Tuesday, November 20, 2018

MKBHD Schools Joe Rogan on Ultimate Frisbee

MKBHD, wearing a black WFDF hoodie, gives a primer on Ultimate (Frisbee) to Joe Rogan on the Joe Rogan Experience episode #1186. While MLU highlights roll, MKBHD coolly explains the ins-and-outs of the game, history of the sport, and the (semi-)pro league.

WATCH: Marques Brownlee Explains Ultimate Frisby

Joe Rogan: Do you play, like, that Frisbee...disc golf?

Joe Rogan: "I did not know this was even a thing."

Joe Rogan: If you asked 'When was ultimate Frisbee invented?' I would have said: "A couple of months ago."

Joe Rogan: "This actually looks really fun."

Monday, November 19, 2018

CHS Celebrating Ultimate Frisbee's 50th Anniversary

What: The 50th Anniversary Celebration of Ultimate Frisbee

When: Friday, November 23, 2018

Where: Maplewood, NJ
Columbia High School is hosting a 50th Anniversary Celebration for Ultimate Frisbee. Founded in the parking lot of the New Jersey high school in 1968, Ultimate is now played by over 7 million players worldwide.

Join CHS for an evening celebrating the Past, Present and Future of this unique sport. Dinner and drinks will be served as well as other activities including a silent auction, video/photo display and jersey exchange.

This event is SOLD OUT.

+ + + +

Ben Harris, a senior at CHS and a member of the varsity ultimate Frisbee team for the last three years, said: "It's fun to be really competitive and also have a good time. It's the No. 1 sport at the school right now, so anyone who wants to play should give it a try."

Friday, November 16, 2018

MLB AL MVP Mookie Betts Credits Frisbee Throwing for His Swing

Boston Red Sox outfielder Mookie Betts was just named 2018 Most Valuable Player in the American League. He hit a major league-leading .346 with 32 homers, 80 RBIs and 30 stolen bases as the leadoff hitter for the World Champion Red Sox. The 2018 season was Mookie's 5th Major League Baseball season. Betts throws (the baseball) and hits right-handed.

According to this Boston Globe article, "Mookie Betts is diving into J.D. Martinez's bag of tricks":
When [Red Sox teammate] J.D. Martinez first started bringing his big bag of toys into the clubhouse...his teammates didn't know what to make of it.
At a glance, it appeared to be a gym bag full of Phys Ed equipment: a red heavy-duty dodgeball, Frisbees for disc golf, and almost everything else anyone would need for a family field day. It looked like he had raided a Play It Again Sports, but everything in the bag was a tool he used to refine his swing. 
The Frisbees caught Betts's eye. When he threw one, he realized how closely the motion resembled the one he used to swing a bat. 
Betts: "You just throw it, and it kind of simulates the swing."

[h/t Evan Lepler]

Tuesday, November 13, 2018

Philadelphia AMP History at Club Nationals

Philadelphia AMP (Mid-Atlantic Region) qualified for the USA Ultimate Nationals every year since 2005. In 2018, the Philly mixed club ultimate team won the USA Ultimate Club Championship.  AMP was coached by Patrick Sherlock. 

Prior to the 2018 season, AMP had finished in the Top-5 four times including a runner-up finish in 2017, and finished in the Top-10 nine times in 12 seasons.

NOTE: Donkey Bomb (2000-2005) preceded the AMP (2006 - current) team name.

Monday, November 05, 2018

New York PoNY History at Club Nationals

New York PoNY (Northeast Region) qualified for the USA Ultimate Nationals 8 times since 2005. In 2018, the men's club ultimate team won the USA Ultimate Club Championship. PoNY was coached by Berend Van Heuvelen, Bryan Jones and Jimmy Leppert.

Prior to the 2018 season, PoNY had never finished in the Top-5 and finished in the Top-10 only twice.

Tuesday, October 23, 2018

Comparison: Seed vs Finish of Club Teams at 2018 USA Ultimate National Championships

The 4-day 2018 USA Ultimate National Championships were completed in San Diego, California , over October 18-21. The top sixteen (16) teams from each division - men, mixed, women - were in competition.

Here's how each team in the 3 divisions finished compared to their pre-tournament seed. Biggest movers - up and down - also noted.

