD / £7.99

Info: Mugtopia offers top-quality orca coated 10oz white mug with design printed on both sides. "100% New and Printed to Order in the UK."

Thursday, July 06, 2017

Montreal Royal Prove Ultiworld Wrong

In December 2016, Ultiworld published '2017 AUDL Championship Weekend To Be Held In Montreal, Quebec' and mentioned: "However, this will also be the first time since the inaugural 2012 season that the league will hold the Championship Weekend in a city where the home team will not be favored to make the playoffs."

Ultiworld's flippant statement was probably relying on the history of AUDL East where Toronto Rush are perennial champs, the New York Empire are recurrent playoff contenders, and the D.C. Breeze most recently made the playoffs. The AUDL 2017 season was still 4 months away and rosters had not yet been finalized. Montreal's first and only appearance in the postseason was in the AUDL 2015 season.


Seven months after Ultiworld's diss, the Montreal Royal (8-4) earned a playoff spot after Week 14 and are "officially in the playoffs!"

Wednesday, July 05, 2017

Comparison: Fundraising by Ultimate Frisbee Media

Ultiworld's membership drive forwent an online crowdfunding platform (Kickstarter, Indiegogo, etc) as it successfully reached its goal of 1000 subscribers. At a minimum - if all 1000+ subscribers are at the $3.99 monthly rate - then Ultiworld estimated fundraising would be over $50,000. How do those numbers compare to past media fundraising efforts?

[UPDATED 7/6/2017]

In 2014, Skyd Magazine ran a successful fundraiser - exceeding their goal of $12,000 with nearly $15,000 from 269 backers. Skyd ran another successful campaign the next year raising $37,000 from 750+ backers - again exceeding the Skyd Fund's 2015 goal of $32,000.)

Ultiworld offers 3 membership package options with monthly tabs -  $3.99, $12.99, $19.99. At the most - with all 1046 subscribers @ $19.99/month - UW would raise over $250,000 in a 12-month period. (They didn't.)  It's probably safe to assume there are some Ultiworld members who subscribed at the $12.99 or $19.99 monthly, which would mean Ultiworld most likely outraised Skyd's combined total 2014+2015 ($52,082).

NOTE: For comparison charting, the published data of 1046 subscribers was used @ the lowest option ($3.99/month).

RELATED: History of Crowdfunded Ultimate Projects.

Tuesday, July 04, 2017

Happy July 4th, America!

Nothing quite says 'Murica!' than an ultimate disc depicting first President of the United States, George Washington, with sunglasses riding a shark bareback in outer space to catch a frisbee one-handed.
george washington frisbee GBA

[image via Disc Store]

Monday, July 03, 2017

EuroStars Ultimate Tour USA in Summer 2017

Borrowing from the All-Star Ultimate Tour (and the NexGen Tour), women ultimate players from Europe will be competing against club ultimate teams in seven cities. The Euro Stars will roster seventeen European Elite Club players from 10 countries and compete against seven USA Ultimate Club ultimate teams. Games will take place in the last two weeks in July 2017.

Similar to the Ryder Cup, each game win earns that country's team a point; each US club team win = 1 point for USA and EuroStars win = 1 point for Europe. A maximum of 9 points up for grabs! Team with most points will be crowned the winner of the Americus Cup 2017. Golf's Ryder Cup - men's golf competition between teams from Europe and the United States - is contested every 2 years.

Help fund the live streaming and photography of the EuroStars Women's Ultimate Frisbee Tour.
Support the Euro Stars Tour.

Saturday, July 01, 2017

Canadian PM Justin Trudeau Adds More Ultimate Swag

Today is Canada Day (Fรชte du Canada) and how best to celebrate?

For PM Trudeau, you show off your newly acquired ultimate swag. This time it's an ultimate shirt from 1 of the 3 Canadian teams in the AUDL East Division.

Curious as to why Montreal did not send one of their outstanding AUDL jerseys. Also, wonder if Trudeau realizes he's holding a jersey shirt made by American-based Disc Store? Not to mention a franchise in the (again) American! Ultimate Disc League.

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