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Sportsbook: 2017 Pro Ultimate Games - AUDL

Betting lines - point spreads - for semi professional ultimate games are for entertainment purposes only. Regular season lines are copied from AUDL's Pick'em Challenge. Postseason lines are determined by Sludge.

View the full AUDL 2017 schedule.

Favored team shown as ( - #).

Postseason Week 4
AUDL Championship Weekend VI
Montreal, QC

Sunday, August 27  - Final
San Francisco FlameThrowers #4 vs Toronto Rush #2 (-1.5)

Saturday, August 26  - semifinals
San Francisco FlameThrowers #4 (-3) vs Madison Radicals #1

Dallas Roughnecks #3 (-4.5) vs Toronto Rush #2

Postseason Week 3
Sunday, August 13
EAST Division Championship:
D.C. Breeze #2 @ Toronto Rush #1 (-1.5)

WEST Division Championship:
Los Angeles Aviators #2 @ San Francisco FlameThrowers #1 (-2.5)
Friday, August 11
EAST Division playoff:
Montreal Royal #3 @ D.C. Breeze #2 (-2.5)

Saturday, August 12
SOUTH Division Championship:
Dallas Roughnecks #2 @ Raleigh Flyers #1 (-2)

MIDWEST Division Championship:
Pittsburgh Thunderbirds #3 @ Madison Radicals #1 (-3)

WEST Division playoff (in San Jose):
Los Angeles Aviators #2 @ San Jose Spiders #3 (-2)

Postseason Week 2
Friday, August 4
MIDWEST Division playoff:
Pittsburgh Thunderbirds @ Minnesota Wind Chill (-1.5)

Postseason Week 1
Saturday, July 29
SOUTH Division playoff:
Jacksonville Cannons @ Dallas Roughnecks (-2.5)

Week 17
Friday July 21
San Jose Spiders (-2.5) @ San Diego Growlers

Saturday July 22
New York Empire (-3.5) @ Ottawa Outlaws
DC Breeze (-6.5) @ Philadelphia Phoenix
Indianapolis AlleyCats (-2.5) @ Chicago Wildfire
Pittsburgh Thunderbirds @ Minnesota Wind Chill (-1.5)
San Francisco FlameThrowers (-2.5) @ Seattle Cascades>
San Jose Spiders @ Los Angeles Aviators (-1.5)

Sunday July 23
Ottawa Outlaws @ Montreal Royal (-3.5)
Indianapolis AlleyCats @ Madison Radicals (-3.5)
New York Empire @ Toronto Rush (-4.5)
San Francisco FlameThrowers (-6.5) @ Vancouver Riptide

Week 16
Friday, July 14
Minnesota Wind Chill (-2.5) @ Indianapolis AlleyCats
Madison Radicals (-4.5) @ Chicago Wildfire
Nashville NightWatch @ Atlanta Hustle (-5.5)
Seattle Cascades @ San Jose Spiders (-2.5)

Saturday, July 15 
New York Empire (-1.5) @ Philadelphia Phoenix
Detroit Mechanix @ Pittsburgh Thunderbirds (-4.5)
Nashville NightWatch @ Jacksonville Cannons (-6.5)
Dallas Roughnecks (-4.5) @ Austin Sol
Seattle Cascades @ San Francisco FlameThrowers (-3.5)
San Diego Growlers @ Los Angeles Aviators (-3.5)

Sunday, July 16
Toronto Rush (-4.5) @ Ottawa Outlaws

Week 15
Friday, July 7
Jacksonville Cannons @ Dallas Roughnecks (-4.5)

Saturday, July 8
Minnesota Wind Chill (-4.5) @ Detroit Mechanix
Montreal Royal @ Toronto Rush (-2.5)
Raleigh Flyers @ Nashville NightWatch [makeup of Week 12 game]
Raleigh Flyers (-6.5) @ Nashville NightWatch
Jacksonville Cannons (-1.5) @ Austin Sol
Los Angeles Aviators (-1.5) @ San Diego Growlers

Sunday, July 9
Minnesota Wind Chill @ Pittsburgh Thunderbirds (-1.5)

Week 14
Friday, June 30
Vancouver Riptide @ Seattle Cascades (-2.5)

Saturday, July 1 
Pittsburgh Thunderbirds (-4.5) @ Detroit Mechanix
New York Empire @ Montreal Royal (-2.5)
Minnesota Wind Chill @ Madison Radicals (-1.5)
Austin Sol (-4.5) @ Nashville NightWatch
Chicago Wildfire @ Indianapolis AlleyCats (-3.5)

Sunday, July 2
New York Empire (-1.5) @ Ottawa Outlaws
Chicago Wildfire @ Pittsburgh Thunderbirds (-1.5)

Week 13
Saturday, June 24
Ottawa Outlaws @ New York Empire (-4.5)
Philadelphia Phoenix @ DC Breeze (-4.5)
Detroit Mechanix @ Madison Radicals (-6.5)
Jacksonville Cannons @ Raleigh Flyers (-1.5)
Atlanta Hustle @ Dallas Roughnecks (-4.5)
Los Angeles Aviators (-1.5) @ Vancouver Riptide
San Francisco FlameThrowers (-1.5) @ San Jose Spiders
Atlanta Hustle @ Austin Sol (-1.5)

Sunday, June 25
Los Angeles Aviators @ Seattle Cascades (-3.5)
Ottawa Outlaws @ Philadelphia Phoenix (-1.5)
Indianapolis AlleyCats @ Pittsburgh Thunderbirds (-2.5)

Detroit Mechanix @ Chicago Wildfire (-4.5)

Week 12
Saturday, June 17
DC Breeze @ Montreal Royal (-1.5)
San Francisco FlameThrowers  @ Toronto Rush (-1.5)
Detroit Mechanix @ Indianapolis AlleyCats (-4.5)
Madison Radicals @ Pittsburgh Thunderbirds (-1.5)
Minnesota Wind Chill (-2.5) @ Chicago Wildfire
Raleigh Flyers (-3.5) @ Atlanta Hustle (+3.5)
Austin Sol @ Dallas Roughnecks (-4.5)
Seattle Cascades (-1.5) @ Vancouver Riptide
San Jose Spiders @ San Diego Growlers (-1.5)

Sunday, June 18
Raleigh Flyers (-5.5) @ Nashville NightWatch (+5.5) [postponed]
DC Breeze (-1.5) @ Ottawa Outlaws
Philadelphia Phoenix @ New York Empire (-2.5)
Madison Radicals (-3.5) @ Detroit Mechanix