Women Division
Very little movement in the top-7 seeded teams.
UP(+): San Diego Wildfire (+7); Portland Schwa (+6)
DOWN (-): Madison Heist (-4); Columbus Rival, Raleigh Phoenix (-3)

Mixed Division
The top seed won the championship in a division with lots of movement.
UP(+): New York XIST (+5); D.C. Space Heater, San Francisco Blackbird, New Jersey Jughandle  (+3)
DOWN (-): San Francisco Polar Bears (-5); Minneapolis Drag'n Thrust, Boston Slow White (-4)

Men's Division
Lots of movement in this division.
UP(+): Michigan HIGH FIVE (+6); Austin Doublewide, Minneapolis Sub Zero (+5); Denver Johnny Bravo (+4)
DOWN (-): Boston DiG (-9), Madison Club (-6); Vancouver Furious George (-4)

Monday, October 22, 2018

Results of 2018 USA Ultimate National Championships

USA Ultimate's 2018 Triple Crown Tour concluded in San Diego, California, on Sunday. Two club teams won for the first time while a perennial won their 11th title.

New York PoNY [#3 seed] won their first club championship with a finals win 15-7 San Francisco Revolver [#1 seed]. PoNY's win also earned them the Triple Crown.

Philadelphia AMP [#1 seed] won their first club championship with a 13-8 victory over Seattle Mixtape [#3 seed]. This was a rematch from last year's final.

San Francisco Fury [#2 seed] won their eleventh club championship with a 14-13 win over Boston Brute squad [#1 seed].  This was a rematch from last year's final, which was also won by Fury by the same exact score. Brute Squad (27-1) was undefeated in the 2018 season until the championship game.

Friday, October 19, 2018

Semifinalists at 2018 USA Ultimate Nationals

After two days of competition at USA Ultimate Club Championships in San Diego, four teams in each division have advanced to the semifinals. All #1 seeds have advanced, as well as the 3-seeded team in each division. Teams have played according to seed in the Men's and Women's divisions.

Men's Division
Raleigh Ring of Fire (4) v San Francisco Revolver (1) New York PoNY (3) v Seattle Sockeye (2)

Mixed Division
Boston Snake Country (5) v Seattle Mixtape (3) Washington DC Space Heater (6) v Philadelphia AMP (1)

Women's Division
Denver Molly Brown (4) v Boston Brute Squad (1) Seattle Riot (3) vs San Francisco Fury (2)

Wednesday, October 17, 2018

Choropleth Map: Club Ultimate Teams Playing at 2018 Nationals

USA Ultimate's 2018 National Club Ultimate Championships in San Diego starts on Thursday. A total of 19 states/provinces and the District of Columbia from the eight geographical regions are represented at this year's USAU National Championships, with California - again - sending the most teams (7) of any state.

All locations with 3 or more qualifying club teams are represented in all 3 divisions; California (M: Revolver W: Fury, Nightlock, Wildfire X: Blackbird, Mischief, Polar Bears), Colorado (M: Johnny Bravo W: Molly Brown X: shame.), Massachusetts (M: Dig W: Brute Squad X: Slow White, Snake Country), Minnesota (M: Sub Zero W: Pop X: Drag'n Thrust, No Touching!), North Carolina M: Ring of Fire W: Phoenix X: Toro), Washington (M: Seattle Sockeye W: Seattle Riot X: BFG, Mixtape) and Washington, DC (M: Truck Stop W: Scandal X: Space Heater).

Tuesday, October 09, 2018

New AUDL Commissioner Steve Hall

Steve Hall became the new commission of the American Ultimate Disc League at the AUDL’s Annual Owners' Meeting which took place in Chicago over October 7-8.  Steve Hall succeeds Steve Gordon as AUDL Commissioner.  Gordon, who retired from the position, leaves after 6 years as the league commissioner. Steve Hall has experience playing ultimate and as a member of the Board of Directors for Charlotte Ultimate.
Steve Hall - along with  Albert Banks, John Boezi and Richard Whitcomb - currently co-owns the Atlanta Hustle [AUDL South division]. Hall and Banks previously owned the Charlotte Express, which ceased operations in September 2016. Steve Hall has experience on the AUDL Executive Council.

Via the AUDL: Most of his Ultimate career has been at a recreational level although he did participate one season with a Denver-based team, DUI.

Via StartEngine: Steve Hall is the Managing Partner of EHF Capital, LLC (Charlotte, NC), Co-Owner of the Atlanta Hustle and has served on the AUDL Executive Council  since September 1, 2015. Steve commits approximately 20 hours per month in his role on the Executive Council - which is an unpaid position. Prior to EHF Capital, Steve was the Director of Investor Relations of Conversus Capital, the largest publicly traded portfolio of private equity funds with over $2.5 billion in assets under management.

Monday, September 24, 2018

Qualifying Club Teams For 2018 National Championships

All divisions within all 8 regions completed their Regional Championships to determine which club ultimate teams earned a bid to Triple Crown Tour's National Championships in San Diego, California.

