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audlDid you enjoy spectating the high-level Ultimate during the summer? Well, good news for random U.S. cities!

The American Ultimate Disc League (AUDL) to Begin in 2012

Eight teams will compete in the inaugural season of the American Ultimate Disc League (AUDL). The AUDL is structured as a national professional men’s ultimate disc league set to begin play in 2012. The eight teams competing in the first season are:
Buffalo Hunters (Buffalo, NY)
Columbus Cranes (Columbus, OH)
Connecticut Constitution (Hartford, CT)
Detroit Mechanix (Detroit, MI)
Indianapolis AlleyCats (Indianapolis, IN)
Philadelphia Spinners (Philadelphia, PA)
River City Revolution (Louisville, KY)
Rhode Island Rampage (Providence, RI)

“The AUDL is structured as a national professional men’s ultimate disc league set to begin play in 2012.”

Ultimate has been one of the fastest growing sports since its invention in 1968. Today, almost 5 million Americans play the sport annually. The AUDL will showcase the sport at a spectator level and will help foster the continued growth and popularity of ultimate.

“Everybody involved with the league is very excited to bring this great sport to the next level,” AUDL founder Josh Moore said. “This has been one of the fastest growing sports for participants in America. With the introduction of this new professional league, everybody involved with the AUDL is particularly excited to bring the game mainstream for the average person to experience ultimate played at its highest level. We are creating tremendous value for our fans, sponsors and owners.”

The establishment of the AUDL fills a need for affordable sporting entertainment. The AUDL is scheduled to commence play in April 2012 in a two division format with each team playing eight home and eight road games. Division championships will be played on July 28th and July 29th, 2012 and will culminate with the championship game to be played August 11, 2012 at the Silverdome of Pontiac, Michigan.

“The time has come for high-intensity live sports entertainment without the premium price tag. Our athletes showcase the strength, speed, talent, and passion required to be professional performers yet maintain their dedication to a sport that has a universal appeal. The thrill of competition again will be the subject of dinner tables across America!” AUDL V.P. of Marketing, Brent Steepe said.

A local press release will be conducted at a later date for each team to announce the team name, logo, ownership, ticket pricing, players and more.

For more information about the American Ultimate Disc League visit or call (855)AUDLULT.

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