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Best Of in 2013

bestofYep, we got some B.O.!

Accused of being a Nigerian prince was a low moment. But, there were still 425 posts in 2013 (hey, that's more than one-per-day) to help us reflect on the yesteryear!

2013's Best-Of based on traffic
Top 20 Posts

20. When a Beach dreams...
19. nice CATch!
18. CHART: USAU Bids and Frisco Qualifiers
17. Anatomy of an Ultimate Disc
16. @UltiProblems interview

15. Behind the Name: "Brick"
14. COMP: 2012 Rank vs 2013 Seed for Club teams
13. CHART: 2013 Club Season Rankings
12. Top Seeds at Regionals
11. Highest paid Ultimate player

10. Rethinking reporting of Ultimate scores
9. MLU Money Leaders
8. COMP: Pro Tickets
7. Triple Crown Tour Prize Money
6. CHART: USA U23 Roster

5. COMP: Pro Ultimate Social Media
4. CHART: Injuries in the MLU
3. CHART: Ages of Club Ultimate Players at Nationals 2013
2. RECAP: Pro Ultimate team logos
1. Mayor Honors DC's Ultimate championship team

Honorable mention: "I Hucked It"
performed & edited by Jon Pressimone, with provided lyrics.

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Monday, December 30, 2013

Ultimate Players Gift (Card) Guide

FOLLOW RULE #10!  Put those gift cards to good use toward these fine sources:

(listed in alpha order)

Hydro Pillow Case [5 Ultimate]
Ever wanted to tumble into sleep on a pillow as soft & sensuous as Five's Hydro shorts? Well, knock yourself out!....$18.

Moisture Management hat [Breakmark]
Get ahead with this flexfit, moisture wicking hat will wick the sweat away from your head and keep you shaded with its brim........$25.

Friction Gloves [Friction Gloves]
Work great in every condition: dry, hot, rain, snow, you name it. They will help you maintain a firm grip on the disc whether you're catching or throwing in the best or worst conditions.....$24.99.

U.S. State Flag shorts [SAVAGE]
Wear your state pride with State Line fully sublimated shorts. (BTW, made in the USA!)......$34.99.

STub [Sideline Ultimate]
Sideline Tub ("STub") is a storage bucket + a seat  designed for Ultimate players. It has a water-tight lid with a foam pad for 1) sitting on, 2) easy-access tabs for getting to your stuff, & 3) storage on the bottom to hold your discs.........$35.

Anytime, Anywhere Hoodie [Spin]
Don't let a lack of degrees get you down! This super soft American Apparel hoodie will get you to & from the Ultimate field in warm style.....$44.95.

8-bit Layout T-shirt [Ultees]
From the Disclip designer, a pixelated image of a layout.....$17.15.

Rules Trivia [UltiCards]
A card deck featuring trivia questions designed to teach the rules of Ultimate in a fun & informative way. Great for teachers and coaches, plus lots of fun for beginners &/or experienced players to challenge knowledge of the rules....$12.

Donation [Ultimate Peace]
Your donation goes toward sponsoring Arab Israeli, Jewish Israeli and Palestinian youth to attend Summer Camp sessions, as well as, CIT Leadership Training Program and community year round programs.

Gift Certificate [UltiPhotos]
"Develop" an appreciation for your Ultimate-loving friends and family by giving them an UltiPhotos gift certificate! The perfect gift for players, coaches, parents, or even for a whole team! All quality pics - available as download or printed - taken by professional photographers.

World Map Jersey [VC]
An abstractly artful World map by VC's Lead Graphic Designer, Tracie Ching. Colorful design wraps around to the front and back of a white jersey......$69 CAD.

History: 2012's list

Sunday, December 29, 2013

Q&A with MLU Creative Director Matt Sewell

The 2014 season MLU team home jerseys were released last month. Besides learning the "official equipment" jersey label appears to be brown (yes!),  MLU's Creative Director Matt 'Skip' Sewell provides additional behind-the-scenes details on Major League Ultimate jerseys.