See below for how the 48 Nationals qualifiers finished at Regionals along with how each team was seeded at Regionals.
2018 Nationals Qualifiers by Division and Region

21 out of 24 1-seeds at USA Ultimate Regional Championships qualified for 2018 National Championships; all 3 instances (Atlanta Bucket in Southeast*, Boston Wildcard in the Northeast, and Denver Love Tractor in South Central*) were in the Mixed Division.
*=1-bid regional division

1-seeded Teams Finish at Regionals
Men's Division: 4/8 #1s finished 1st at Regionals; all 8 #1s qualified for Nationals
Mixed Division: 4/8 #1 finished 1st at Regionals; 5/8 1-seeds qualified for Nationals
Women's Division: 6/8 #1s finished 1st at Regionals; all 8 #1s qualified for Nationals

The lowest seeded team to earn a bid to Nationals was 7th-seeded New Jersey Jughandle (Mid-Atlantic Region).

Friday, September 21, 2018

Chart: 2018 USAU Triple Crown Tour Bid Allocations

The 48 bids to USA Ultimate Club Nationals were allocated to the 8 geographic regions. The Northwest region earned the most bids with 8 (3 in Men's + 2 in Mixed + 3 in Women's). Teams will be vying for one Nationals bid in 6 competitions - Great Lakes Mixed, Mid-Atlantic Women's, South Central Mixed and Women's, Southeast Mixed and Southwest Men's.

Region(s) with the most bids...
in the Men's Division = Northwest (3)
in the Mixed Division = Mid-Atlantic, Northeast, Southwest (3 ea)
in the Women's Division = Northwest, Southwest (3 ea)

Compare to last year.

[Data via USAU; chart compiled by SLUDGE]

Thursday, September 20, 2018

Disc Pics

Updating to iOS 12 includes the Measure app which allows you to take measured disc pics.
As if you needed to know ultimate disc dimensions.

Tuesday, September 18, 2018

Ultimate Tournament Staff Appreciation Day

Today is Ultimate Tournament Staff Appreciation Day!

From local leagues to national events; from sectionals to regionals, from hats to Worlds, ultimate tournaments happen because of these hardworking individuals. Tournament Directors (TDs) and their staff do so much – schedule, budget, plan, setup, field lining, feeding, measuring, calling, texting, emailing, confirming, directing, volunteer recruitment, keeping time, air-horning, checking weather, rechecking weather, selling merchandise, hiring trainers, delegating, getting water, finding backup fields (when necessary), cleanup, score reporting and so much more – to organize competition for the sport of ultimate. For these reasons, September 18th is a day to take time to appreciate Ultimate Tournament Staff.

Want to celebrate Ultimate Tournament Staff Appreciation day?
  • Post an appreciative message on social media and tag the tournament account and/or an individual.
  • Post a photo of a recent ultimate tournament and share it with a positive message.
  • Hug &/or high-five your tourney staff (if you see them in-person).
Why celebrate Ultimate Tournament Staff Appreciation day?
Formerly Ultimate Tournament Director Appreciation Day. Join this grassroots movement to publicly recognize these important people in the sport of ultimate.

Monday, September 17, 2018

AUDL Raises Below 50% of Investment Goal

Over the past 4 months, the American Ultimate Disc League has been courting investors via a small online public offer (OPO) with a goal of raising more than $1 million. The OPO ended on September 15th and crowdfunded over a half-million dollars ($509,817) from 271 investors — an average of ~$1881.25 per investor.
[Screengrab from Seed Invest] $1.07 Million is the maximum for a small OPO.

In June 2018, the AUDL investment raised $100,000. By August 14, 2018, AUDL had raised nearly a third of their $1.07 million fundraising goal. At the deadline, AUDL added 271 investors and $509,817.00 (47.6% of their published goal).  AUDL gained a celebrity endorsement by none other than "No Refs In UltimateBill Nye. Expect another round of fundraising within the next 8 months.

Thursday, September 06, 2018

Compilation: USA Ultimate Club Division Triple Crown Tour Prize Money (2013-2018)

Since 2013, USA Ultimate's club season has been awarding prize money for specifically designated Triple Crown Tour events. Two teams have earned prize money every TCT season - San Francisco Revolver (M) and Boston Brute Squad (W). In 6 TCT seasons, Revolver has won $27,250 and Brute Squad has pocketed $18,000. Seattle Mixtape has won the most of any mixed club team with $11,000.

