Monday, December 09, 2013

Disclip for Ultimate Discs

What may look like a mangled clothes hanger is actually a simple product to securely hold an Ultimate disc. I have sampled this clever product & the Disclip is amazingly perfect.


Info: The Disclip securely and easily fastens to a disc's edge providing a simple solution for storing an Ultimate disc.  The Disclip product was invented and designed by an Ultimate player for Ultimate players.

First, slip a disc into the 'Rim Grip Loop' (see above). Next, attach the Disclip's key chain ring to anything (e.g., Ultimate bag/backpack, bicycle, a wall, carabiner, belt loop, space shuttle).  Now carry on!

If you are able to operate a paper clip, then you can figure out how to use a Disclip. A disc can easily be attached, and just as easily be removed from the Disclip's grip.  See video below.

The Disclip acts like an appendage that an Ultimate disc was always meant to have. So, the question is not whether YOU need one, it's whether YOUR DISC needs one. And, the obvious answer is: YES.

Amaze your Ultimate teammates by carrying a disc without your hands!

Reduce disc warp by storing your disc outside your Ultimate bag!

Be the first to own a Disclip before everyone else does!

Specs: 3" long; lightweight galvanized steel; includes a keychain ring. Compatible with all types of Ultimate discs - Discraft UltraStar, Innova Pulsar, Wham-O Frisbee.

EXAMPLE: A Disclip snuggly fits around the disc's edge
and gently hooks on the disc cheek

  Price: $1.99 each; 3 for $4.99


RHL said...

So.. would you 100% trust this clipped to your backpack for Ultimate? (i.e. you'd load a disc at home.. walk out of the house.. Bike or throw the bag in the car and drive to a game.. then take the bag to the field to play and be completely confident that the disc will still be attached? (i.e. an alternative solution for buying a bag with a disc pocket covered in a velcro strap)

Sludge said...

Good question. I had a similar fear that my Disclip'd disc would fall off my backpack. It's a realistic fear, which subsided less than 5 minutes into my walk to my Ultimate game. The Disclip held my disc which survived moving back & forth attached to a backpack for about 1 mile. So, 99.9% guarantee!

RHL said...

Great to know! Sounds awesome.. I may have to approach them about coming out to Fools Fest to help make folks aware of them!

Tom Lupien said...

Do you know if they still sell these? I have seen plastic ones but this type seems to be better...

Sludge said...

I think the metal Disclips are no longer sold and thus a collectors item. They offer newly designed modern plastic ones.