Tuesday, December 03, 2013

Ultimate Blueprint by Beau

From Beau Kittredge's most recent Facebook posting
"...We should view the USAU, BULA, MLU, AUDL and any other ultimate organization like the walls of a house we are building that we don't have the exact blueprint for. Yes club ultimate is a strong foundation, it's important and solid and we all rely heavily upon it but we should still construct walls for our house. We shouldn't and can't all work on the same wall, I personally will help build each wall as best I can but I can only work on one at a time. Eventually I hope all the walls will come together to support a roof. Until then it is in our best interest to try to make every wall as strong as we can, to root for our friends who build other parts. It takes a lot of different talents, people, and professions to build a solid house but I am confident if we support each other we will all be able to live happily within ultimate at whatever level we wish..."

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