Wednesday, March 22, 2017

WUGC 2016 Scoring Stats for US Ultimate Initial Roster for 2017 The World Games

Plenty of ways to slice and dice the 20-player initial U.S, Ultimate National team roster for The World Games 2017. Coaches Ghesquiere and Tsang have tough choices to narrow down the final 14-person roster.

One way to analyze players is how the players performed at the most recent international ultimate competition - WFDF's World Ultimate (& Guts) Championship(s). Eighteen of the 20 players selected played in London during the WUGC international event.

:US 2017 World Games Ultimate roster by U.S. National Team at WUGC 2016:
Men = 8
[DNP = 2 (Men)]
Women = 8
Mixed = 2 (Women)

WUGC 2016 Stats

Top Goal Scorers:
Women: Kami Groom (17), Claire Desmond (14)
Men: Schlachet (24), Mickle (12)

Assist Leaders:
Women: Georgia Bosscher, Anna Nazarov (14 each)
Men: Mickle (15), Ashlin Joye (13)

NOTES: Defensive stats were not available.
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