Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Final Logo-less in Seattle

While a couple of second-year AUDL team logos have changed, Seattle - an expansion team - has not pecked, er, picked their final logo.

Seattle's original dinosaur-ish logo, which currently appears on Facebook, has a clean look and is void of extras; so much so, their "Raptors" team name is plural, yet their logo text reads singular. Perhaps the excluded "s" is meant to raise awareness of the conservation status of raptor species.

An updated Seattle Raptors logo with an added (Comic Sans!) "S"
Other (different) logos for this Seattle team have appeared on AUDL's website, under the TEAMS-tab. A red crowned Raptors logo appeared briefly online and then replaced by the same, uncolored image. This Bald Eagle logo looks like a more generic bird of prey.
Raptors logo on AUDL website (Left: red-crowned, Right: Bald Eagle)
With the AUDL season set to begin in April 2014, Seattle has less than four months to hunt down their final logo.

UPDATE: The reason for the differing logos is because they represent two different entities. The original dino-logo was unofficial while the other bird-logo claims to be the "official" team account.

View the website for the official Seattle Raptors.

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