$157,000 = grand total of prize money awarded by USA Ultimate Triple Crown Tour (2013-2018)

37 = # of different teams that have won Triple Crown Tour prize money (2013-20018)
  • 16 = # of different mixed club teams with TCT prize money
  • 12 = # of different men's club teams with TCT prize money
  • 9 = # of different women's club teams with TCT prize money
Triple Crown Tour total prize money [2013-2018]

Top Men's Division Teams by prize money
1. Revolver
2. Seattle Sockeye
3. Chicago Machine
4. New York PoNY
5. Denver Johnny Bravo

Top Mixed Division Teams by prize money
1. Seattle Mixtape
2. Minneapolis Drag'n Thrust
3. Philadelphia AMP
4. Bay Area Polar Bears
5. Boston Slow White

Top Women's Division Teams by prize money
1. Boston Brute Squad
2. Seattle Riot
3. San Francisco Fury
4. Washington DC Scandal
5. Denver Molly Brown

NOTES: Figures as as of 9/5/2018; the remaining TCT 2018 event takes place in October 18-21.

Tuesday, September 04, 2018

2018 Triple Crown Tour Prize Money Leaders

During the 2018 Triple Crown Tour season, fifteen (15) different club ultimate teams have won prize money totaling nearly $20,000.

Total prize money = $18,750 (as of 9/4/2018)

With wins at US Open and Pro Flight Finale, Brute Squad (W) and PoNY (M) are still eligible for the Triple Crown bonus (+$2000) if either club teams wins at Nationals. Love Tractor (X) is the only other team with 2 TCT wins.

NOTE: The Select Flight Invite did not award any prize money to tournament winners: Oakland Guerrilla (M), Seattle Birdfruit (X), Vancouver Sneaky House Hippos (W).

Wednesday, August 29, 2018

WJUC 2018 USA Player Leaderboard

WFDF's 2018 World Junior Ultimate Championships finished last weekend with USA Ultimate Under-20 National Teams winning gold in both divisions. The men's and women's teams were rostered with players from all over the country. Using the provided WJUC data, here is a compilation of the offensive leaders for both the USA Ultimate teams.

  • One player averaged at least 1 assist + 1 goal at WJUC: Claire Trop [1.55 assists/game; 1 goal/game] in 11 games.
  • Every player on the USA's U-20 men's roster threw at least 1 assist + scored at least 1 goal. 

TOP PERFORMING PLAYERS [Averaging Assists + Goals = 1.0 minimum]
USA Ultimate Stats: Assists +_and Goals @ WJUC 2018

TOP GOAL SCORERS [8 or more goals]
21 = Stacy Gaskill (W)
16 = Ben Preiss (M)
15 = Ella Juengst (W), Elliott Moore (M), Connor Ryan (M)
13 = Dawn Culton (W), Sam Hammar (M)
12 = Robin Anthony-Petersen (W)
11 = Claire Trop (W)
10 = Hazel Ostrowski (W)
9 = Clil Phillips (W), Bailey Shigley (W), Tess Johnson (W)
8 = Carly Campana (W), Trevor Lynch (M), Caleb Seamon (M), Jake Taylor (M), Jake Thorne (M), Tony Venneri (M)

TOP ASSIST LEADERS [7 or more assists]
26 = Jonny Malks (M)
21 = Stephanie Phillips (W)
17 = Claire Trop (W)
15 = Ryan Dinger (M)
14 = Kate Lanier (W)
13 = Rachel Hess (W)
10 = Carly Campana (W)
9 = Alyssa Ehrhardt (W), Skye Fernandez (W),
Kodi Smart (M), Leo Sovell-Fernandez (M), Jake Taylor (M)
8 = Stacy Gaskill (W), Elliott Moore (M), Peixian Rong (W), Ted Schewe (M), Tony Venneri (M), Dylan Villeneuve (M)
7 = Lauren Carothers-Liske (W), Abby Hecko (W), Joey Kennedy (M), John McDonnell (M)


[M, W data via WJUC; compilation by SLUDGE]

Monday, August 27, 2018

WJUC 2018 Results

WFDF's World Junior (Under-20) Ultimate Championships finished on Saturday, August 25. Thirty-one (31) teams from 18 different countries played in the men's (boys) and women's (girls) WJUC divisions. USA National Teams combined for a (22-0) record at the international ultimate event and two gold medals. There have been 3 sweeps in the history of WJUC; twice by USA (2006, 2018) and once by Canada in 2002.

Men's WJUC 2018
USA National Team won 15-10 over Team Canada. USA's win is their 8th WJUC gold -- the most by any country in this WJUC division. Also, this is USA's 7th gold medal in the past 8 WJUC events.  Bronze was won by France - their first-ever WJUC medal.

