Saturday, March 31, 2018

Season 7: AUDL Starts Today

The American Ultimate Disc League starts today. Twenty-three teams across four divisions play in a 16-week regular season vie to advance to AUDL Championship Weekend (August 11 and 12) in Madison.

Sludge's 40th Season Begins

WAFC's spring 2018 clique league is scheduled to start today!  This season marks Sludge's 40th season (20 consecutive years) of playing league ultimate in the DC-area.


Friday, March 30, 2018

Sportsbook: 2018 Pro Ultimate Games - AUDL

Betting lines - point spreads - for semi-professional ultimate games are for entertainment purposes only. Regular season lines are copied from AUDL's Pick'em Challenge.

View the full American Ultimate Disc League 2018 schedule.

Week 8
Friday, May 18
Seattle Cascades @ San Francisco FlameThrowers (-2.5)

Saturday, May 19
Minnesota Wind Chill (-4.5) @ Pittsburgh Thunderbirds
DC Breeze @ Toronto Rush (-3.5)
Madison Radicals (-2.5) @ Chicago Wildfire
Philadelphia Phoenix @ New York Empire (-2.5)
Atlanta Hustle @ Austin Sol (-2.5)
Tampa Bay Cannons (-2.5) @ Nashville NightWatch
Los Angeles Aviators (-2.5) @ San Diego Growlers
Seattle Cascades @ San Jose Spiders (-3.5)

Sunday, May 20
Minnesota Wind Chill (-5.5) @ Detroit Mechanix
DC Breeze @ Montreal Royal (-2.5)
Ottawa Outlaws @ Toronto Rush (-3.5)
Atlanta Hustle @ Dallas Roughnecks (-3.5)

Week 7
Saturday, May 12
Detroit Mechanix @ Minnesota Wind Chill (-4.5)
Tampa Bay Cannons @ Atlanta Hustle (-1.5)
Raleigh Flyers (-3.5) @ DC Breeze
New York Empire (-2.5) @ Philadelphia Phoenix
Pittsburgh Thunderbirds @ Chicago Wildfire (-3.5)
Dallas Roughnecks @Austin Sol (-1.5)
San Francisco FlameThrowers @ San Jose Spiders (-3.5)

Sunday, May 13
Detroit Mechanix @ Madison Radicals (-5.5)
Toronto Rush (-3.5) @ Montreal Royal
Los Angeles Aviators (-2.5) @ Seattle Cascades
Pittsburgh Thunderbirds @ Indianapolis AlleyCats (-5.5)

Week 6
Friday, May 4
San Jose Spiders @ San Diego Growlers (-1.5)

Saturday, May 5
Philadelphia Phoenix @ Montreal Royal (-2.5)
Madison Radicals (-1.5) @ Minnesota Wind Chill
Austin Sol (-1.5) @ Atlanta Hustle
Indianapolis AlleyCats (-3.5) @ Detroit Mechanix
DC Breeze @ New York Empire (-2.5)
Tampa Bay Cannons @ Raleigh Flyers (-3.5)
San Francisco FlameThrowers (-1.5) @ Seattle Cascades
San Jose Spiders @ Los Angeles Aviators (-4.5)

Sunday, May 6
Philadelphia Phoenix @ Ottawa Outlaws (-3.5)
Austin Sol (-2.5) @ Nashville NightWatch
Indianapolis AlleyCats (-2.5) @ Pittsburgh Thunderbirds

Week 5
Friday, April 27
Raleigh Flyers (-1.5) @ Austin Sol
San Diego Growlers @ San Jose Spiders (-2.5)

Saturday, April 28
Montreal Royal @ Ottawa Outlaws (-1.5)
DC Breeze (-2.5) @ Philadelphia Phoenix
Pittsburgh Thunderbirds @ Madison Radicals (-5.5)
Nashville NightWatch @ Tampa Bay Cannons (-3.5)
Raleigh Flyers @ Dallas Roughnecks (-2.5)
Indianapolis AlleyCats @ Chicago Wildfire (-3.5)
San Diego Growlers @ San Francisco FlameThrowers (-4.5)

