Monday, July 31, 2017

EuroStars Tour Update: Americus Cup Won by Collective US Club Ultimate Teams

The U.S.A collective women's club team won notched their 5th and deciding win in the quest for the Americus Cup on Sunday. The EuroStars team lost twice on Sunday in El Cerrito by the same score 10-11 to both San Francisco Fury and Bay Area Nightlock.

After 7 of the 9 scheduled matches, the collective Team USA (Scandal, Brute Squad, Riot, Fury and Nightlock) has won 5 games and EuroStars have won 2; one in New York and one in Seattle.

While the Ryder Cup-style win-loss clinches the trophy for the US, the EuroStars and the USAU women's club ultimate teams have scored the same number of goals! EuroStars have scored 76 goals and the 7 USAU women's club ultimate teams have collectively scored 76 goals.

The EuroStars Tour continues on Tuesday in Devner and then the finale on Wednesday in Madison.

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