Friday, May 18, 2018

AUDL Offers Investment Opportunity

American Ultimate Disc League, which started its 7th season in 2018, launched an online public offering - an opportunity for investors to buy shares in the league. The AUDL seeks 1.07 million dollars from investors who share their excitement about the sport [of "Ultimate Disc"], want to spread the word to fans around the world. The investment is $3.30 per Series B Common Unit; investment amount (per investor) = $495.

Per paperwork on, the pre-money valuation of the AUDL = $16,500,000.00
The pre-money valuation of Company upon which the offering price of the Series B Units is based was not determined by an independent third-party assessment of value or on a professional appraisal, but was determined by the Company's Managers [AUDL].


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