Week 4
Saturday, April 21
Madison Radicals (-6.5) @ Detroit Mechanix
Montreal Royal (-3.5) @ Philadelphia Phoenix
Tampa Bay Cannons @ Atlanta Hustle (-2.5)
Chicago Wildfire @ Minnesota Wind Chill (-1.5)
Ottawa Outlaws @ New York Empire (-3.5)
Pittsburgh Thunderbirds @ Indianapolis AlleyCats (-1.5)
Raleigh Flyers (-6.5) @ Nashville NightWatch
Toronto Rush (-2.5) @ San Francisco FlameThrowers
Seattle Cascades @ San Diego Growlers (-5.5)

Sunday, April 22
Austin Sol @ Dallas Roughnecks (-2.5)  MOVED FROLM SATURDAY
Ottawa Outlaws @ DC Breeze (-3.5)
San Jose Spiders @ Los Angeles Aviators (-2.5)

Week 3
Saturday, April 14
Chicago Wildfire @ Pittsburgh Thunderbirds (-1.5)
Toronto Rush (-2.5) @ New York Empire
Raleigh Flyers (-4.5) @ Tampa Bay Cannons
Los Angeles Aviators @ Austin Sol (-1.5)
Atlanta Hustle (-4.5) @ Nashville NightWatch
San Diego Growlers @ Seattle Cascades (-3.5)
San Francisco FlameThrowers @ San Jose Spiders (-2.5)
Minnesota Wind Chill @ Madison Radicals (-3.5) POSTPONED due to weather

Sunday, April 15
Toronto Rush (-5.5) @ Philadelphia Phoenix
Los Angeles Aviators @ Dallas Roughnecks (-3.5)

Week 2
Saturday, April 7
Detroit Mechanix @ Pittsburgh Thunderbirds (-5.5)
Montreal Royal @ DC Breeze (-1.5)
Dallas Roughnecks @ Raleigh Flyers (-3.5)
Atlanta Hustle @ Tampa Bay Cannons (-4.5)
Madison Radicals (-1.5) @ Indianapolis AlleyCats
San Diego Growlers @ Los Angeles Aviators (-4.5)
Minnesota Wind Chill (-5.5) @ Seattle Cascades
San Jose Spiders @ San Francisco FlameThrowers (-3.5)

Sunday, April 8
Montreal Royal @ Philadelphia Phoenix (-1.5)  POSTPONED due to weather

Week 1
Saturday, March 31
Indianapolis AlleyCats (-5.5) @ Detroit Mechanix
Tampa Bay Cannons @  Raleigh Flyers (-4.5)

Thursday, March 29, 2018

WAFC's April Fools Fest 2018

Nearly 50 ultimate teams are heading to Fredericksburg,Virginia, for the annual shenanigans that is Fools Fest
Play starts on Friday, March 31 and ends on Sunday, April 1.

The theme for Fools Fest 41 is the state fair! For 2018, Fools Fest will replace flipping for pull and side with spirit games. Each team will play a short (less than 5 min) spirit game with their opponent to begin each round. The spirit game must be state fair themed and not be dependent on alcohol. The "home team" (AKA the team listed first in the program) will play their spirit game to decide who will start on offense/defense. The "away team" (AKA the team listed second in the program) will play their spirit game to decide which side of the field each team starts on. As part of registration, each team was required to send a poem that describes their team, their theme, and their spirit game.

As always, the action photos from Fools Fest are the funnest.

Wednesday, March 28, 2018

Upwind Ultimate's The Crosswind Tour Stop in the DC area Today

The Crosswind Tour (XWTour) began in early January 2018 and is scheduled to end in April in California. The XWTour stops in the DC area this afternoon- March 28 - with a visit to Arlington Public Library.

