Monday, December 30, 2013

Ultimate Players Gift (Card) Guide

FOLLOW RULE #10!  Put those gift cards to good use toward these fine sources:

(listed in alpha order)

Hydro Pillow Case [5 Ultimate]
Ever wanted to tumble into sleep on a pillow as soft & sensuous as Five's Hydro shorts? Well, knock yourself out!....$18.

Moisture Management hat [Breakmark]
Get ahead with this flexfit, moisture wicking hat will wick the sweat away from your head and keep you shaded with its brim........$25.

Friction Gloves [Friction Gloves]
Work great in every condition: dry, hot, rain, snow, you name it. They will help you maintain a firm grip on the disc whether you're catching or throwing in the best or worst conditions.....$24.99.

U.S. State Flag shorts [SAVAGE]
Wear your state pride with State Line fully sublimated shorts. (BTW, made in the USA!)......$34.99.

STub [Sideline Ultimate]
Sideline Tub ("STub") is a storage bucket + a seat  designed for Ultimate players. It has a water-tight lid with a foam pad for 1) sitting on, 2) easy-access tabs for getting to your stuff, & 3) storage on the bottom to hold your discs.........$35.

Anytime, Anywhere Hoodie [Spin]
Don't let a lack of degrees get you down! This super soft American Apparel hoodie will get you to & from the Ultimate field in warm style.....$44.95.

8-bit Layout T-shirt [Ultees]
From the Disclip designer, a pixelated image of a layout.....$17.15.

Rules Trivia [UltiCards]
A card deck featuring trivia questions designed to teach the rules of Ultimate in a fun & informative way. Great for teachers and coaches, plus lots of fun for beginners &/or experienced players to challenge knowledge of the rules....$12.

Donation [Ultimate Peace]
Your donation goes toward sponsoring Arab Israeli, Jewish Israeli and Palestinian youth to attend Summer Camp sessions, as well as, CIT Leadership Training Program and community year round programs.

Gift Certificate [UltiPhotos]
"Develop" an appreciation for your Ultimate-loving friends and family by giving them an UltiPhotos gift certificate! The perfect gift for players, coaches, parents, or even for a whole team! All quality pics - available as download or printed - taken by professional photographers.

World Map Jersey [VC]
An abstractly artful World map by VC's Lead Graphic Designer, Tracie Ching. Colorful design wraps around to the front and back of a white jersey......$69 CAD.

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