Week 11
Friday, June 9
Seattle Cascades @ San Diego Growlers (-1.5)

Saturday, June 10th
Ottawa Outlaws @ Montreal Royal (-3.5)
Toronto Rush (-3.5) @ Philadelphia Phoenix
Atlanta Hustle @ Jacksonville Cannons (-3.5)
Nashville NightWatch @ Raleigh Flyers (-6.5)
Madison Radicals @ Minnesota Wind Chill (-1.5)
San Jose Spiders @ San Francisco FlameThrowers (-2.5)
Seattle Cascades @ Los Angeles Aviators (-3.5)

Sunday, June 11
Toronto Rush @ DC Breeze (-2.5)

Week 10
Friday, June 2
Montreal Royal @ Ottawa Outlaws (-2.5)

Saturday, June 3
Indianapolis AlleyCats (-4.5) @ Detroit Mechanix
Ottawa Outlaws @ Toronto Rush (-4.5)
DC Breeze (-3.5) @ Philadelphia Phoenix
Dallas Roughnecks (-2.5) @ Madison Radicals
Austin Sol (-3.5) @ Nashville NightWatch
Jacksonville Cannons @ Raleigh Flyers (-3.5)
Pittsburgh Thunderbirds (-2.5) @ Chicago Wildfire
San Diego Growlers @ Vancouver Riptide (-1.5)
Los Angeles Aviators @ San Jose Spiders (-2.5)

Sunday, June 4
San Diego Growlers @ Seattle Cascades (-5.5)
Pittsburgh Thunderbirds @ Indianapolis AlleyCats (-1.5)
Los Angeles Aviators @ San Francisco FlameThrowers (-5.5)
Austin Sol @ Atlanta Hustle (-3.5)
New York Empire @ DC Breeze (-1.5)

Week 9
Saturday, May 27
DC Breeze (-1.5) @ New York Empire
Pittsburgh Thunderbirds (-4.5) @ Detroit Mechanix
Philadelphia Phoenix @ Toronto Rush (-5.5)
Chicago Wildfire @ Madison Radicals (-4.5)
Jacksonville Cannons @ Atlanta Hustle (-1.5)
San Diego Growlers @ Los Angeles Aviators (-2.5)

Sunday, May 28
Chicago Wildfire @ Minnesota Wind Chill (-5.5)
Philadelphia Phoenix @ Montreal Royal (-2.5)

Week 8
Saturday, May 20
Montreal Royal @ DC Breeze (-3.5)
Detroit Mechanix @ Minnesota Wind Chill (-4.5)
Pittsburgh Thunderbirds @ Madison Radicals (-1.5)
Atlanta Hustle @ Austin Sol (-3.5)
Raleigh Flyers @ Jacksonville Cannons (-1.5)
Vancouver Riptide @ San Jose Spiders (-4.5)

Sunday, May 21
Atlanta Hustle @ Dallas Roughnecks (-6.5)
Detroit Mechanix @ Chicago Wildfire (-3.5)
Vancouver Riptide @ San Francisco FlameThrowers (-5.5)
Montreal Royal @ New York Empire (-5.5)

Week 7
Friday, May 12
Dallas Roughnecks (-2.5) @ Jacksonville Cannons

Saturday, May 13
DC Breeze @ Toronto Rush (-1.5)
Philadelphia Phoenix @ Ottawa Outlaws (-3.5)
Minnesota Wind Chill (-4.5) @ Chicago Wildfire
Dallas Roughnecks @ Raleigh Flyers (-1.5)
Nashville NightWatch @ Atlanta Hustle (-4.5)
Madison Radicals (-3.5) @ Indianapolis AlleyCats
San Diego Growlers (-1.5) @ Vancouver Riptide
Seattle Cascades @ San Francisco FlameThrowers (-3.5)
Los Angeles Aviators @ San Jose Spiders (-1.5)

Sunday, May 14 
Philadelphia Phoenix @ Montreal Royal (-4.5)
Minnesota Wind Chill (-4.5) @ Detroit Mechanix

Week 6
Saturday, May 6
Toronto Rush (-2.5) @ Ottawa Outlaws
New York Empire @ DC Breeze (-1.5)
Indianapolis AlleyCats @ Minnesota Wind Chill (-5.5)
Chicago Wildfire @ Madison Radicals (-5.5)
Nashville NightWatch @ Dallas Roughnecks (-9.5)
Pittsburgh Thunderbirds @ Seattle Cascades (-2.5)
Vancouver Riptide @ San Diego Growlers (-3.5)

Sunday, May 7
Toronto Rush @ Montreal Royal (-1.5)
Nashville NightWatch @ Austin Sol (-6.5)
Vancouver Riptide @ Los Angeles Aviators (-5.5)

Week 5
Friday, April 28
San Jose Spiders @ Seattle Cascades (-2.5)

Saturday, April 29 
Montreal Royal @ Toronto Rush (-5.5)
Chicago Wildfire @ Detroit Mechanix (-1.5)
Philadelphia Phoenix @ New York Empire (-4.5)
Ottawa Outlaws @ DC Breeze (-4.5)
Indianapolis AlleyCats @ Pittsburgh Thunderbirds (-2.5)
Madison Radicals (-1.5) @ Minnesota Wind Chill
Austin Sol @ Raleigh Flyers (-4.5)
Dallas Roughnecks (-7.5) @ Nashville Nightwatch
San Jose Spiders @ Vancouver Riptide (-4.5)
San Francisco FlameThrowers (-1.5) @ Los Angeles Aviators

Sunday, April 30 
Ottawa Outlaws @ Philadelphia Phoenix (-1.5)
Austin Sol @ Jacksonville Cannons (-4.5)
Dallas Roughnecks (-3.5) @ Atlanta Hustle
San Francisco FlameThrowers (-1.5) @ San Diego Growlers

Week 4 
Friday, April 21
San Diego Growlers @ San Jose Spiders (-1.5)

Saturday, April 22 
Montreal Royal @ Philadelphia Phoenix (-2.5)
DC Breeze @ Raleigh Flyers (-2.5)
Chicago Wildfire @ Pittsburgh Thunderbirds (-4.5)
Indianapolis AlleyCats @ Minnesota Wind Chill (-3.5)
Jacksonville Cannons @ Atlanta Hustle (-1.5)
Dallas Roughnecks (-4.5) @ Austin Sol
San Diego Growlers @ San Francisco FlameThrowers (-5.5)
Seattle Cascades @ Vancouver Riptide (-1.5)