Join Upwind and the founders of the American Equity Invite to talk about how youth can make an impact in the future change of ultimate.

The mission of the American Equity Invite is "as a youth girls Ultimate Frisbee team is to create a tournament environment that solely focuses on the youth girls division. While the opportunities for female-identifying and non-binary players have increased over the years, we still feel that we do not have the same access to Ultimate as our male-identifying counterparts. By hosting this unique tournament, we hope to highlight the strength of youth girls Ultimate nation-wide by catering to the needs of highly competitive teams all over the country. Our goal is not only to make a statement to those not involved with the youth girls division that there is immense talent, a relatively untapped market, and enormous potential in these young players, but also to provide a safe and encouraging environment where female-identifying and non-binary youth can find further strength and confidence in their athleticism, competitiveness, and ability to lead. We plan to establish this positive tournament culture and environment by having this tournament run by a group of the people it is meant to benefit and by taking feedback throughout the tournament and planning process."

Upwind Ultimate's vision is to increase the value and visibility of women in ultimate by investing in gender equity initiatives. This event is part of The Crosswind Tour, where we will connect with thousands of people in over 40 cities across North America.

Thursday, March 22, 2018

Review of American Ultimate Disc League 2017 Jerseys

Not every American Ultimate Disc League team updated their jerseys in the 2017 season. The AUDL teams that did are reviewed with their 2016 jersey as a comparison. A more thorough AUDL jersey review was conducted for all teams for the 2016 season.

Toronto Rush

Light: Major improvement from 2016 to 2017. The Rush logo pops and the black patch across the shoulder favorably frames this jersey.

Dark: The red Rush logo on a red shirt (2016)? So bad. The red Rush logo on a black jersey? So good! Lines on the breastplace and shoulder blades lend a nice textured flow to the 2017 jersey.

Detroit Mechanix

Light: Detroit improved in 2017; especially like the circled number on the back similar to the  numbering style on a race car.

Dark: Not much change from 2016 except the better branding of Detroit instead of 2016's "motor city."

Ottawa Outlaws

Light: Hey! Ottawa Outlaws got itself a new alternative "OO" logo! And with it, a major improvement from 2016 to 2017.

Dark: The horse head is more reasonably sized on the 2017 jersey which looks better, of course, of course. And, Ottawa successfully pulls off putting their green OUTLAWS team name on a green jersey.

Philadelphia Phoenix

Light/Dark: Philadelphia improves in 2017 with a more crisp look. The Phoenix flames add a subtle texture to the shirt. Though, the 2017 design shows up much better on the white jersey (above) than the red (below).

Atlanta Hustle

Light: The 2017 top is identical to 2016's except "ATL" was replaced with the Hustle's H logo which represents nicely on the left chest.

Dark: Gone is the so-very-purple tops. Atlanta smartly decreased the use of purple in 2017 for a predominantly black jersey.

Minnesota Wind Chill

Light: In 2017, Minnesota reigned in their abstract design concepts in favor of the outdoor elements - icicles on the shoulders and evergreens on bottom - which give prominence to their clean M logo.

Dark: The Wind Chill carry over the basic design from 2016, but with better clarity; less competing shapes and lines in 2017.

Vancouver Riptide

Light/Dark: Vancouver ripped up their 2016 jerseys for a more basic jersey in 2017. The riptide-y "R" was a new identity for the team. The most interesting element for this jersey was the Hyperloop | One sponsorship.
New York Empire

Dark: The 2016 New York Empire's simple and minimal dark jersey did not need a change, yet unfortunately in 2017 an ambiguous pattern (bleh!) was added and an unknown sponsor replaced the team name.

Dallas Roughnecks

Dark: Dallas needed to update its busy jersey from 2016. The Roughnecks simplified in 2017 for the better and satisfactorily addorn the back with an oil derrick.