Photo of MLU jersey label [provided by MLU]

SLUDGE: Are the MLU jersey types "borrowed" from an existing PUMA sport uniform (i.e., soccer, fencing, cricket), or were they made specifically for Ultimate players?
Matt 'Skip' Sewell: To say that we "borrowed" these jerseys underplays the partnership we've creating with PUMA. Our relationship with them began in September of this year, and they're a company that puts jersey production in place over a year in advance. For the 2014 season, we'll be working with select models that reflect where we believe professional Ultimate is going: torso-hugging slimmer cuts, clean lines, and bold colors with accents.

The real exciting work will develop over this next year, as we will begin work with PUMA to build completely custom gear for the MLU. We're excited about releasing more details of this as they develop.

SLUDGE: Does this mean the "final" team jerseys will be different compared to the ones released in November 2013?
Sewell: The jerseys released in November were the final designs for 2014 home jerseys. Our away jerseys will be released in January 2014. As for designing more closely with PUMA, we will be doing so as the year progresses and leading up to 2015 season.

SLUDGE: How are the logos, numbers, & names applied to each player's jersey? (sewn, silk screened, sublimated, etc.)
Sewell: Save for a few instances where we wanted true metallic colors, the jersey logos will be satin-stitched nano-weave patches [see example]. That sounds like jargon (and it is), but what it means is a product on par with what is produced for other professional sports. Numbers and names are 2-color custom vinyl cuts. Both the numbers and the patches are produced in the US. Assembly is taking place in Seattle, Washington at the same shop that creates custom work for the Seahawks, Mariners, and Sounders.
Portland Stags home jersey [provided by MLU]
SLUDGE: Has anyone/any MLU player had the opportunity to wear the PUMA jersey?
Sewell: Adam Simon of the Seattle Rainmakers served as a model for production photos and has been the only player yet to wear all 16 jerseys. Other Rainmakers have helped to size and test other portions of the kits (shorts/warmups).

SLUDGE: Does the kit design include any other wearables (e.g., socks, cleats, etc.)?
Sewell: The kits will include shorts (obviously) and full warm-ups for each team. PUMA will be making its full catalog of cleats (as well as sports gear and lifestyle wear) available to our players at a significant discount. Just like the NBA/NFL/MLB we don't want to dictate footwear to our players, but we encourage supporting our sponsors.

SLUDGE: Who is responsible for the jersey design? Did PUMA have any voice in the design(s)??
Sewell: All designs were handled in house by our creative team. We took PUMA's brand into consideration when designing. As creative director for the MLU, I've been overseeing the work and helped usher these kits through production.

SLUDGE: Where are the PUMA jerseys made?
Sewell: The PUMA jerseys are manufactured in Georgia (the country).

SLUDGE: When will replica shorts be available for purchase?
Sewell: We will be releasing replica shorts for sale in the pre-season.

##  [Photos provided by MLU. Links inserted by SLUDGE.]

Friday, December 27, 2013

Wham-O Frisbee Ad (1984)

A black and white WHAM-O ad circa 1984, "The first name in flying discs. WHAM-O 'Since 1948'". More like "Since 1957", right?
[via UPA Newsletter, Winter 1984]

Thursday, December 26, 2013

Flying Saucer Patent Received

On this date in 1967, "Steady" Ed Headrick was awarded the first utility patent on a flying disc (U.S. patent 3,359,678). Although the patent document called it a "flying saucer," Edward E. Headrick's professional model became the modern Frisbee with its band of raised ridges named for Headrick, which stabilized flight as opposed to the wobbly flight of its predecessor - the Pluto Platter. Headrick, a Wham-O employee, assigned the patent to Wham-O for $10!

Headrick's patent drawing
RELATED: Morrison's patent of a flying toy.

Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Chasing Plastic

This dog sled team looks ready in case Santa's reindeer are busy playing Ultimate.
"A dog sled team is prompted forward by a Frisbee thrown ahead of it."
[New Yorker cartoon via All Posters]

Monday, December 23, 2013

Ultimate Travel Tip

Be courteous and stow your sweaty ultimate threads for that long ride home after a tournament, or the gym, or tractice.

From the resourceful How To Do Everything podcast (Ep 110), how to properly stow your sweaty clothes. Basically, put your stinkiest clothes inside your least stinkiest clothes.

From Runner's World editor via the HDTE podcast:
"Think of your dirty workout clothes as a burrito. The tortilla would be the least stinky of your garments, which is usually the shirt of jacket. The filling is the nastiest stuff, which is usually the shorts or socks. Those all go in the middle of tortilla. And they all just get rolled up in the burrito."

