Thursday, April 20, 2017

TBT: Buzzbee Flying Disc

The Buzzbee flying disc was being sold by Altered Perception of Long Island for the price of $7.95 in the 1970's. Their print ad featured the catchphrase "Catch-A-Buzz!" along with a comic called 'The Travels of Buzzbee!' 
"The Travels of Buzzbee!" [Modified from original print ad]

"Catch-A-Buzz" print advertising for Buzzbee [via]
Yes, these discs were actually made and available for sale. Current eBay listings for the Buzzbee are priced very high at $200.
Buzzbee with packaging [via]

Buzzbee [via eBay]
UPDATE, the above Buzzbee just sold for $200 - a 2416% increase from its original price!

Yellow Buzzbee [via eBay]

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