Friday, December 20, 2013

Gordon Misfires on Wildfire

The AUDL team in Wisconsin might take issue with Steve Gordon's rationale for changing the Wildfire to "Chicago."

Gordon's notion of the Wildfire being Midwestern Conference Champions is wrong since the Radicals won that game. The truth is, the Wildfire (14-3) finished first in the Midwestern Conference, AND made it to the 2013 Conference Championship, but did NOT WIN the Midwestern Conference championship.

Screenshot of Q&A
Question: Why did you decide to change the team name from Windy City to Chicago?

Gordon: "Chicago is a city of winners and we didn't believe we had earned the right to be called the Chicago Wildfire until we deserved it. We didn't accomplish our final goal, but finished as Midwestern Conference Champions, had an amazing season at 14-3 and have every intention of being AUDL Champions in 2014."

So, congrats Madison, you earned the right to be the CHICAGO Radicals! 

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