(NOTE: Do not eat this burrito.)

Saturday, December 21, 2013


Great news for expanded video coverage of Ultimate games for the next two years!

USA Ultimate announced a renewed "partnership" with NexGenNetwork to provide live streaming and on-demand video coverage of the Triple Crown Tour and USA Ultimate College Championships in 2014 & 2015. The two-year agreement complements USA Ultimate's existing relationship with ESPN by offering additional coverage of pool games and other USAU events.

Mashup of USA Ultimate + NexGen

Friday, December 20, 2013

Gordon Misfires on Wildfire

The AUDL team in Wisconsin might take issue with Steve Gordon's rationale for changing the Wildfire to "Chicago."

Gordon's notion of the Wildfire being Midwestern Conference Champions is wrong since the Radicals won that game. The truth is, the Wildfire (14-3) finished first in the Midwestern Conference, AND made it to the 2013 Conference Championship, but did NOT WIN the Midwestern Conference championship.

Screenshot of Q&A
Question: Why did you decide to change the team name from Windy City to Chicago?

Gordon: "Chicago is a city of winners and we didn't believe we had earned the right to be called the Chicago Wildfire until we deserved it. We didn't accomplish our final goal, but finished as Midwestern Conference Champions, had an amazing season at 14-3 and have every intention of being AUDL Champions in 2014."

So, congrats Madison, you earned the right to be the CHICAGO Radicals! 

MLU Raises the Bar

The MLU Shop upgraded their team drinkware, which nicely flows into MLU's "strategy" for their 2014 season. One downside - the 2013 plastic ones (58 oz.) hold more liquid than the 2014 glass version (16 oz.).

2013, plastic, 58 fluid ounces:
Plastic discs [via MLU Shop]
2014, glass, 16 fluid ounces:
MLU Pint Glasses

Attendance at Ultimate Events

Attendance figures from notable Ultimate events of the year, with some 2012 data for comparison.

AUDL Championship 2012 [Detroit] (8/12/2012)
AUDL Championship 2013 [Chicago] (8/4/2013)
Madison Radicals game (5/24/2013)
Philadelphia Spinners opener (4/14/2012)
Toronto Rush opener (5/4/2013)
MLU Championship 2013 [Philadelphia] (7/13/2013)
The World Games 2013 & High Release. [Colombia] (7/28/2013)

Thursday, December 19, 2013

Ultimate f-RIM-sbee

Just in case you were wondering about the measurements of two pieces of sports equipment from different sports...here you go:

And, here's more video evidence than you probably wanted proving an Ultimate disc can fit in a basketball hoop. (Courtesy of Brodie Smith)

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

How about Frisbee Football as the Next Olympic Sport

American football has joined the ranks of Olympic sports recognition - JUST LIKE ULTIMATE! It's been suggested that a 7-on-7 version of American football is more likely to be an Olympic event than the traditional 11-on-11 format.

Hey, if the Olympics are seeking a 7-vs-7 team game featuring pass-heavy offenses and end zone scores, there's another spirited sport invented in America, and played worldwide...ULTIMATE!

On May 31st, the Executive Board of the International Olympic Committee granted the World Flying Disc Federation (WFDF) provisional IOC recognition. WFDF serves as the international sports governing body of all flying disc sports - Ultimate, Guts, Disc golf, freestyle, et al. WFDF joins 30+ other international sports federations that are recognized by the IOC but are not currently a part of the Olympic sports program.

Besides Ultimate Frisbee, some other sport federations that have received IOC recognition include: auto racing, bocce, bowling, chess, golf, korfball, lifesaving, Tug-of-war, and now...American football. 

Ultimate Compromise
A medley of both sports (Ultimate + American football) might strengthen each sport's bid to be an Olympic event. To help the collective cause, here's a modest proposal.
Ultimate will...

  • Change its name to "Frisbee Football"
  • Use a plastic flying disc instead of a leather football
  • Play with 7 players to a side
  • Feature only a passing offense
  • Play games on a football field, with 10-yard end zones
  • Play timed games, divided into quarters
  • A score will count for 6 points, not 1
  • Require players who score to spike the disc (Frisbee)

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

The Flight Brothers

Did you know the Frisbee was invented by a pilot?

