Thursday, October 13, 2011


LEVCongrats to Sarah for developing a 19-hole urban frisbee golf course 19-stop Neighborhood Heritage Trail in DC!

Cultural Tourism DC opens Lift Every Voice: Georgia Ave./Pleasant Plains Heritage Trail on Saturday, October 15. The trail pays homage to the musicians and impresarios, Jewish shop-keepers and African American barbers, intellectuals and activists, and all who built a thriving community along this stretch of one of Washington’s oldest thoroughfares.

The first sign on the trail is located outside the Shaw-Howard University Metrorail station 7th and S streets exit. The final sign is located at the Georgia Ave-Petworth Metrorail station at the Georgia Avenue, southbound exit. This 1.9-mile walk offers about two hours of gentle exercise. Participants may begin their journey at any sign.

The creation of the Heritage Trail was a community endeavor. Cultural Tourism DC began working with the Working Group in 2007 to collect stories and images. Then professional historians (Sarah) deepened the research and shaped the finished product into 19 poster-sized signs that combine historical photographs and maps to trace the neighborhood from its start as rural farmland to the lively community it is today.

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