Tuesday, April 04, 2017

Dance Teams in Pro Ultimate

American Ultimate Disc League's opened their season last weekend. The San Diego Growlers lost their first game (26-31, 9-12 HT) which is getting less attention than their halftime entertainment where pole dancers from Sexy Beast Fitness performed.

The San Diego Growlers have since apologized.

This is not the first time AUDL teams have had dancers on the sidelines.

Philadelphia Spinners Dance Team, Fly Girls (2012)
The Fly Girls began gracing the sidelines at home games in 2012, and even appearing on the cover of the inaugural season's program cover. In 2013, Philly's GM was called out for spending resources on these so called "cheerleaders." The Fly Girls continue and hosted auditions for the 2015 Major League Ultimate season.
Spinners' team picture with players, coaches, cheerleaders and staff  (2012) [via]

In the American Ultimate Disc League, I found 2 other teams with mentions of dance teams:

Minnesota Wind Chill Dance Team
The team was made up of young women from the Minneapolis St. Paul area who love to dance, and will help to create a more exciting in-game experience for our fans.
Wind Chill Dance Team performing
Wind Chill Dance Team [Facebook]

Detroit Mechanix Maximum Intensity Dancers 
The MID team is described as "the official dance team for the Detroit Mechanix" and "the crowd leaders at every home game." They claim to have been trained in dance throughout their lives.

The dancers also offer a "Bolt" program for dancers under the age of 18.

Mechanix Dancers with Rusty the mascot. [via]


Min Kim said...

I think it was either 2016 or 2015, but one of the MLU's Boston Whitecaps home games featured belly dancers from a local belly dancing club in the half time show. Didn't cause any controversy, though, so memory's pretty hazy.

Anonymous said...

Was Portland Stags