On this day in 1903, the Wright Brothers took flight for 12 seconds, becoming the "first human aviators to make a controlled and sustained flight in a power-driven, heavier-than-air craft."

Thirty-four years later, Walter "Fred" Morrison got the inspiration for the human-propelled flying toy that would become the Frisbee at a family picnic by tossing the lid of a large popcorn tin. Fred later served in the Air Force as a bomber pilot in Europe during World War II.

Returning from WWII, Fred applied his new found aerodynamics knowledge to good use when he sketched a design for a new flying disc that was much more aerodynamically efficient (e.g., rim's rounded profile and plastic material) than the tin lid.
From Whirlo-Way design "Also, the leading edge of the devise
simulates the leading edge of an aero-plane wing.
Morrison called his flying disc product "Whirlo-Way," then updated it to "Flyin-Saucers," and eventually "Pluto Platter" which was sold to Wham-O, who renamed it "Frisbee."

So, Wilbur and Orville Wright did *NOT* invent the Frisbee. Though, the design of the flying disc was very likely influenced by the Wright Brothers because (the Frisbee inventor) Fred Morrison  - who was a pilot - likely would not have learned about aerodynamics without an aircraft contraption to pilot.

And that, ladies and gentlemen, is how the Wright Brothers helped the eventual invention of the Frisbee!

Final Logo-less in Seattle

While a couple of second-year AUDL team logos have changed, Seattle - an expansion team - has not pecked, er, picked their final logo.

Seattle's original dinosaur-ish logo, which currently appears on Facebook, has a clean look and is void of extras; so much so, their "Raptors" team name is plural, yet their logo text reads singular. Perhaps the excluded "s" is meant to raise awareness of the conservation status of raptor species.

An updated Seattle Raptors logo with an added (Comic Sans!) "S"
Other (different) logos for this Seattle team have appeared on AUDL's website, under the TEAMS-tab. A red crowned Raptors logo appeared briefly online and then replaced by the same, uncolored image. This Bald Eagle logo looks like a more generic bird of prey.
Raptors logo on AUDL website (Left: red-crowned, Right: Bald Eagle)
With the AUDL season set to begin in April 2014, Seattle has less than four months to hunt down their final logo.

UPDATE: The reason for the differing logos is because they represent two different entities. The original dino-logo was unofficial while the other bird-logo claims to be the "official" team account.

View the website for the official Seattle Raptors.

Monday, December 16, 2013

Ultimate Season's Greetings

From our FOAMILY to yours,
Season's Greetings!

May self-myofascial release "MAYofascial" release 
the joy of a wonderful Ultimate season!

Sunday, December 15, 2013


Today marks SEVEN years since the very first blog post. That's right, the Sludge blog ("SL-OG") has been posting on ULTIrnative topics since 2006. This blog is meant to be fun -- just like Ultimate.

Much appreciation to the Ultimate Frisbee community - foremost Sludge teammates - as constant inspiration for commentary, charts, tweets, heckles and laughs.

Thank you for visiting! And, thanks in advance for re-visiting!!

THANK U, ltimate!

Saturday, December 14, 2013

Beau Resembles a Simpsons Character

Likeness to a Simpsons character was mentioned in the San Jose Spiders' Beau-bblehead promotional video. The vest is very Nelson, but Beau's smile is so Bart.

D'OHn't let this opportunity pass to see them side-by-side:

Friday, December 13, 2013

Thursday, December 12, 2013

Ultimate Peace of Mind

The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation recently published an article "Can Ultimate Frisbee Inspire Peace in the Middle East?"on the inspiring contributions organized by Ultimate Peace.

Ultimate Peace's work makes a difference in the Middle East, and reinforces why Ultimate is such a beautiful game.

Why Ultimate: Ultimate is the perfect tool for peace building - fair play, mutual respect, and responsible sportsmanship are valued as much as winning within this international sport's unique culture. Players must learn to resolve disagreements and conflicts on the field, as there are no referees.

Donate to Ultimate Peace.

Beau Kittredge Joins San Jose Spiders

Beau Kittredge, who played with San Francisco Dogfish (MLU) in 2013, signed with San Jose Spiders for their 2014 AUDL season. In honor of this big pro Ultimate league news, a revision to the AUDL logo is in order:

Does that make his autograph worth something more valuable? 