Sunday, April 23 
Montreal Royal @ New York Empire (-4.5)
Jacksonville Cannons (-5.5) @ Nashville NightWatch

Week 3
Saturday, April 15
Raleigh Flyers @ Jacksonville Cannons (-2.5)
Atlanta Hustle (-3.5) @ Nashville NightWatch

Week 2
Saturday, April 8
Toronto Rush (-2.5) @ New York Empire
Detroit Mechanix @ Indianapolis AlleyCats (-4.5)
Raleigh Flyers (-4.5) @ Austin Sol
San Francisco FlameThrowers (-4.5) @ San Jose Spiders

Sunday, April 9
Toronto Rush @ DC Breeze (-1.5)
Raleigh Flyers @ Dallas Roughnecks (-4.5)
Vancouver Riptide @ Los Angeles Aviators (-3.5)

Week 1
Saturday, April 1
Atlanta Hustle @ Raleigh Flyers (-3.5)
Nashville NightWatch @ Jacksonville Cannons (-7.5)
Austin Sol @ Dallas Roughnecks (-6.5)
San Jose Spiders @ San Francisco FlameThrowers (-8.5)
Los Angeles Aviators @ San Diego Growlers (-2.5)
Vancouver Riptide @ Seattle Cascades (-2.5)

Sunday, April 2
Madison Radicals (-4.5) @ Indianapolis AlleyCats

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AUDL Improvements for 2017

The 2017 American Ultimate Disc League starts on April 1st. There's still some improvements from last year needing to be addressed as this semi-pro ultimate league starts its 6th season. Many of these may sound like a broken record if you have followed past years' suggested improvements.

Provide money reward for any recognition awards. AUDL players deserve both the recognition and the monetary gift with stellar plays. For any Top-10 play of the week, any sponsored play of the week or MVP(s), those laudable players should gain some coin.

Broadcast all post-season games. Please don't (ever) repeat the debacle of not streaming the AUDL 2016 East Division playoffs. Without post-season broadcast coverage deems it unimportant to you as a sports league.

Setup and use hashtags for each game (e.g. #DCBvRAL). This is common practice in our social media world. Assist fans with this simple add-on within your social media platforms.

Teams should develop previews for each of their games. Build your own hype. The AUDL can only do so much hype managing its (now) 24 teams. Teams, you are on your own to develop content. Fortunately, AUDL is usually happy to share individual team content.

Post a box score of your game. The quarter-by-quarter scoring breakdown is an acceptable visual for professional games. The AUDL's "Final score" tweets are ripe for adding a halftime score.  Moreover, it's time for UltiAnalytics to make collected game data more fan-friendly.

Post a full recap of week's games. Tell your story, AUDL teams! I don't know of any AUDL teams covered by their city's newspaper, so it's left up to self-promote.

Upgrade team logo icons. The thumbnail logos on the AUDL website do not scale well. They are barely legible and don't represent the professional sports league as well as they should.

Track player data on Integrity Rules.  The AUDL can boast about Integrity Rules, yet they don't have the data to back up its pomp.  Which players and which teams call Integrity Rules? Isn't this unique aspect of our sports worthy noting within every game's box score??

I have been a fan of American Ultimate Disc League since 2012 and have been covering the AUDL ever since.

Complete Rankings of Team Jerseys from AUD 2016 Season

Below is the complete rankings of all team jerseys from the American Ultimate Disc League 2016 season. Consult the detailed evaluations by Eli Neugeboren for rationale.

Five stars *****

1. Austin Sol (dark)

2. New York Empire (light)

3. Montreal Royal (dark)

4. Austin Sol (light)

5. D.C. Breeze (dark)

6. Montreal  Royal (light)

7. D.C.  Breeze (light)

8. Atlanta Hustle (alternate dark)

Four stars ****

9. Dallas Roughnecks (light)

10.  San Francisco FlameThrowers (dark)

11.  San Francisco FlameThrowers (light)

12.  New York Empire (dark)

13. Nashville NightWatch (dark)

14.  Cincinnati Revolution (dark)

15.  San Jose Spiders (dark)

16.  San Jose Spiders (light)

17.  Seattle Cascades (light)

18.  Vancouver Riptide (dark)

19.  Vancouver Riptide (light)

20.  Seattle Cascades (dark)

21.  Jacksonville Cannons (light)

22.  Pittsburgh Thunderbirds (dark)

23.  Pittsburgh Thunderbirds (light)

24.  Philadelphia Phoenix (dark)

25.  Toronto Rush (dark)

26.  Chicago Wildfire (light)

27. Nashville NightWatch (light)

Three stars ***

28.  Minnesota Wind Chill (light)

29.  Chicago Wildfire (dark)

30.  Detroit Mechanix (light)

31.  Dallas Roughnecks (dark)

32.  Detroit Mechanix (dark)

33.  Madison Radicals (light)

34.  Madison Radicals (dark)

35.  Charlotte Express (light)

36.  Charlotte Express (dark)

Two stars **

37.  Philadelphia Phoenix (light)

38.  Cincinnati Revolution (light)

39.  Atlanta Hustle (light)

40.  Atlanta Hustle (dark)

41.  Raleigh Flyers (light)

42.  Raleigh Flyers (dark)

43.San Diego Growlers (light)

44. San Diego Growlers (dark)

45.  Jacksonville Cannons (dark)

One star *

46.  Toronto Rush (light)

47.  Los Angeles Aviators (dark)

48.  Los Angeles Aviators (light)

49. Minnesota Wind Chill (dark)

50. Ottawa Outlaws(light)

51. Ottawa Outlaws (dark)

52. Indy AlleyCats (dark)

53. Indy AlleyCats (light)

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Major League Ultimate Memory Project

Tell your Major League Ultimate story!

In an effort to preserve the history of Major League Ultimate, the MLU Memory Project has been launched.

The MLU Memory Project is an independent public effort seeking to preserve the history of the MLU by collecting stories.

MLU Memory Project seeks stories - funny, interesting, happy, sad, good times, bad times, wow times, weird moments, etc - about Major League Ultimate. MLU players! MLU fans! MLU refs! Staff from MLU teams! Bus drivers! Player parents! Photographers! Fan clubs! Videographers! Please contribute your MLU memories. This collection effort of user-generated content is meant to preserve the history of MLU.

Thanks in advance.

Tuesday, March 28, 2017

AUDL 2017 Regular Season Schedule

The 6th season of American Ultimate Disc League starts on April 1 and runs until late August. A total of 24 teams within 4 divisions will play a 168 regulars season games. the majority of games will be played on Saturdays (111 games, 66%); there will be 45 games on Sunday and 12 Friday night games.

