Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Map: Roster of TWG USA Ultimate National Team

Fourteen players were selected to represent the USA at The World Games in Poland. Nine different club teams are represented on the USA National Team. Half of USA's roster plays for club teams in San Francisco; 3 from Fury and 4 from Revolver. Seattle is the only other location with multiple representation - 1 on Riot and 1 on Sockeye. Washington, D.C. Scandal, Denver Bravo, Madison Heist, New York PoNY and Boston Brute quad each have 1 player on the US roster. 

Georgia Bosscher (Heist)
Claire Desmond (Fury)
Carolyn Finney (Fury)
Dylan Freechild (Sockeye)
Sarah Griffith (Riot)
Lien Hoffman (Brute Squad)
Sandy Jorgensen (Scandal)
Beau Kittredge (Revolver)
Chris Kocher PonY)
Grant Lindsley (Revolver)
Jimmy Mickle (Bravo)
Anna Nazarov (Fury)
Nick Stuart (Revolver)
George Stubbs (Revolver)

[Map demonstrating club team location, not player residence. Data via USAU; map chart by SLUDGE]

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