San Diego Growlers

Light: Seriously, someone forgot to design San Diego's jersey for the 2017 season.

Dark: San Diego's dark jerseys in 2017 had a diamond (or is it a fence?) pattern that does not add much to the black top. The Growlers name is better sized across the chest than in 2016.


AUDL team custom jerseys are available for $50 each via the AUDL Online Shop.

Monday, March 19, 2018

Breakdown of AUDL Game of the Week 2018 Schedule

Fifteen out of the 23 American Ultimate Disc League teams will be featured on the AUDL 'Game of the Week' in the 2018 regular season.  There will be a total of 16 games - one game every week - during the regular season. AUDL East teams will be broadcast the most (10 times), followed by South teams (9 times), then Midwest (7) and West (6). Washington, D.C. Breeze and Raleigh Flyers will be broadcast 4 times each — including their Week 7 matchup.

Week 1: Tampa Bay Cannons at Raleigh Flyers; Saturday, March 31 @ 7:00PM
Week 2: Montreal Royal at DC Breeze; Saturday, April 7 @ 6:30PM
+Week 3: Los Angeles Aviators at Austin Sol; Saturday, April 14 @ 8:00PM
+Week 4: Toronto Rush at San Francisco FlameThrowers; Saturday, April 21 @ 9:30PM
Week 5: Raleigh Flyers at Dallas Roughnecks; Saturday, April 28 @ 7:00PM
Week 6: San Jose Spiders at Los Angeles Aviators; Saturday, May 5 @ 9:00PM
+Week 7: Raleigh Flyers at DC Breeze; Saturday, May 12 @ 6:30PM
Week 8: Madison Radicals at Chicago Wildfire; Saturday, May 19 @ 7:00PM
+Week 9: Raleigh Flyers at Madison Radicals; Saturday, May 26 @ 7:00PM
Week 10: Indianapolis AlleyCats at Minnesota Wind Chill; Saturday, June 2 @ 6:00PM
Week 11: Toronto Rush at DC Breeze; Saturday, June 9 @ 6:30PM
Week 12: New York Empire at Montreal Royal; Saturday, June 16 @ 6:00PM
Week 13: Los Angeles Aviators at San Jose Spiders; Saturday, June 23 @ 10:00PM
Week 14: Indianapolis AlleyCats at Madison Radicals; Saturday, June 30 @ 7:00PM
Week 15: Tampa Bay Cannons at Dallas Roughnecks; Saturday, July 7 @ 8:00PM
Week 16: New York Empire at DC Breeze; Saturday, July 14 @ 6:30PM

+Four inter-divisional games (Weeks 3, 4, 7, 9).

Friday, March 16, 2018

Ranking Universe Point Cleats for AUDL Teams

Universe Point was named the official "athletic footwear sponsor" (cleat) of the American Ultimate Disc League. All AUDL players have the option of wearing team-branded cleats for the first time in league history.

Below is a ranking - based on logo and style - of each AUDL team's boot for the 2018 season:
[listed from Worst (23) to Best (1)]

23. Dallas Roughnecks
The Roughnecks logo does not render well as a standalone and the ugly shape around the city-team name looks especially weird.

22. Philadelphia Phoenix
The Phoenix bird looks more like a fire rooster and just gets lost on what should be an eye-pooping boot. The text display is less than optimal.

21. San Francisco Flame Throwers
The team name looks cramped, and the gray streaks near the midsole are a distraction. Should have kept it simple and used only the logo.

20. Ottawa Outlaws
Bravo for fitting the entire "OUTLAWS" name on the cleat. Though, appears there's a wandering gray something (shadow?) below the "O."

19. Nashville NightWatch
The white lines give the black cleats a clean look, altohugh their new shield logo get washed out.

18. Seattle Cascades
Missed opportunity to have Casey the Sasquatch's mug slapped on a pair of cleats. As is, just too many words for my liking.