Un-BEAU-lievably, the Spiders are offering this creative product - a Beau Bobblehead , or "Beaubblehead" - to buyers of season tickets.

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Summary of MLU Strategy

In Ultiworld's interview with Major League Ultimate's commissioner Jeff Snader, a few items of note.

  • Expansion from the existing 8 teams - specifically to the midwest - is expected in 2017.
  • Seek to compensate players $4800/season by 2017-2018.
  • Expand the season from 10, to 16, and then to 24 games by 2018. 
2014 Season
On tap for the MLU 2014 season:

"Draft" plan
Snader: "So that's the number 1 thing we wanted to improve - stadiums; their location, what they're able to provide. And, hopefully in many of them…we know our fans like to drink beer, so hopefully, we can have more beer flowing at games. We really want to make it a leg up in terms of the party that's to be had at our games. And that's the focus right now.

Later in Ultiworld's Deep Look, Charlie asks, "What are some things that you're really hoping to do differently that you learned from last year?"

Snader: "...really, it was...BEER. And, allowing people to have fun, and drink, and have a good time….You want to go watch a sporting event, and if it's dry, it's kinda like going to a party that's dry. It can still be fun, but I think we all know it's a lot more fun to party and have a few drinks and have fun with friends. So we really want to enable that. And, that's been one of our big things. Can we get alcohol at our games, so that people can…enjoy."

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Nye: No to Refs in Ultimate

Before becoming known as "The Science Guy," he was William "Bill" Nye, an opinionated Ultimate player.
"To paraphrase Winston Churchill's view of democracy, having no officials in Ultimate is the worst possible way to control the game - unless one considers any other way. Listen everybody, I am not an idealist who believes in 'holistic perspectives' or bemoans the rarity of holistic perceivers. The reason we can play Ultimate competitively is not because disc players are stricken with a higher consciousness, but because the nature of the game is different. The game just doesn't need referees."
-- Bill Nye

Bill Nye concludes his article "The Ref Question: Not Idealism, Improvement" with: "The thing that bugs me most about incorporating officials is the big chance we're missing. As Tom MacNiven mentioned, society has improved its goals through the centuries hopefully (I mean it as an adverb) moving toward a more civilized civilization. Along with this, we have used documents to document our ideals. The permanence of the Magna Carta or the US Constitution is remarkable. It is part of being civilized. The recorded thoughts are more careful - more complete. I am pointing out that a well-written set of rules could be used to resolve disputes on the filed rather than more people (i.e., observers) trying to interpret less-concise rules. We already have 14 opinions, why compound the problem. The thing is, if we give in now, we will never have a other chance. If we stumble along with inconcise and debilitating rules (it's my call) and get ref's to tangle them further, we will not have even tried to progress.

Let's try orienting the rules to the players so that they can control the game. If it doesn't work, then we can observe. But I feel we have to try. Let's improve the rules rather than add more opinions."
-- Bill Nye

[UPA Newsletter, June 1980, pg 6]

Unrelated science-y stuff ...

Exclusive Interview with Ultimate Problems

The entertaining twitter account of Ultimate Problems (@UltiProblems) began tweeting in December 2011 and has nearly 5,000 followers. Since February 2013, Ultimate Problems brought its talents to Facebook.

Just one problem when conversing with a celebrity like Ultimate Problems...what question to ask first?

Read on for our uncomplicated conversation.

SLUDGE: So, have you ever played Ultimate?
UltiProblems: Like...today? Yes.

SLUDGE: When did you first realize Ultimate might have a problem?
UltiProblems: When I first heard about the existence of Ultimate, and thought "What a stupid name for a sport. I'm not playing that." Years later, when I first played Ultimate, I wondered why it took me so long to play it for the first time. To be fair, if Ultimate was called "Flatball" I don't know if that would have made any difference.

SLUDGE: What is causing so many Ultimate problems?
UltiProblems: Playing Ultimate. Of course, playing Ultimate solves a lot of problems too. It's a vicious cycle.

SLUDGE: Who should Ultimate players ultimately blame for Ultimate problems?
UltiProblems: Sadly, we only have ourselves to blame. Us...and the wind.

SLUDGE: Based on the Ultimate Problems Registry Database, are there more or less problems in Ultimate compared to past years?
UltiProblems: The more that Ultimate is played, the more problems there are. Because math.