Here's a look at the AUDL's regular season of weekly games scheduled by division.

The East Division starts their AUDL season in Week 2, while the South Division wraps up their regular season in Week 16.

All 4 divisions concurrently play scheduled games except in Weeks 1, 3, and 17.

Week 3 of the season has the fewest scheduled games; 2.

The most games scheduled will be in Week 5 and in Week 10; both have 15 scheduled games.

Week 5 is the only where all 24 AUDL teams play on the same weekend. [via]

Week 16 has 4 scheduled games on Friday (July 14).

Seattle Cascades play 4 Friday night games throughout the season.

There are 4 inter-divisional regular season games scheduled.

Monday, March 27, 2017

Seventeen Questions about AUDL 2017

Another AUDL season begins on April 1st with 24 teams across 4 divisions. Here are just some of the questions I have about this season, which have been condensed to 17 questions about AUDL 2017.

1. Will Toronto Rush start its season with 2 losses?
The Rush begin their AUDL season schedule on the road, again. The Rush also start the season (again) with back-to-back games. Rush take on New York Empire on Saturday and then D.C. (the only American-based AUDL  East team to ever beat Toronto) the next day. Opening weekend for the AUDL East will set the tone for the rest of the season.

2. How will rookies perform in the AUDL?
A bunch of former MLU players will be playing their first (rookie) season in the AUDL, plus there's always a handful of new ultimate players playing on the big AUDL field. Examples: L.A., Vancouver, Pittsburgh, Ottawa, Montreal.

3. Will the AUDL keep track of Integrity Rules this season?
Ever since the 2012 season ended, I have called for this this-what-makes-our-sport-special player stat to be tracked. Maybe this will be the year.

4. Will Philadelphia Phoenix win a game this year?
Philadelphia went (0-14) in 2016. With a revamped roster, the Phoenix will probably win at least one game in the AUDL East.

5. Might Nashville go winless this season?
The NightWatch won 2 games in 2015 and improved in 2016 with 3 wins. Though, Nashville could be ripe for a winless season based on roster upgrades of rival AUDL South teams,

6. Will Dallas be better than they were in 2016?
The perfect (17-0) Roughnecks record can't be better, but the Dallas roster could be better than last year after re-signing their core and picking up Jay Froude.

7. Will San Francisco finally win a Division Championships?
The FlameThrowers have made the playoffs 3 consecutive years. The FTs posted 11 wins in 2016 and finished in first place of the West Division. Yet, the San Francisco AUDL team has never won a West Division Championship.

8. Will people pay to watch AUDL games online?
Not just any games, but specifically four choice cross-divisional match-ups according to 2016 regular season finishes. Viewers can pay $5.00 per game or $10 for the 4-game Cross-Coast Challenge package.

9. How many teams will be sporting updated jerseys?
There's always room for improvement based on the evaluation of the AUDL team jerseys from the 2016 season. Furthermore, jerseys are cool and all, but I'm ready to stock up on some american ULTIMATE disc league SHORTS.

10. Will any Midwest team be competitive against Madison?
The Radicals have won 4 consecutive Midwest Division titles and are again in the zone to continue their Midwestern dynasty.

11. How will Seattle's roster mix work for the AUDL 2016 runner-up?
After a successful 2016 season, Seattle changed up their roster composition. After an off-season divorce, the Cascades are actively playing the field with a blended roster.

12. How will WFDF 2017 World Championships of Beach Ultimate affect AUDL?
Weeks 12 and 13 of the AUDL season occur during the same time as WFDF's WCBU. Top players from teams will be participating in the international beach ultimate event. In addition, The Eternal Spring Tournament in Colombia over Week 5 (April 28-30) is a big draw for top club teams.

13. Will not broadcasting on ESPN3 help or hurt the AUDL?
Goodbye, ESPN3. Hello Fulcrum Media returns to capture the on-field action for AUDL Games of the Week. Utliworld will also be broadcasting a handful of AUDL games.

14. Whatever happened to the AUDL movement-tracking efforts?

15. How many SportsCenter highlights will AUDL have this season?
The AUDL has been highlighted on SCTtop10 10+ times in 5 seasons.

Of course, it would be most beneficial to have ESPN cover AUDL league play as part of its regular SportsCenter show.

16. How will a long break in between regular season and the AUDL championship weekend impact momentum for the AUDL's 6th season?
It's gonna be a long AUDL season. The regular season ends July 23 and the Championship Weekend is over a month later on August 26-27.

17. Where will the Championship Weekend be held?
It's known that it will take place IN Montreal. However, the actual field/stadium is suspiciously missing from AUDL's promo of the post-season event. Percival Molson Memorial Stadium was the Royal's home stadium until this year.

Sunday, March 26, 2017

Nashville NightWatch Sign Jesse Shofner to AUDL 2017 Roster

Back in December 2016, I inquired with Jesse about trying out for the AUDL. We now have a definitive answer.  Jesse will be wearing #2 for her hometown AUDL team -- Nashville NightWatch.

NightWatch tweeted: We are very excited to have Jesse Shofner on the team this season! Very excited to see how she will contribute on the field. #watchout

Jesse most recently played with D.C. Scandal in USA Ultimate's Triple Crown Tour 2016 season. Jesse's brother, Markham, currently is rostered on the D.C. Breeze.

Congratulations to Jesse.

[h/t Ultiworld. photo via DITCH]

Friday, March 24, 2017

Collection of Memories from Major League Ultimate's D.C. Current

It's been over 3 months since Major League Ultimate stopped operations, which killed off its 8-team ultimate league after 4 seasons.  Washington D.C. Current finished its MLU play with a (21-19) combined regular season record with a (2-1) postseason record. In 2014, the DC Current won the MLU Eastern Conference and went on to win the MLU Championship.

I reached out to a bunch of people involved with the Washington D.C.'s MLU team asking for memories and stories about the Current. Below is a compilation of what they shared.

Matt Dewhurst (DC Current General Manager)

I have lot of great memories from the Current. Probably too many to share. But here are some of my favorites.

Standing in the tunnel for the 2014 MLU Championship versus Vancouver at PPL Park in Philadelphia. You could hear the crowd. There were 3,000 plus in those stands and it sounds like more. You had a feeling ultimate had arrived to the main stage. I looked at over at our head coach, Keven Moldenhauer, who actually taught me how to play when I was freshman at Salisbury University, and it was simply surreal. Goosebumps in its truest form. Winning was the icing on the cake.