17. DC Breeze
Trying to fit too much on too little space -- the words besides "BREEZE" are lost. Props for the different colors for the red cleat tips and on the blue topline.

16. Chicago Wildfire
The standalone orange Wildfire logo is vague yet fits well. Still not a fan of the typography for the city and team name.

15. Indianapolis AlleyCats
While the AlleyCats logo - as just a cat head - finally takes on a form worth applauding, the "AlleyCats" looks too generic.

14. Madison Radicals
Would have liked to have seen the cleat in the back complete the logo's lightning bolt which is cut-off at the bottom. The tri-color diagonals sure are pretty.

13. Austin Sol
The 6-stringed sun logo from Austin's shield shows well. The city-team name reads a little awkward, yet is legible.

12. Los Angeles Aviators
The pilot scarf is well-angled around the heel. The line between the city name and "AVIATORS" help guide a smooth landing for a lengthy team name. Plus, the slight tilt of "AVIATORS" renders well.

11. Montreal Royal
The Royal shield and city-team name fit attractively on this white boot replete the lines along the toebox.

10. Toronto Rush
The 4-letter word "RUSH" is positioned so nicely on the black cleat; not so much for "Toronto."

9. Raleigh Flyers
Though the logo is a tad obscured, the wordmark maximizes its available space along the upper section of the boot. Plus, the blue lines along the toebox  provide nice accentuated flow.

8. San Diego Growlers
The slight angle superbly displays the team name without disruption, plus the red backing connects well to the red topline interior of the boot.

7. New York Empire
A variation of the NY's standard logo adeptly appears on the heel. The bight green distinguishes the Empire cleat.

6. Tampa Bay Cannons
The cryptic image from the Cannons' secondary logo delightfully spans the side of this boot.

5. Detroit Mechanix
The black outsole and heel make this cleat stand out.

4.Pittsburgh Thunderbirds
The Pittsburgh colors display beautifully on the black cleat. The Thunderbirds logo is a bit smooshed, but otherwise excellent.

3. Minnesota Wind Chill
The lines of the Wind Chill logo and the cleat diagonals congruently play well with one another.

2. San Jose Spiders
The lone spider, which is a variant of their standard logo, looks sharp on the white cleat. The gold laces are a neat touch to this clean-looking cleat.

1. Atlanta Hustle
The Hustle "H" is perfectly positioned on the cleat and accentuated with the team name.

[Images via UP]

Tuesday, March 13, 2018

18 More Days Until AUDL 2018 Begins

The 2018 season of American Ultimate Disc League begins in 18 days. This year featuring 23 teams in 4 divisions will be AUDL's 7th season of semi-pro ultimate.  The March 31 start date is the earliest the AUDL has begun in its 7 year history.

Start Date of AUDL Seasons
2012: April 14
2013: April 12
2014: April 13
2015: April 11
2016: April 2
2017: April 1
2018: March 31

Tuesday, March 06, 2018

Beau Kittredge Joins New York Empire for AUDL 2018 Season

According to Beau's self-published article on Skyd, he will be on the roster of the New York Empire for the 2018 season of American Ultimate Disc League. In his own words, Beau says: "I have no contract and no written agreement with the New York Empire." Previously, Beau has played for the San Jose Spiders (2014-15), Dallas Roughnecks (2016), and San Francisco FlameThrowers (2017).
New York finished 4th in the East Division with a (6-8) record in 2017, and missed the postseason for the first time in their 5 seasons.

In February 2018, Beau told Evan Lepler: "I have no idea. At this point, I honestly have no idea where I'm gonna play."

In January 2018, Beau wrote: "I will put a priority on playing in the league most willing to make pro ultimate a reality for everyone.

In 2018, I will play for free in the AUDL city most willing to help AUDLx [a mixed-gender league]. If that does not happen, I will play for the city most willing to give female athletes the resources, spotlight and media coverage they deserve."
Welcome to the AUDL East, Beau!