Women's WJUC 2018
USA National Team won 15-8 over Colombia. USA's win is their 4th WJUC gold, which is the most by any country in the WJUC women's/girls division. Canada won bronze. WJUC 2018 marked the 5th consecutive WJUC where Canada, Colombia, and USA have been the top-3 teams in the women's division.

Video: Canadian PM Justin Trudeau Address to WJUC 2018

After endorsing a 2018 bid for the World Junior Ultimate Championships, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau was prompted (?) to address the gathering of 18 nations in Waterloo.

Trudeau: "I played a lot of ultimate in my youth. I was even an ultimate coach...If any sport can change the world, it's gonna be ultimate." 

Thursday, August 23, 2018

Chart: WJUC Medal Count

The 2018 World Junior Ultimate Championships is moving to the playoff stage. WJUC events began in 1983 for the men's division and in the year 2000 for the women's division. USA leads with the most earned medals with a total of 21. Canada has won the second most medals with 18, followed by Sweden with 12 total medals (10 of which are gold).

12 = # of different countries that have medaled at WJUC.
10 = # of different countries that have won WJUC bronze (men's or women's)
9 = # of different countries that have won WJUC silver (men's or women's)
7 = # of different countries that have won WJUC gold (men's or women's)
2 = # of countries that have won both WJUC gold in men's AND women's divisions; Canada (5), USA (10)

WJUC Medal Count | Men (1983- 2016) Women (2000-2016) 

NOTES: USA did not participate in the 1983, 1984, 1986, 1992, and 2002 WJUC events; other countries non-participation was not researched.

There was a tie for bronze at 2006 WJUC Women's division.

Wednesday, August 22, 2018

NYT: Can Ultimate Frisbee Save the World?

The New York Times published an opinion piece, "Can Ultimate Frisbee Save the World?" written by Jennifer Finney Boylan which highlights the amazing efforts by Ultimate Peace.

David Barkan, who volunteers as the chief executive of Ultimate Peace: "We're not trying to bring peace to the Middle East. That's not the goal. It’s about changing a mind-set through the values of the sport that we know leads to peace between people."


Monday, August 20, 2018

Map Chart: USA Rosters for WJUC 2018

The World Junior Ultimate Championships are underway in Waterloo, Canada. The United States is one of 13 countries who have both a men's and a women's team competing at WJUC 2018.

Overall, fifteen (15) states are represented on the USA Under-20 rosters. Washington state is well represented with a total of thirteen (13) U-20 players on the USA rosters - accounting for 27% of the USA U20 combined rostered players. As a comparison, California and North Carolina at 6 players each are tied at second, Virginia is third with 5 players.

The men's 24-player U20 roster represents 13 different states:

Orion Cable, Connor Chin, Drew Di Francesco, Ryan Dinger, Leo Gordon, Sam Hammar, Henry Ing, Adam Jemal, Joey Kennedy, Trevor Lynch, Johnny Malks, John McDonnell, Elliott Moore, Benjamin Preiss, June Tabasan Rapisura, Connor Ryan, Ted Schewe, Caleb Seamon, Kodi Smart, Leonide Sovell-Fernandez, Jake Taylor, Jake Thorne, Tony Venneri, Dylan Villeneuve

The women's 24-player roster U20 represents 9 different states:
Robin Anthoy-Petersen, Carly Campana, Lauren Carothers-Liske, Dawn Culton, Anna Dreher, Alyssa Ehrhardt, Skye Fernandez, Stacy Gaskill, Abby Hecko, Rachel Hess, Tess Johnson, Ella Juengst, Jenna Krugler, Kate Lanier, Erin McCann, Amy Nguyen, Hazel Ostrowski, Clil, Phillips, Stephanie Phillips, Peixian Rong, Bailey Shigley, Clara Stewart, Caroline Tornquist, Claire Trop

Friday, August 17, 2018

2018 WFDF World Junior Ultimate Championships

The 2018 World Junior Ultimate Championships begin in Waterloo, Ontario, Canada on August 18 and conclude on August 25. Thirty-one (31)  teams from 18 different countries are scheduled - in the men's and women's division - to complete at WJUC 2018. As a comparison, WJUC 2016 had 49 teams.

18 = # of WJUC 2018 teams in the men's division

13 = # of WJUC 2018 teams in the women's division

13 = # of countries represented by two teams at WJUC 2018 teams. (Australia, Canada, Peoples Republic of China, Colombia, France, Great Britain, Germany, Italy, Japan, Mexico, Netherlands, New Zealand, and USA)

5 = # of countries represented by one team at WJUC 2018. (Belgium, Dominican Republic, Finland, Hong Kong, and Sweden)

Monday, August 13, 2018

Madison Radicals AUDL 2018 Champions

Madison Radicals finally won an AUDL Championship. The Radicals are tops in the American Ultimate Disc League after winning their 1st AUDL title.

