Monday, September 24, 2018

Qualifying Club Teams For 2018 National Championships

All divisions within all 8 regions completed their Regional Championships to determine which club ultimate teams earned a bid to Triple Crown Tour's National Championships in San Diego, California.

See below for how the 48 Nationals qualifiers finished at Regionals along with how each team was seeded at Regionals.
2018 Nationals Qualifiers by Division and Region

21 out of 24 1-seeds at USA Ultimate Regional Championships qualified for 2018 National Championships; all 3 instances (Atlanta Bucket in Southeast*, Boston Wildcard in the Northeast, and Denver Love Tractor in South Central*) were in the Mixed Division.
*=1-bid regional division

1-seeded Teams Finish at Regionals
Men's Division: 4/8 #1s finished 1st at Regionals; all 8 #1s qualified for Nationals
Mixed Division: 4/8 #1 finished 1st at Regionals; 5/8 1-seeds qualified for Nationals
Women's Division: 6/8 #1s finished 1st at Regionals; all 8 #1s qualified for Nationals

The lowest seeded team to earn a bid to Nationals was 7th-seeded New Jersey Jughandle (Mid-Atlantic Region).

Friday, September 21, 2018

Chart: 2018 USAU Triple Crown Tour Bid Allocations

The 48 bids to USA Ultimate Club Nationals were allocated to the 8 geographic regions. The Northwest region earned the most bids with 8 (3 in Men's + 2 in Mixed + 3 in Women's). Teams will be vying for one Nationals bid in 6 competitions - Great Lakes Mixed, Mid-Atlantic Women's, South Central Mixed and Women's, Southeast Mixed and Southwest Men's.

Region(s) with the most bids...
in the Men's Division = Northwest (3)
in the Mixed Division = Mid-Atlantic, Northeast, Southwest (3 ea)
in the Women's Division = Northwest, Southwest (3 ea)

Compare to last year.

[Data via USAU; chart compiled by SLUDGE]

Thursday, September 20, 2018

Disc Pics

Updating to iOS 12 includes the Measure app which allows you to take measured disc pics.
As if you needed to know ultimate disc dimensions.

Tuesday, September 18, 2018

Ultimate Tournament Staff Appreciation Day

Today is Ultimate Tournament Staff Appreciation Day!

From local leagues to national events; from sectionals to regionals, from hats to Worlds, ultimate tournaments happen because of these hardworking individuals. Tournament Directors (TDs) and their staff do so much – schedule, budget, plan, setup, field lining, feeding, measuring, calling, texting, emailing, confirming, directing, volunteer recruitment, keeping time, air-horning, checking weather, rechecking weather, selling merchandise, hiring trainers, delegating, getting water, finding backup fields (when necessary), cleanup, score reporting and so much more – to organize competition for the sport of ultimate. For these reasons, September 18th is a day to take time to appreciate Ultimate Tournament Staff.

Want to celebrate Ultimate Tournament Staff Appreciation day?
  • Post an appreciative message on social media and tag the tournament account and/or an individual.
  • Post a photo of a recent ultimate tournament and share it with a positive message.
  • Hug &/or high-five your tourney staff (if you see them in-person).
Why celebrate Ultimate Tournament Staff Appreciation day?
Formerly Ultimate Tournament Director Appreciation Day. Join this grassroots movement to publicly recognize these important people in the sport of ultimate.

Monday, September 17, 2018

AUDL Raises Below 50% of Investment Goal

Over the past 4 months, the American Ultimate Disc League has been courting investors via a small online public offer (OPO) with a goal of raising more than $1 million. The OPO ended on September 15th and crowdfunded over a half-million dollars ($509,817) from 271 investors — an average of ~$1881.25 per investor.
[Screengrab from Seed Invest] $1.07 Million is the maximum for a small OPO.

In June 2018, the AUDL investment raised $100,000. By August 14, 2018, AUDL had raised nearly a third of their $1.07 million fundraising goal. At the deadline, AUDL added 271 investors and $509,817.00 (47.6% of their published goal).  AUDL gained a celebrity endorsement by none other than "No Refs In UltimateBill Nye. Expect another round of fundraising within the next 8 months.

Thursday, September 06, 2018

Compilation: USA Ultimate Club Division Triple Crown Tour Prize Money (2013-2018)

Since 2013, USA Ultimate's club season has been awarding prize money for specifically designated Triple Crown Tour events. Two teams have earned prize money every TCT season - San Francisco Revolver (M) and Boston Brute Squad (W). In 6 TCT seasons, Revolver has won $27,250 and Brute Squad has pocketed $18,000. Seattle Mixtape has won the most of any mixed club team with $11,000.

$157,000 = grand total of prize money awarded by USA Ultimate Triple Crown Tour (2013-2018)

37 = # of different teams that have won Triple Crown Tour prize money (2013-20018)
  • 16 = # of different mixed club teams with TCT prize money
  • 12 = # of different men's club teams with TCT prize money
  • 9 = # of different women's club teams with TCT prize money
Triple Crown Tour total prize money [2013-2018]

Top Men's Division Teams by prize money
1. Revolver
2. Seattle Sockeye
3. Chicago Machine
4. New York PoNY
5. Denver Johnny Bravo

Top Mixed Division Teams by prize money
1. Seattle Mixtape
2. Minneapolis Drag'n Thrust
3. Philadelphia AMP
4. Bay Area Polar Bears
5. Boston Slow White

Top Women's Division Teams by prize money
1. Boston Brute Squad
2. Seattle Riot
3. San Francisco Fury
4. Washington DC Scandal
5. Denver Molly Brown

NOTES: Figures as as of 9/5/2018; the remaining TCT 2018 event takes place in October 18-21.

Tuesday, September 04, 2018

2018 Triple Crown Tour Prize Money Leaders

During the 2018 Triple Crown Tour season, fifteen (15) different club ultimate teams have won prize money totaling nearly $20,000.

Total prize money = $18,750 (as of 9/4/2018)

With wins at US Open and Pro Flight Finale, Brute Squad (W) and PoNY (M) are still eligible for the Triple Crown bonus (+$2000) if either club teams wins at Nationals. Love Tractor (X) is the only other team with 2 TCT wins.

NOTE: The Select Flight Invite did not award any prize money to tournament winners: Oakland Guerrilla (M), Seattle Birdfruit (X), Vancouver Sneaky House Hippos (W).