Monday, April 17, 2017

San Francisco Wins First Pro Mixed Ultimate Game (Cascades Cup 2017)

San Francisco FlameThrowers traveled to Seattle to play in the (Seattle) Cascades Cup. FlameThrowers won 17-16 (10-8 HT) over Seattle Cascades. This historic game took place on the same date as the inaugural AUDL games were played exactly 5 years earlier.
The 1st quarter of referee'd ultimate started with these mixed teams going 4/3 ratio (4 male/3 females), then alternating to 3/4 in the 2nd quarter and following the same format in the second half. Sam Kanner (San Francisco) started the game with the opening pull. Mark Burton (Seattle) scored the game's first point with an assist from Hana Kawai. Mac Taylor threw the FlameThrower's first goal to Brett Petersen. Former DC-area player Antoine Davis had a late game block to preserve the FlameThrowers' win and take home the $500 cash prize.

Watch the nearly 2.5 hour video replay. Or, check out the highlights.

San Francisco plans to host the FlameThrowers Cup in the AUDL 2018 season.

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