Madison has been a consistent winner in the Midwest Division and the Radicals have always advanced to the AUDL Championship Weekend in every season. After 3 losses in the semifinals and 2 losses in the finals in past Championship Weekends, Madison won the 2018 AUDL Championship over Dallas Roughnecks by the score of 20-16 [10-8 halftime]. The Radicals held the Roughnecks to their lowest goal total in the AUDL 2018 season.

In an ISTHMUS article preceding the weekend, Radicals head coach Tim DeByl was quoted: "I feel as confident coming into a Championship Weekend as I ever have." The Radicals team collectively won a total of $20,000 in addition to the AUDL trophy. AUDL Championship Weekend VII was hosted in Madison, Wisconsin at Breese Stevens field.

Madison is the sixth different AUDL team to win the championship over 7 seasons. Radicals are the first Midwest Division team to win the AUDL trophy. Madison now posts a record of (10-5) in the AUDL postseason over six seasons.

Friday, August 10, 2018

AUDL Championship Weekend VII (2018)

The final weekend of the American Ultimate Disc League 2018 season* concludes with AUDL Championship Weekend VII. Four team representing each AUDL division have earned their spot to Madison. The Radicals are perennial contenders, Dallas Roughnecks have been here before (literally), New York Empire return to AUDL semifinals, and Los Angeles Aviators are first-timers to the AUDL Championship Weekend.

New York Empire (8-6, 2-0) vs Dallas Roughnecks (13-1, 1-0) @ 5:00 PM ET
Los Angeles Aviators (11-3, 1-0) vs Madison Radicals (12-2, 1-0) @ 8:00 PM ET

2018 AUDL Championship Game @ 1:00 PM ET

Watch on Stadium.

AUDL 2018 Postseason
The favorites from the West (Aviators), Midwest (Radicals), and South (Roughnecks) Divisions all advanced to Championship Weekend. The New York Empire (East Division) are the only semifinalist team not to win their division's regular season crown; the Empire are the first-ever team to finish in 3rd place of the division to advance to Championship Weekend.

*During the 2018 AUDL season, there was an AUDL boycott and WFDF Club Worlds.

Wednesday, August 08, 2018

2018 Youth Club Championships Results

The 2018 Youth Club Championships at USA Ultimate's U.S. Open included three divisions - boys, girls and mixed - for the Under-20 players and two divisions - boys, girls - for the Under-17 level. YCC ultimate competition concluded August 6 in Blaine, Minnesota.

YCC Boys U20
Gold: Washington DC Foggy Bottom Boys (5)
Silver: Seattle Supreme (4)
Bronze: Atlanta ATLiens (7)

YCC Girls U20
Gold: Triangle Area Warhawks (1)
Silver: Washington DC Rogue (3)
Bronze: Seattle Sauce (6)

YCC Mixed U20
Gold: San Diego Powerline (4)
Silver: Seattle Bankroll (2)
Bronze: Philadelphia Forge (6)

YCC Boys U17 
Gold: Seattle Space Jam (1)
Silver: Oregon Eruption! (12)
Bronze: Bay Area Aftershock (5)

YCC Girls U17
Gold: Cincinnati Baby Belle (2)
Silver: Seattle Insidious (1)
Bronze: Triangle Area Kitty Hawks (3)

Youth Club Championships 2018 Medals by Location

5 = # of Seattle YCC teams that won a YCC 2018 medal; one in each division at YCC 2018.

9 = # of different locations that medaled at YCC 2018.

3 = # of different locations that won multiple medals (Seattle, 5; DC, 2; Triangle Area, 2)

Monday, August 06, 2018

Results: WFDF World Masters Ultimate Club Championships 2018

Club ultimate teams from the US swept gold at WFDF 2018 World Masters Ultimate Club Championships - just like at 2018 WUCC.  Of the 23 teams representing the USA, ten (10) teams medaled.

Masters Men Division
Gold: Raleigh Boneyard
Silver: New York All Bashed Out
Bronze: Denver Johnny Encore

Masters Mixed Division
Gold: Boston Molasses Disaster
Silver: Austin 512
Bronze: San Francisco Bridge Club

Masters Women Division
Gold: Seattle iRot
Silver: Japan Mu-Syozoku
Bronze: North Carolina Ripe

Grandmasters Men Division
Gold: Minnesota Surly (GM)
Silver: Denver Johnny Walker
Bronze: Toronto Tombstone

Medal Qty Team(s)
Gold 4 Boneyard, iRot, Molasses Disaster, Surly
Silver 3 512, All Bashed Out, Johnny Walker 
Bronze 3 Bridge Club, Johnny Encore, Ripe 

4 = # of WMUCC gold medals won by US club ultimate teams [Boneyard, iRot, Molasses Disaster, Surly (GM)]

10 = total # of 2018 WMUCC medals won by US club ultimate teams

SPOTTED: Frisbee Emoji on Twitter

The day you have been waiting for since has arrived!