SLUDGE: Are all Ultimate problems really "problems"?
UltiProblems: Of course there are real problems happening all over the world. Ultimate problems are typically good because they help to keep you from getting bummed out over real life problems. Except for injuries...those suck.

SLUDGE: In 50 years, what does Ultimate Problems predict will be the top problem in Ultimate?
UltiProblems: When USA Ultimate changes the Triple Crown Tour format. Again.

SLUDGE: Have you ever misspelled the word "Ultimate"?
UltiProblems: More often than I'd like. [checks answers five more times to make sure it's spelled correctly]

SLUDGE: Has an Ultimate player ever had a problem with Ultimate Problems? If so, explain.
UltiProblems: I have been fortunate to have had very little criticism (that I am aware of), but let's just say that some Ultimate players don't appreciate jokes about weed.

SLUDGE: WHEN aren't there Ultimate problems?
UltiProblems: When you're on the line and your opponents just pulled the disc.

SLUDGE: Should Ultimate players be concerned about any upcoming Ultimate problems that Ultimate Problems may be aware of?
UltiProblems: I'm just waiting for the day that I can tweet: "We have all this caviar here but we are out of toast points. #proultimateproblems" I'm guessing that will be in the next year or two.

SLUDGE: Lastly, is there anything you would like to people to know about you/Ultimate Problems?
UltiProblems: I'm just someone who loves to play Ultimate.


Monday, December 09, 2013

Boston Walter White Caps

A METHodical merging of Breaking Bad's main character with the Boston Whitecaps alternative logo hats...Boston Walter White Caps!

Disclip for Ultimate Discs

What may look like a mangled clothes hanger is actually a simple product to securely hold an Ultimate disc. I have sampled this clever product & the Disclip is amazingly perfect.


Info: The Disclip securely and easily fastens to a disc's edge providing a simple solution for storing an Ultimate disc.  The Disclip product was invented and designed by an Ultimate player for Ultimate players.

First, slip a disc into the 'Rim Grip Loop' (see above). Next, attach the Disclip's key chain ring to anything (e.g., Ultimate bag/backpack, bicycle, a wall, carabiner, belt loop, space shuttle).  Now carry on!

If you are able to operate a paper clip, then you can figure out how to use a Disclip. A disc can easily be attached, and just as easily be removed from the Disclip's grip.  See video below.

The Disclip acts like an appendage that an Ultimate disc was always meant to have. So, the question is not whether YOU need one, it's whether YOUR DISC needs one. And, the obvious answer is: YES.

Amaze your Ultimate teammates by carrying a disc without your hands!

Reduce disc warp by storing your disc outside your Ultimate bag!

Be the first to own a Disclip before everyone else does!

Specs: 3" long; lightweight galvanized steel; includes a keychain ring. Compatible with all types of Ultimate discs - Discraft UltraStar, Innova Pulsar, Wham-O Frisbee.

EXAMPLE: A Disclip snuggly fits around the disc's edge
and gently hooks on the disc cheek

  Price: $1.99 each; 3 for $4.99

Friday, December 06, 2013

Infographic: International Flying Disc Data

USA Ultimate published this gorgeous infographic displaying World Flying Disc Federation (WFDF) data.
  • 5,225,710 = worldwide ultimate players (estimated)
  • 1,079 = worldwide ultimate teams at college/university
  • 18 = different nations have won a medal at a WFDF event
  • 7 = # of WFDF flying disc sports (Ultimate, Beach Ultimate, Disc golf, Freestyle, Double Disc Court, Goaltimate, Guts)

International Ultimate (& flying disc sports)
The chart background sure looks like a disc...Ingenious!

Thursday, December 05, 2013

DC Current 2014 Home Games To Be Played in DC

The DC Current announced their new home for their 2014 MLU season. They are not returning to Silver Spring, Maryland, where most 2013 home games were played. Not Arlington, Virginia, where one re-scheduled game was played.

The DC Current will play IN Washington, DC, at Catholic University of America. Per CUA's website, Cardinal Stadium seats 3,500, and has a turf field & Daktronics scoreboard.
Cardinal Stadium [via CUA]
WHERE: Cardinal Stadium @ John McCormack Drive, NE between Bates Rd and Taylor St, NE

PUBLIC TRANSPORTATION: Brookland-CUA Metro train & bus info

Defunct AUDL Teams

The list of defunct AUDL teams just expanded. On Tuesday, American Ultimate Disc League announced the New Jersey Hammerheads will not be returning. Seems that retaining Eastern Division is a challenge.

