Friday, April 21, 2017

Philadelphia Phoenix Phacts

The Philadelphia Phoenix, who start their 2017 AUDL season on Saturday, have had a tough run in their last three AUDL seasons.

Here are some facts about the Philadelphia Phoenix:
The Philadelphia Phoenix currently have a 15-game losing streak dating back to the 2015 season.

In their last 37 games versus current AUDL East teams, the Philadelphia Phoenix are (0-37).

Philadelphia Phoenix have never posted a win against Montreal (0-8), New York (0-11 RS, 0-1 PS), Toronto (0-9) or Ottawa (0-5). [Season 2013 thru 2016]

In 2016, the Philadelphia AUDL team went winless.

The last regular season win for Philadelphia Phoenix was on July 12, 2015 versus Rochester Dragons.

The last regular season win for Philadelphia Phoenix against a current AUDL East team happened in their inaugural season on June 29, 2013 vs D.C. Breeze.

Since 2014, Philadelphia Phoenix have won only 3 games in their last 42 games (3 AUDL seasons). All 3 wins were against Rochester Dragons, (2-1) in 2014 and (1-1) in 2015.

In the past 3 AUDL seasons, the Phoenix are (3-39); that's a dismal .071 winning %.

Philadelphia Phoenix Record (Win-Loss) by AUDL Season
2013: (9-7)
4 wins vs DC Breeze
3 wins vs New Jersey Hammerheads
2 wins vs Rochester

2014: (2-12)
Both wins vs Rochester

2015: (1-13)
Only win vs Rochester

2016: (0-14)

When asked about goals or expectations for the team in the AUDL 2017 season, former DC Breeze player and newly signed Philadelphia Phoenix player Nicky Spiva replied: "I don't have specific outcome goals/expectations. Hoping to have fun and play well as a team - hopefully we will win some games."

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