Opening night at the Dojo – April 19, 2014. It was the first home game I had the pleasure of running and it really could not have been a more perfect night. We had a packed house (I think it was just around 600) and the defending champ Whitecaps were coming down. DC had played them pretty tight in 2013 and we really felt like we could beat them if we had a few breaks. What happened was what would be remembered as the Hail Mary Hammer, a last second hammer from Peter Prial to a pile in the end zone, with Calvin Oung coming down with it for the score and win. First time Boston lost a game in MLU play and set the stage for our championship season.

The fans. We had some of the best fans I have ever seen at a sporting event. From a group of JMU Hellfish essentially naming the stadium The Dojo – to our cowbells (an idea which Philly promptly stole) – to people just attending each week. Our home opener in 2015 was frigid with 30 MPH winds. You can look back at video and see a Chip Cobb pull hit a wall at about 25-30 yards and just come back. But we still managed 200 people there, freezing their butts off and heckling at every chance they got. I would see fans there each week that had no association with the team – not parents or friends of players – just fans. There was one guy who always would get a little turnt up at the beer cart and just heckle and pace around the corner of the fence cause he was so passionate. I will miss that stuff. Putting on a show that people loved and cared about no matter who wore the jersey.
Putting on a show that people loved and cared about no matter who wore the [DC Current] jersey.
One of our final road trips on 2016 was a double header to Boston and Philly. After we crossed the GW Bridge in NY, our driver got off on a parkway (not bus friendly) and said that it would be faster. Although we had a history of odd drivers and actually hitting bridges (ask someone from 2013 about that) this guys seemed like he knew what was up so I crossed my fingers and said OK. About 15 minutes later we clipped a toll booth, ripped the mirror off the side of the bus and ended up sitting in a Party City parking lot in Mt. Kisco, NY (lovely downtown by the way) for 6 hours waiting for a new mirror and then a new bus. The game in Boston was canceled (with both teams getting wins) and we got out of there to Philly where we played a hell of a game, but lost. It was both a frustrating experience but one that helped bring our team together in a way that we'd been hoping for all year.

The final game for the Current. With the turf at Catholic University being replaced, we had to find a new home for our final 2 games in 2016. One was held at Washington Lee HS in Arlington on a cold and rainy night vs NY (we won), and one was at our practice field, Wilson HS in Tenlytown. We had nothing left to play for except pride and the Spinners were looking to lock up the No. 1 seed (I believe). We FINALLY had decent weather for a home game and 450 people packed that stadium. It was loud, it was fun, it was everything we needed to get fired up. We came out on fire but in Current fashion, but threw the game away in the final minute. It was pretty disappointing, but there was so much hope. The attitude of the team after that game was so much different that you expected. I had 3 players declare they would sign a contract that night because they loved this group of guys and knew how close were to turning the corner. I think that was evident with all our early signings. I was the last to leave the field that night and the lights literally turned off as I walked off the field. Eerie considering it was the last time I will ever do that.

After the final game of the 2016 season, I had 3 players declare they would sign a contract that night because they loved this group of guys and knew how close were to turning the corner.

My staff. We had the best staff in pro ultimate, I don't care what anyone says. They were the best to work with and made each game day more of a party than work. It didn't always go well. We had weather issues, internet issues, speaker issues, you name it we had it. But even on days where we had short numbers we were able to pull together and no one was the wiser. Ultimate is so much more about the people you meet than the sport itself sometimes, and I that staff whether it was their 15th game with us or their second, were awesome people worked their tail off.


Tyler Bynum (DC Current Digital Content Manager and PA Announcer)

I'd have to say that my favorite moment for me, as an employee of the team, a sports fan, and someone who wants to progress the sport of ultimate, was the Current ending the Whitecaps undefeated streak.

Besides the fact that it was my first official game as the team's PA Announcer, that was the most nerve racking game that I had ever been a part of in my history around ultimate.
Besides the fact that it was my first official game as the team's PA Announcer, that was the most nerve racking game that I had ever been a part of in my history around ultimate. The significance of what it would mean beating the Whitecaps just made the game that much more exciting. It was back and forth the entire game, D.C. looking like they were the more talented team but could not quite piece everything together consistently and before everyone knew it the score was 17-17 with 30 seconds left. I was on my feet, along with the rest of the stadium, having to uncomfortably bend down because the pressbox windows were too low, but I was too anxious to sit. In the final possession I was thinking 'okay we have to score, but not too quickly otherwise they’ll be able to score,' I mean it was one of the best lines in D.C. ultimate history: Keegan, Wodatch, Kolick, Prial, Shofner, Oung, and Doi so there was no doubt we could get it done. When Shofner's buzzer beater attempt when just over Doi's head, I was disappointed but then realized that there was a chance in overtime, except, for some reason, the referees were bringing the disc back to the throw.
I realized that professional ultimate was more than just a thought and could be here to stay.
In the moment I didn't realize that they actually called a foul (and I was supposed to be the one telling the crowd what was going on) but all of a sudden 10 seconds were back on the clock. When Peter Prial's hammer went off, it felt the entire crowd had enough time to get under the disc. Oung then came down with the disc and in that moment, with the crowd going bezerk in front and me shouting gibberish trying to say something profound over the microphone, I realized that professional ultimate was more than just a thought and could be here to stay.


Erik Salmi (DC Current player; 4 seasons)

The entire experience of the 2014 Championship Game was pretty surreal from a player perspective. It was held at the PPL Park in Philly -- a real stadium, including pro lockers, amazing grass on the field, and our own "ultimate" field lines. I never really noticed them when we were playing, but it was pretty cool to have those.

That year, we were an especially close team. The MLU East still drew in most of the top club talent that played pro, so it was a competitive year and we always seemed to find a way to win - beating Boston early in the season was the first time any of us had ever beaten a real Boston team. By the time we got to the championship game, we were very confident in ourselves and as a result had a lot of fun.

Right before the teams took the field, both DC and Vancouver were lined up side by side in the tunnel beneath the stands. We were HYPED and acting ridiculous - shouting, doing pull-ups, singing stupid songs, yelling out nonsense and laughing super hard at ourselves and so forth. None of it was mean or even directly at Vancouver. We were just getting hyped.
Playing on that field [for the 2014 MLU Championship game], seeing myself on the jumbotron was incredibly fun.
We won the mental edge and came out of the gate red hot and never really looked back. Playing on that field, seeing myself on the jumbotron was incredibly fun -- certainly an experience I never expected to have. But if I have to boil all of that down to one memory, it's that minute or two right before we took the field and how insane we were acting and how it translated to the field immediately.


