Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Beau Takes a Pay Cut in 2017 AUDL Season

As reported by Evan Lepler [Tuesday Toss; January 17, 2017], Beau Kittredge will join the San Francisco FlameThrowers for the AUDL 2017 season.

Beau is quoted as saying: "Last year, I tried to grow the sport with energy, money, and the all-important (Dallas Roughnecks owner) Jim [Gerencser] factor.  This year, I will get paid the same as everyone else on the team. This year, I will try to grow the sport with just love, putting together a team of people who want to win, love the sport, and each other."

His pro ultimate salary in 2016 was reportedly in the "ballpark" of $50,000 with the Dallas Roughnecks. His 2017 pay will probably be around $25-$75 per game for the FlameThrowers.

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