A frisbee emoji is an available option via desktop Twitter listed in the 'Activity' section of the emjoi menu. The flying disc emoji - as approved in Unicode 11.0 - is expected for all devices in late 2018. 

Sort of like at 2017 World Championships of Beach Ultimate, the golden yellow flying disc is available over the traditional white disc.

Sunday, August 05, 2018

Ultimate Commercial by USA Ultimate

After last year's sweet hype video about the sport of ultimate, USA Ultimate throws together another good one. This commercial, which debuted on ESPN 2 tonight, shows some live-action from a game between 2 teams of invited players.

Long live Grit and Grace. Long #LiveUltimate.

Friday, August 03, 2018

WMUCC 2018 Finals

The 2018 WFDF World Masters Ultimate Club Championship games are set. All club ultimate teams from the United States except for Japan's Mu-Syozoku in the women's division.

Masters Men Division
Raleigh-Durham Boneyard (10) vs New York All Bashed Out (4)

Masters Mixed Division
Boston Molasses Disaster (11) vs Austin 512 (3)

Masters Women Division
Seattle iRot (5) vs Japan Mu-Syozoku (3)

Grandmasters Men Division
Denver/Boulder Johnny Walker (3) vs Minneapolis Surly GM (1)

The Grandmasters final will be played on Friday, August 3rd @ 7:00p CDT. The other division will be playe don Saturday, August 4th; Master Men @ 09:30a CDT, Masters Women @ 12:00p CDT, and Masters Mixed @ 2:30p CDT.

WMUCC 2018 Semi-Finalists

Day 5 is done and 4 club ultimate teams in each division have advanced. USA is represented the most with 13 club ultimate teams; Canada (GM, MW) has 2 teams and Japan (W) has 1 club ultimate team in the semis at the WFDF World Masters Ultimate Club Championships.

Canada, Japan, and USA combined for 52 (72%) of the 72 teams competing at WMUCC.

Masters Men Division
New York All Bashed Out (USA) vs Denver Johnny Encore (USA)
Raleigh-Durham Boneyard (USA) vs Baltimore Rest Stop (USA)

Masters Mixed Division
Boston Molasses Disaster (USA) vs San Francisco Bridge Club (USA)
Austin 512 (USA) vs Southern California Members Only (USA)

Masters Women Division
Calgary Dyna (Canada) vs Seattle iRot (USA)
Mu-Syozoku (Japan) vs North Carolina  Ripe (USA)

Grandmasters Men Division
Minneapolis Surly (USA) vs Toronto Tombstone (Canada)
Denver/Boulder Johnny Walker (USA) vs Oakland Shadows (USA)

Wednesday, August 01, 2018

WFDF Overdelivered on WUCC 2018 Coverage

Back in 2014, we yearned for more video coverage of WUCC 2014 when there was a fraction of broadcasted games.

We opined:
"proper resources must be dedicated to video capture our sport. Ultimate deserves it. The players deserve it. And, the fans deserve it."

In 2014, 22 total WUCC games - including masters division - were broadcasted. In 2018, 70 more ultimate games than 2014 were streamed for a total of 92* games which calculates to coverage of ~15% of all (628) played games.
Breakdown of Live Streams at WUCC 2018
Each division saw a major increase in coverage. Men's division had 21 more broadcasted games at WUCC 2018 compared to 2014. The mixed division had 25 more broadcasted games in 2018 compared to the 2014 WUCC event. Women's division had 26 more broadcasted games in 2018 compared to WUCC 2014.

The technology for streaming live games has improved since 2014 and the location of the 2018 event - Cincinnati (USA) - certainly boosted the ability to offer so many more ultimate games to viewers than in 2014 (Lecco, Italy). WFDF announced more event coverage in March 2018 and overdelivered on its promise with knowledgeable on-air personalities plus a variety of online media portals via the Olympic Channel, Ultiworld, Fanseat, WFDF's YouTube channel, and WFDF Facebook.

The World Flying Disc Federation's World Ultimate Club Championships was a massive event. Players seemed to review positively about the tournament. WUCC 2018 felt like WFDF finally embraced the opportunity of engaging ultimate fans from around the world seeking to follow the action remotely. Hoping the 2018 live streaming model continues for WFDF's next ultimate championship events.