Mark Evangelisto (Co-owner of DC Current)

It's hard to single out one story or memory of my time and experiences with the Current, but they all come back to a common theme, what an incredible and welcoming community there is in DC ultimate.

...this guy walking over from the Current side carrying a clipboard with a crazed look in his eyes...he starts saying that he refuses to play the game with the discs that are currently being used.

My first experiences, however, didn't start put that way. That first season of MLU, when I was the GM for the Spinners, we opened up against DC, in DC. The reputation of the DC guys certainly preceded them, if I was to believe all I had heard. So, we arrive on the bus in Silver Spring and start preparing for the game. It's pretty chaotic, as this is the first game ever for the league, and we're all running around like crazy trying to get the place ready for the game. At one point, I'm standing over near the Spinners sideline, and here comes this guy walking over from the Current side carrying a clipboard with a crazed look in his eyes. Hmm, that must be Keven I think to myself, and I don't think that crazed look is because he's so excited to finally meet me. When he gets over to me, I don't even think we even say hello before he starts saying that he refuses to play the game with the discs that are currently being used. No, it's not the Innova versus Discraft debate, but rather that he thinks that the Innova discs are not the same as the ones they've been practicing with. Keven, of course, wound up being correct. Turns out that some of the discs that were shipped down were from an earlier mold and had gotten mixed in with the official final mold discs that we were supposed to be using. We were able to scrape together enough of the proper mold discs and move on. Crisis averted. Luckily, Sean Keegan and Nick Purifico held off on expressing their legendary bromance until the next Current vs Spinners game. I don't think I could have taken much more brotherly love that evening.

Armed with that budding friendship, I got to double down on it in the off season when our investment group finally gets all our paperwork and legasese together and purchased our shares in the league. We choose DC as our team to take responsibility for. That winter, I went down to DC to meet with the guys to get us all introduced and answer any questions we all might have about one another. This was my first real taste of  what was to come with my time in DC. We met that night over at Neeley's place and right from the start I felt welcomed as a member of their circle, no questions asked. The rest of that magical championship season was a blur of exciting victories, after game car bombs and, most importantly, developing friendships. Along the way, I also discovered a new set of idols of my own as I learned what an immensely talented group of guys this team was made up of. Besides the standouts like Alan, Markham and Rico, I really came to appreciate the talents of largely unheralded guys like David Cranston, Tom Doi and Danny Kantor and I tried to absorb what I was seeing from them on a weekly basis. When the championship game came around, I knew we had this game won before it even started. We were in the locker room before the game and instead of seeing a room full of nervous players, I witnessed a spontaneous rendition of John Denver's Take Me Home Country Roads by the entire team. It was giddy, goofy and just full of so much joy. It completely personified what I had come to learn about this team all season.
When the championship game came around, I knew we had this game won before it even started.
My last season with the Current really showed me the depth of talent that is in the DC area. This last season was a rebuilding year for the team and we had a 3 year plan in place to get us back to the championship. This was such a young team, built on top of a core group of loyal Current veterans. It was a privilege watching this group of talented young men blossom and grow during that season. If given the luxury of time, I know that this team would have met all the goals that were set out for it. The talent and dedication were all there and I was so looking forward to taking that journey with all of them. The fact that we were not able to give this team that chance is one of my biggest regrets in all of this.


Keven Moldenhauer (DC Current Coach-Player, Coach, Player)

I experienced the Current and the MLU as a player-coach, coach, and player and I have so many great memories. I can still picture the first talk I had with potential players season #1 during one of our 5am tryout sessions.
I remember thinking to myself that this is really happening and how lucky I was to be a part of it....Overall the MLU was one of the best experiences in my life.
I remember thinking to myself that this is really happening and how lucky I was to be a part of it. I remember several crazy bus rides and getting the opportunity to talk and bonding with young men who I respect and care about. Walking out onto the field during the MLU championship and seeing all the fans and believing in the potential for the sport. Last year (2016) it was extra special to have the opportunity to cleat up with a new cast of characters. As my career winds down it was so rewarding to play next to and with players beginning their ultimate careers. Also, I am so thankful for having the chance to work with [GM] Dewey and [Coach] Will [Smolinski]. Two men that care deeply about our sport. Overall the MLU was one of the best experiences in my life.


Delrico Johnson (DC Current player; 4 seasons)

I guess the best memory was 2014 when we won the Championship. I think everyone expected Boston to win it again, but our defense really was the driving point for a lot of those wins. The best part as a whole was playing in front of fans, especially the youth, who looked up to you as someone they could learn after and want to emulate.
The best part as a whole was playing in front of fans, especially the youth


Thursday, March 23, 2017

Friction Gloves as AUDL Official Glove for 2017

Friction Gloves was announced as the official glove for the 2017 AUDL season. According to Friction's website: "Friction Gloves help eliminate slippage on both throws and catches when the disc is wet, keep your hands warm in cold weather, and ease the sting of zippy throws."

What's confusing about this American Ultimate Disc League partner news is that individual league teams have already partnered with a rival ultimate glove company - Layout (Ultimate Frisbee Gloves).

Within the last several months, Atlanta Hustle, Raleigh Flyers, DC Breeze, Montreal Royal, New York Empire and Madison Radicals have custom team gloves via Layout.

Wednesday, March 22, 2017

WUGC 2016 Scoring Stats for US Ultimate Initial Roster for 2017 The World Games

Plenty of ways to slice and dice the 20-player initial U.S, Ultimate National team roster for The World Games 2017. Coaches Ghesquiere and Tsang have tough choices to narrow down the final 14-person roster.

One way to analyze players is how the players performed at the most recent international ultimate competition - WFDF's World Ultimate (& Guts) Championship(s). Eighteen of the 20 players selected played in London during the WUGC international event.

:US 2017 World Games Ultimate roster by U.S. National Team at WUGC 2016:
Men = 8
[DNP = 2 (Men)]
Women = 8
Mixed = 2 (Women)

WUGC 2016 Stats

Top Goal Scorers:
Women: Kami Groom (17), Claire Desmond (14)
Men: Schlachet (24), Mickle (12)

Assist Leaders:
Women: Georgia Bosscher, Anna Nazarov (14 each)
Men: Mickle (15), Ashlin Joye (13)

NOTES: Defensive stats were not available.
Data via original post.

Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Breakdown of US Initial Roster for The World Games 2017

Twenty players were chosen by USA Ultimate from The World Games tryout. The final roster will be 14 players (7 male, 7 female) for the co-ed team to represent the US in Poland. Congrats to: Anna Nazarov, Ashlin Joye, Beau Kittredge, Carolyn Finney, Chris Kocher, Claire Chastain, Claire Desmond, Dylan Freechild, George Stubbs, Georgia Bosscher, Grant Lindsley, Jimmy Mickle, Joel Schlachet, Kami Groom, Kurt Gibson, LIÊN Hoffmann, Nick Stuart, Opi Payne, Sandy Jorgensen, Sarah Griffith.

0 = players from the Club Mixed Division (2016 season)

1 = # of players who grew up outside of the U.S. (Opi Payne, Tokyo)

2 = # of players who reside in the same town where they grew up (Jimmy Mickle; Golden CO and Georgia Bosscher; Madison, WI)

2 = # of players who played on the U.S. National Mixed Ultimate Team at 2016 World Ultimate and Guts Championships. (Carolyn Finney, Sandy Jorgensen)

3 =  # of players from Atlanta, GA (George Stubbs, Grant Lindsley, Chris Kocher)

4 = # of players who have a birthday in June.

4 = # of players rostered on NexGen Tours. (Freechild, Kocher, Mickle, Stubbs)

5 = # of players rostered on Team E.R.I.C. (Desmond, Freechild, Kittredge, Mickle, Payne)

5 = # of players who attended a University of California school. (UC-Berkeley: Claire Desmond, Joel Schlachet; UC-Davis: Ashlin Joye; UCLA: Anna Nazarov; UC-Santa Barbara: Carolyn Finney)

5 = # of players from Revolver club ultimate team (Beau Kittredge, Joel Schlachet, Ashlin Joye, George Stubbs, Grant Lindsley)

6 = # of players from the 2013 The World Games (Cali, Colombia) championship team roster. (Beau Kittredge, George Stubbs, Sarah Griffith, Ashlin Joye, Opi Payne, Georgia Bosscher)

8 = # of players who currently reside in California. (Anna Nazarov, Carolyn Finney, Claire Desmond, Beau Kittredge, Joel Schlachet, Ashlin Joye, George Stubbs, Grant Lindsley)

8 = # of players who reside in the same state where they grew up.

9 = # of players who reside in the same state as where they attended college. (University of California...: Ashlin Joye, Claire Desmond, Joel Schlachet, Anna Nazarov, Carolyn Finney; Colorado: Jimmy Mickle; Oregon: Dylan Freechild; Wisconsin: Georgia Bosscher: Carleton: Nick Stuart)

12 = # of different club ultimate teams represented.

18 = # of players who played at WUGC 2016. (Exceptions: Grant Lindsley, George Stubbs)

28 = average age of the 20-player roster. (female avg age = just over 28 years old; male avg age = just under 28 years old)

32 = age of oldest female player (Anna Nazarov)

34 = age of oldest player (Beau Kittredge)

Monday, March 20, 2017

Alex Trebek Jokes with Ultimate Frisbee-playing Jeopardy! Contestant

A Jeopardy! contestant from last week talked about how he and his wife met via ultimate frisbee.  The conversation starts innocently enough for Grant McSheffrey (a software developer from Ottawa, Ontario) and then Alex Trebeck lands a zinger about the sport of ultimate.

[h/t RH via JH]

Friday, March 17, 2017

AUDL Team Logos for St. Patrick's Day

A few American Ultimate Disc League teams are naturally green - Indy AlleyCats, New York Empire, Ottawa Outlaws, Vancouver Riptide, and Madison Radicals(?).  If all AUDL team logos went green today, here's what they would look like:

Happy St. Patrick's Day

Good luck playing U'Ltimate today!

Thursday, March 16, 2017

USA Ultimate's Vision Tour Visits DC

USA Ultimate is on the road to converse with the ultimate community in conjunction with their upcoming strategic management planning efforts. Washington, D.C. is one of the 11 cities on USAU''s Vision Tour.

WHAT: An evening of conversations with members of the Washington Area (Frisbee Club) community to discuss and learn more about your short- and long-term visions for the sport of ultimate.

WHO: All of the sport's stakeholders, including athletes, coaches, educators, parents, volunteers, observers, local organizers, sponsors, licensees, media entities and more are encouraged to attend and provide feedback.

WHEN: Wednesday, March 22; 7-9pm

WHERE: Trinity Washington University (125 Michigan Ave NE); Payden Academic Center, Rm 101


Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Chart: AUDL Division Champions 2012-2016

There has been two different teams to win their division championship within each of the four AUDL Divisions (Midwest, East, West, South) since 2012.  

Two teams are four-time Division Champions - Toronto Rush (East Division) and Madison Radicals (Midwest Division). Dallas (South) and Seattle (West) are first-time Division Champs, as of the 2016 season. After five seasons, an AUDL division championship is an exclusive club; a total of eight (8) teams have ever won an AUDL division championship since 2012.

[Updated from original post]

Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Happy Pi Day

Today for Pi Day, you are (again) encouraged to play ultimate!

May your ultimate playing be as constant as mathematical π.

Monday, March 13, 2017

March Madness Bracket Based on AUDL 2016 Season

If a March Madness-style (single elimination) post-season happened in the American Ultimate Disc League, then it would have looked something* like this:

*based on AUDL 2016 regular season and point differential

NOTES: All 26 AUDL teams from 2016 were included. Currently there are 24 teams in the 2017 season.

Sunday, March 12, 2017

On This Day: In 2015, USA vs Philippines WCBU Semifinal

On this day in 2015....oh, what a thrilling men's semifinal game between Team USA and Boracay Dragons (Philippines) from 2015 World Championships of Beach Ultimate. The strong wind made this a game of throwing into the wind, reading the blade-y discs, and catching fast-moving plastic.

USA took the first point (1-0), then was down 2 goals (3-5), took the lead back (7-5), and then Boracay Dragons came back to with 2 goals. The game was tied at 7's FOR A LOOOONG TIME. Whichever teams scored the next goal would win a trip to the WCBU finals.

Watch the entire beach ultimate game. Or, start watching at double-game point @ 54:32.

