Thursday, March 30, 2017

AUDL Improvements for 2017

The 2017 American Ultimate Disc League starts on April 1st. There's still some improvements from last year needing to be addressed as this semi-pro ultimate league starts its 6th season. Many of these may sound like a broken record if you have followed past years' suggested improvements.

Provide money reward for any recognition awards. AUDL players deserve both the recognition and the monetary gift with stellar plays. For any Top-10 play of the week, any sponsored play of the week or MVP(s), those laudable players should gain some coin.

Broadcast all post-season games. Please don't (ever) repeat the debacle of not streaming the AUDL 2016 East Division playoffs. Without post-season broadcast coverage deems it unimportant to you as a sports league.

Setup and use hashtags for each game (e.g. #DCBvRAL). This is common practice in our social media world. Assist fans with this simple add-on within your social media platforms.

Teams should develop previews for each of their games. Build your own hype. The AUDL can only do so much hype managing its (now) 24 teams. Teams, you are on your own to develop content. Fortunately, AUDL is usually happy to share individual team content.

Post a box score of your game. The quarter-by-quarter scoring breakdown is an acceptable visual for professional games. The AUDL's "Final score" tweets are ripe for adding a halftime score.  Moreover, it's time for UltiAnalytics to make collected game data more fan-friendly.

Post a full recap of week's games. Tell your story, AUDL teams! I don't know of any AUDL teams covered by their city's newspaper, so it's left up to self-promote.

Upgrade team logo icons. The thumbnail logos on the AUDL website do not scale well. They are barely legible and don't represent the professional sports league as well as they should.

Track player data on Integrity Rules.  The AUDL can boast about Integrity Rules, yet they don't have the data to back up its pomp.  Which players and which teams call Integrity Rules? Isn't this unique aspect of our sports worthy noting within every game's box score??

I have been a fan of American Ultimate Disc League since 2012 and have been covering the AUDL ever since.

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