Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Summary of MLU Strategy

In Ultiworld's interview with Major League Ultimate's commissioner Jeff Snader, a few items of note.

  • Expansion from the existing 8 teams - specifically to the midwest - is expected in 2017.
  • Seek to compensate players $4800/season by 2017-2018.
  • Expand the season from 10, to 16, and then to 24 games by 2018. 
2014 Season
On tap for the MLU 2014 season:

"Draft" plan
Snader: "So that's the number 1 thing we wanted to improve - stadiums; their location, what they're able to provide. And, hopefully in many of them…we know our fans like to drink beer, so hopefully, we can have more beer flowing at games. We really want to make it a leg up in terms of the party that's to be had at our games. And that's the focus right now.

Later in Ultiworld's Deep Look, Charlie asks, "What are some things that you're really hoping to do differently that you learned from last year?"

Snader: "...really, it was...BEER. And, allowing people to have fun, and drink, and have a good time….You want to go watch a sporting event, and if it's dry, it's kinda like going to a party that's dry. It can still be fun, but I think we all know it's a lot more fun to party and have a few drinks and have fun with friends. So we really want to enable that. And, that's been one of our big things. Can we get alcohol at our games, so that people can…enjoy."

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