This game is infamous for the Spirit of the Game timeout called.
Spirit timeout called by Team USA. [Game tied @ 7s]

According to WFDF, If there is ever an issue with Spirit of The Game during play, Captains should be aware that the Appendix to the WFDF Rules of Ultimate include a Spirit of the Game Time-out (A7):
If a team's captain believes that either or both teams are failing to follow the Spirit of the Game (SOTG), they may call a "Spirit of the Game Time-out."
This can only be called after the start of a point and prior to the ensuing pull.
During this time-out, neither team may engage in tactical discussions.
All team members of both teams will form a “spirit circle” in the middle of the field.
The two opposing team captains shall separately discuss all current issues with adherence to SOTG, determine ways to rectify those issues, and then convey the agreement to the spirit circle.
SOTG time-outs do not affect, nor are they affected by, the number of time-outs available.

Friday, March 10, 2017

D.C. Breeze Schedule for AUDL 2017 Season

Game times have been added to the seven D.C. Breeze home games. All Saturday games start at 6:30 PM, both Toronto games are scheduled for Sundays @ 2:00 PM, and the June game versus NEW York Empire starts at 5:30 PM.
All Breeze home games are played at Galludet University in Washington, D.C. Buy tix.

Thursday, March 09, 2017

Chart: US Ultimate Tryouts for World Games

Tryouts for 2017 U.S. National Team that will compete at the World Games are scheduled for this weekend (March 11-12) in Dallas, Texas. There have been some changes to the tryout list since the original invite list was announced. USA's roster for the co-ed national team will be trimmed down from sixty-four (64) players planning to tryout and then eventually finalized to 14 (7 men + 7 women).

Division Breakdown
Of the 64 players at the tryout, the Men's club division is represented with 30 players (46.9%); the Women's club division sends 28 player (43.8%). The Mixed club division sends just 6 players (9.4%). Again, the final U.S. team roster will be competing in the flying disc competition, which is mixed (co-ed).

Club Team Breakdown
A total of 25 club ultimate teams will be represented at the tryouts. A combined sixteen (16) players from the Bay Area teams of Fury (8 players) and Revolver (8 players) are trying out.  Eleven (11) club ultimate teams are sending one player. NOTE: Player data (from USAU) was of the "most recent" club team.
[#] players from club ultimate team; # of teams

States Represented
Players from seventeen (17) states and the District of Columbia are travelling to Dallas for the tryouts California sends the most players to tryout for The Worlds Games with 16; followed by Washington and Colorado (7 players each), then Massachusetts and North Carolina - both with 5 each. Washington, D.C. sends 4 players.


[Data via USAU & cross-referenced with Ultiworld data; chart by SLUDGE]

Wednesday, March 08, 2017

VIDEO: Women in Ultimate's Mixed Division

Minneapolis Drag'n Thrust provides a compilation video of highlights featuring women players in the mixed division. Footage is from 2016 USA Ultimate Club Nationals, expertly captured by Charlie Foxtrot Films.

Tuesday, March 07, 2017

Dylan Freechild Re-Signs with Dallas Roughnecks

Dylan Freechild re-signed with Dallas Roughnecks for the AUDL 2017 season. Freechild, who is known to use a heavy dose of eye black, was a member of the Dallas 2016 AUDL championship team.

A few days before the official announcement, our direct inquiry into Dylan's AUDL playing status went unanswered.

Monday, March 06, 2017

Chart: Teams Scheduled for AUDL Game of the Week (2017)

Below is an expanded visual for American Ultimate Disc League's schedule of broadcast games via All of the 2017 regular season Game of the Week matches (by Fulcrum Media Group) + bonus coverage (by Ultiworld) will total 21* games.

AUDL teams not scheduled to appear on the published broadcast schedule are:
WEST: San Jose Spiders, Vancouver Riptide. SOUTH: Austin Sol, Nashville NightWatch; MIDWESTL Chicago Wildfire, Dettriot Mechanix; EAST: Ottawa Outlaws

NOTES: Regular season games only. *Ultiworld's coverage of weeks 16 + 17 (flex schedule, team TBD) are not accounted for.

Friday, March 03, 2017

Appearances on AUDL Game of the Week in 2017 Season

The American Ultimate Disc League announced their live broadcast schedule for the 2017 season. A total of 13 regular season games plus some postseason games will be broadcast. In 2015, AUDL streamed 12 regular season games on ESPN3. The majority of 2017 teams will have at least one game live streamed on, but not all.

The AUDL West Division and AUDL South Division have the most appearances with 8 each (31% per). The East Division appears 6 times (23%) and the Midwest Division appears the least number of times at 4 (15%). There are four cross-divisional games scheduled in 2017.

  • One (1) team without a GOTW appearances posted a winning record in 2016; Indy Alley Cats (8-6)
  • Two (2) teams with a losing record in 2016, and missed the playoffs - San Diego (2-12) and Jacksonville Cannons (5-9) - have a GOTW appearance.
  • The two remaining original (2012) AUDL franchises - AlleyCats, Mechanix - will not have a GOTW appearance. Again.
  • All 10 of the AUDL teams without an appearance on the GOTW 2017 broadcasts did not make it to the 2016 playoffs.
  • All 1st and 2nd place finishers in the regular season of their respective division appear in at least 2 GOTW games. 
  • Ultiworld will provide bonus coverage (not accounted in pie graph above) beyond the AUDL Game of the Week broadcasts.
NOTE: Regular season games only.

Cherry Blossom Classic 2017

A college ultimate tournament will be taking place this weekend at the site of many WAFC's league games - Anacostia Park. The YLee Coyotes from Yorktown/Washington-Lee High Schools will also be competing.

The American University Dirty Ladies are hosting the ultimate tournament for which is USA Ultimate Sanctioned.

Cherry Blossom Classic

WHEN: March 4-5, 2017

WHERE: Anacostia Park (Washington, DC)

Fun Fact: There's a roller skating pavilion at Anacostia Park.

Thursday, March 02, 2017

AUDL Magazine Covers Since 2014

The American Ultimate Disc League has offered a printed periodical prior since the 2014 season. Each has gone by a different name - souvenir program (2014), season program (2015), preview magazine (2016), official magazine (2017). See below for the covers of the annual publication.




Toronto Rush have been featured on the cover twice (2014, 2015), and each of these teams have been on the cover once: Madison Radicals (2015), Seattle Cascades (2016), Raleigh Flyers (2015), Dallas Roughnecks (2017) and San Jose Spiders (2015).

The 2017 AUDL mag can be purchased at the AUDL Store.

Wednesday, March 01, 2017

Do Over: February 2017

Catch up on last month's noteworthy posts you may have missed...

  • Super Bowl catch lookalike
  • Q&A with former stats guru of MLU
  • Ultimate Frisbee > Football [WIRED
  • Reviews of AUDL team jerseys (2016 season)