The collective record for the Connecticut Constitution, Rhode Island Rampage, Columbus Cranes, Buffalo Hunters, and NJ Hammerheads is 28-51 (0.354).
NOTES: Excluding Philadelphia Spinners (13-2), and Bluegrass Revolution (7-5).
Buffalo Hunters relocated to Rochester and rebranded to Dragons.

Wednesday, December 04, 2013

Mapping the 2014 World Ultimate Club Championship teams

World Flying Disc Federation's finalized the ultimate teams for its World Ultimate Club Championship (WUCC) in August 2014.
  • Forty-two (42) countries are represented
  • All (6) inhabited continents are represented, excluding Antarctica
  • The top eight (8) countries - Australia, Canada, Finland, France, Germany, Japan, U.K., U.S.A. - comprise over 50% of teams.
  • Five (5) divisions are scheduled - Open, Women, Mixed, Open Master and Women Master
  • Almost half of Earth's land is covered by countries with Ultimate teams playing at WUCC. [Size of the 42 countries = 27,659,227 sq mi out of 57,510,00 total; 48.09%]


Tuesday, December 03, 2013

[VIDEO] Scandal Championship Recognized by the D.C. Council

Today, D.C. Councilmember David Grosso (I), on behalf of the D.C. Council, presented Scandal with a Ceremonial Resolution for winning the 2013 USA Ultimate National Championships. Sam McClellan rocks the mic for Scandal.

Full presentation:

Abbreviated version:

[NOTE: this is an abbreviation version of the full  presentation; also, the audio volume is low].

UPDATE: Picture of the disc used in the post-presentation photo. [by Neeley]

Ultimate Blueprint by Beau

From Beau Kittredge's most recent Facebook posting
"...We should view the USAU, BULA, MLU, AUDL and any other ultimate organization like the walls of a house we are building that we don't have the exact blueprint for. Yes club ultimate is a strong foundation, it's important and solid and we all rely heavily upon it but we should still construct walls for our house. We shouldn't and can't all work on the same wall, I personally will help build each wall as best I can but I can only work on one at a time. Eventually I hope all the walls will come together to support a roof. Until then it is in our best interest to try to make every wall as strong as we can, to root for our friends who build other parts. It takes a lot of different talents, people, and professions to build a solid house but I am confident if we support each other we will all be able to live happily within ultimate at whatever level we wish..."

Monday, December 02, 2013

MLU Short Shorts

The 2014 home jerseys for Major League Ultimate teams are different from 2013 unis in a few ways:
1. Puma, not Five Ultimate.
2. Tagged with "Produced exclusively for the professional athletes of Major League Ultimate"
3. Sleeves are short; not 3/4 length.

Considering the shortening of the sleeves on the jersey, it is only logical that the uniform shorts will be shortened, as well. So, here's a speculative preview of MLU short shorts:

Launch of IO Magazine

Tino Tran launches an online photo project, IO Magazine, with Issue 01: An Inside Out Look at the 2013 Women's Club Season.  "If you haven't been watching women's ultimate, you haven't been watching ultimate."

IO Magazine - Issue 01: An Inside Out Look at the 2013 Women's Club Season from Tino Tran.

Sunday, December 01, 2013

Do Over: November 2013

Wayback MachineCatch up on last month's noteworthy posts you may have missed...

  • DC, done! Boston; done! Now, will the Toronto Mayor take a crack at it next?
  • NY Times coverage of Ultimate in 1972
  • Fox Sports 1 explains Ultimate things
  • Blogging lull
  • Boston Mayor Recognizes Whitecaps

    Boston Mayor Thomas M. Menino signed a Certificate of Recognition honoring the Boston Whitecaps.

    "In honor of your winning the Inaugural Major League Ultimate Championship Game and finishing the 2013 season with a perfect 12-0 record. The City of Boston is proud to add the Whitecaps to its historic list of champion sports teams.

    Congratulations and best wishes for continued success in all your future seasons."

    Image cropped from original pic.
    [via Jeff Snader]