Monday, February 12, 2018

AUDL Errs League Map with Portland Location

The American Ultimate Disc League updated its "The League" map and attempted to conflate its past 2017 season with 2018 updates.

  • Jacksonville Cannons (2017) have become Tampa Bay Cannons (2018)
  • The Nashville logo is circa 2017 instead of the updated 2018 NightWatch shield logo
  • The 2017 Championship Weekend is plotted in Montreal, while we know the 2018 AUDL postseason tournament will be hosted in Madison
  • Portland - formerly the Vancouver Riptide franchise - is incorrectly shown in Washington state

With the loss of Vancouver Riptide (and addition of Portland), the AUDL became more "American" Ultimate Disc League.

Wednesday, February 07, 2018

[Compilation] Universe Point Cleats for AUDL Teams

Team-branded cleats for American Ultimate Disc League teams are the newest fashion trend for the upcoming 2018 season. Below are just some of the teams that have shown off their new footwear supplied by Universe Point:

Madison Radicals
Minnesota Wind Chill
Nashville NightWatch
Pittsburgh Thunderbirds
Raleigh Flyers
San Jose Spiders
Seattle Cascades

The color-coordinated cleat tips and along the topline make these cleats especially sharp.

Tuesday, February 06, 2018

Projected AUDL Cross-Divisional Matchups in 2018

The American Ultimate Disc League teased their 2018 schedule with an expanded cross-divisional matchups. In the 2017 season, AUDL had 4 cross-divisional games in the regular season.

If, if, if next season's cross division games were scheduled based on how teams finished within their division in the 2017 regular season, here would be the hypothetical match-ups for all 2017 teams:

1st-place finish in the Division
Raleigh Flyers (13-1) @ Madison Radicals (12-2) *
Toronto Rush (11-3) @ San Francisco FlameThrowers (10-4) *

2nd place in the Division
LA Aviators (9-5) @ Dallas Roughnecks (11-3) *
Minnesota Wind Chill (11-3) @ DC Breeze (10-4)

3rd place in the Division
San Jose Spiders (8-6) @ Montreal Royal (9-5)
Tampa Bay Cannons (10-4) @ Pittsburgh Thunderbirds (9-5)

4th place in the Division
New York Empire (6-8) @ Seattle Cascades (7-7)
Atlanta Hustle (5-9) @ Indianapolis AlleyCats (5-9)

5th place in the Division
Philadelphia Phoenix (4-10) @ San Diego Growlers (7-7)
Chicago Wildfire (3-11) @ Austin Sol (4-10)

Last place in the Division
Vancouver Riptide (1-13) @ Ottawa Outlaws (2-12)
Nashville NightWatch @ Detroit Mechanix (1-13)

As of today, only 4 cross-divisional games have been released; three* of which follow the divisional finish logic plus a 2nd-vs-4th place meeting between Minnesota Wind Chill (3rd in Midwest) and Seattle Cascades (4th in West). The other 2nd-vs-4th scenarios besides Minnesota Wind Chill (11-3) vs Seattle Cascades (7-7) would be:

Indianapolis AlleyCats (5-9) vs LA Aviators (9-5)
Dallas Roughnecks (11-3) vs New York Empire (6-8)
Atlanta Hustle (5-9) vs DC Breeze (10-4)

NOTE: Vancouver is not scheduled to play in the 2018 AUDL season.

Monday, February 05, 2018

Super Bowl Champion and MVP Nick Foles Reported to Have Ultimate Frisbee Skills

Philadelphia Eagles backup QB Nick Foles completed 28-of-43 passes for 373 yards, three touchdowns, one interception, and a touchdown catch to win Super Bowl 52.

The New York Times reported about Foles' skills in Ultimate Frisbee. Eagles wide receiver Nelson Agholor is quoted: "You've got to see him in Ultimate Frisbee. We do a little conditioning in Ultimate Frisbee in the off-season. This dude's got hands. got routes. Stupid athletic."
Those stupid athletic hands came in clutch during the Super Bowl...

Again, NYT claims Foles as being a standout at ultimate Frisbee.
No word on why NYT's first reference to the sport was uppercase "U"ltimate Frisbee, and the second reference was lowercase "u"ltimate Frisbee.

Friday, February 02, 2018

Calendar of Ultimate Events in Summer 2018

The 2018 summer is going to be busy with USA Ultimate's Triple Crown Tour-naments, the WFDF Club Championships, and the American Ultimate Disc League's final weekend. 
7-8: USAU Pro-Elite Challenge (Broomfield, CO)
14-21: WFDF World Ultimate Club Championships (Lebanon, OH)
20-22: USAU Masters Championships (Aurora, IL)
28-29: USAU Select Flight Invite (Salt Lake City, UT)
29-: WFDF World Masters Ultimate Club Championships (Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada)...

-4: WFDF World Masters Ultimate Club Championships (Winnipeg, MB)
3-6: U.S. Open Club Championships (Blaine, MN)
11-12: AUDL Championship Weekend (Madison, WI)
18-19: USAU Elite-Select Challenge (Columbus, OH)

1-3: USAU  Pro Championships (Middletown, NY)
8-9: USAU  TCT Sectionals
22-23: USAU  TCT Regionals

18-21: USAU National Championships (San Diego, CA)

Thursday, February 01, 2018

WUCC 2018: The Million Dollar Ultimate Tournament

WFDF 2018 World Ultimate Club Championships (WUCC 2018) will host over 125 club teams from around the world in July. The tournament's entry fees which are required by each participating team in addition to every player would top over 1.5 million dollars.

If teams were to roster the maximum number of player - 28 - and pay all fees at a discount, then each team would owe $12,000 [$1500 x 1 team = $1500 + $375 x 28 = $10,500; Total = $12,000]. With 128 teams expected in Lebanon and Cincy, the grand total for maxed out teams including players fees would bring in a total of $1,536,000 USD revenue for this WFDF tournament.

WUCC 2018 Fees
The per player cost for participating at WUCC 2018 = $428.57; ($375/player + $1500/28).