*The continuation of nighttime indoor semifinals streams were not double counted.

Monday, July 30, 2018

Chart: Appearances at AUDL Championship Weekend

The AUDL Madison Radicals (12-2, 1-0), Los Angeles Aviators (11-3, 1-0), New York Empire (8-6, 2-0), Dallas Roughnecks (13-1, 1-0) have advanced to the AUDL 2018 Championship Weekend (August 11-12) in Madison.

Madison advances to their (AUDL record) 6th straight appearance, while Dallas makes their 3rd consecutive appearance. New York Empire also has 3 appearances, returning to 2018 Weekend after competing there during their first 2 seasons (2013, 2014). LA Aviators advanced to their first ever AUDL Championship with last week's win in the West Division Championship.

AUDL Championship Weekend Appearances [2013-2018]

NOTE: AUDL 2012 Championship game (Philadelphia Spinners vs Indy AlleyCats) not recorded because "AUDL Championship Weekend" started in AUDL 2013 season.

Friday, July 27, 2018

WFDF World Masters Ultimate Club Championship 2018

Seventy-two teams from 13 different countries are scheduled to compete at  WFDF's 2018 World Masters Ultimate Club Championship (WMUCC) in Winnipeg, MB, Canada. Competition begins on July 29 and ends August 4.

The host country, Canada, will be represented with the most masters division ultimate teams - 24. USA is second with 23 total teams across the 4 divisions. The Masters Men and Masters Mixed Divsions both have a total of 21 teams, while the Masters Women and Grand Masters Divisions have 15 teams each.

# of Total WMUCC 2018 Teams by Country
Canada = 24
USA = 23
Japan = 5
Colombia, Great Britain = 3 ea
Australia, France, Germany, New Zealand, Republic of Korea, Singapore = 2 ea
India, Mexico = 1 ea

Tuesday, July 24, 2018

Comparison: WUCC 2018 Seed vs Finish for US Club Teams

Club ultimate teams from the US swept gold at WFDF 2018 World Ultimate Club Championships - similar to past WUCC events hosted in the United States. All U.S. club teams advanced to their division's quarterfinals at WUCC 2018. All US-based club teams combined for an impressive (109-13) win-loss record at WUCC 2018.

Overall, 9 medals were won by U.S. club teams. U.S. mixed teams won a record 4 competition medals, U.S. women's teams won 3 medals, and U.S. men's teams won 2 medals. More bronze medals were won at WUCC 2018 than previous WUCC events due to inclement weather preventing placement games in the final rounds.

US teams in WUCC Men's Division

Team Seed Finish Change
San Francisco Revolver
Austin Doublewide
Raleigh Ring of Fire

US teams in WUCC Women's Division

Team Seed Finish Change
Seattle Riot*
Boston Brute Squad
Denver Molly Brown
San Francisco Fury
Atlanta Ozone

US teams in WUCC Mixed Division

Team Seed Finish Change
Seattle BFG
Boston Slow White*
Philadelphia AMP
Boston Wild Card*
Seattle Mixtape

*did not originally qualify for WUCC.

(27-1): combined record of U.S. club teams that previously did not qualify for WUCC 2018, including 3 medals - a gold, a silver, and a bronze.

Medal Qty Team(s)
Gold 3 BFG, Revolver, Riot
Silver 1 Slow White
Bronze 5 AMP, Brute Squad, Doublewide, Molly Brown, Wild Card

The US has won 9 medals at WUCC before - just not ever in this combination.

3 = # of WUCC gold medals won by US club ultimate teams; Revolver, Riot, BFG

9 = total # of 2018 WUCC medals won by US club ultimate teams

Monday, July 23, 2018

Results: WFDF World Ultimate Club Championships 2018

The WFDF World Ultimate Club championships concluded on Saturday and US-based club teams swept gold in every division (again). Over 120 club ultimate teams competed at this international tournament.

Women's Division
Seattle Riot (7) won 15-8 [8-4 half] over Medellin Revolution (5) to win back-to-back Club Worlds titles. Riot did not originally qualify for this tournament based on their finish at 2017 USA Ultimate Club Nationals.

Men's Division
San Francisco Revolver (1) won their 3rd consecutive WUCC title with a 15-13 win [8-7 half] over Sydney Colony (4). Previous championships by Revolver were won in 2010 and 2014.

Mixed Division
Seattle BFG (3) won 15-11 [8-6 half] over Boston Slow White (9) to win their 1st Club Worlds title. BFG went (5-0) in pool play with a +46 goal differential, and would win 5 more games in the elimination brackets to win the championship.

The next World Ultimate Club Championship will occur in 2022, though the location has yet to be determined.