Wednesday, December 18, 2013

How about Frisbee Football as the Next Olympic Sport

American football has joined the ranks of Olympic sports recognition - JUST LIKE ULTIMATE! It's been suggested that a 7-on-7 version of American football is more likely to be an Olympic event than the traditional 11-on-11 format.

Hey, if the Olympics are seeking a 7-vs-7 team game featuring pass-heavy offenses and end zone scores, there's another spirited sport invented in America, and played worldwide...ULTIMATE!

On May 31st, the Executive Board of the International Olympic Committee granted the World Flying Disc Federation (WFDF) provisional IOC recognition. WFDF serves as the international sports governing body of all flying disc sports - Ultimate, Guts, Disc golf, freestyle, et al. WFDF joins 30+ other international sports federations that are recognized by the IOC but are not currently a part of the Olympic sports program.

Besides Ultimate Frisbee, some other sport federations that have received IOC recognition include: auto racing, bocce, bowling, chess, golf, korfball, lifesaving, Tug-of-war, and now...American football. 

Ultimate Compromise
A medley of both sports (Ultimate + American football) might strengthen each sport's bid to be an Olympic event. To help the collective cause, here's a modest proposal.
Ultimate will...

  • Change its name to "Frisbee Football"
  • Use a plastic flying disc instead of a leather football
  • Play with 7 players to a side
  • Feature only a passing offense
  • Play games on a football field, with 10-yard end zones
  • Play timed games, divided into quarters
  • A score will count for 6 points, not 1
  • Require players who score to spike the disc (Frisbee)

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