Sunday, October 23, 2011

Week 7: Unemployment

Lemme call you back. Sludge needs help.
:Game 1:
The Sludge offense took a dive on Saturday, and players struggled to reverse the loss of defense-created scoring opportunities. After a first point with teams trading turnovers, no brown program could prevent a tally deficit. 1-2, 2-5.

The younger Dr Von Rhino was fluid as if playing on ice; while brown was languid, like running in very, very, very deep sand. Even playing with an 8th person (MicHael) was not successful. 4-8.

Sludge played tighter in the second half, trying the play catch-up. Andrew and Brian each threw a deep score (5-7); Chris caught a score from Nigel (6-10); Joe tossed one to Christy (7-12); David was fouled & overtly tackled (he's didn't play the rest of the day [-1]).

The zone D was continually beat in the middle, and especially deep during transition off of Sludge throwaways. Loss 7-15.

Was Sludge half as good as DvR; or was DvR two times better as brown? 

:Game 2:
Sludge began strong(er) in the second game. Rachel caught the 1st point, and then Sarah connected with Nigel. 2-0. Once O'Face got their O'Legs, brown was stymied; cuts were slow to flow and D was good being D-etermined, not so much in D-eterrence. 4-5, 6-7, 6-8.

At 6-9, Sludge offense was broken repeatedly. All throws were challenged while being forced into tight windows. Converting redzone opportunities could have been better. 7-12. Back-&-forth points tended away from brown, as scores against were hammered in. Loss 8-15.

Was Sludge half as good as O'F; or was O'F two times better as brown?

Sludge watches as Brian's arm bends backwards.
Andrew catch-&-release
Breakfast menu: Pancake!
CHris nails his timing to catch  the hammer throw.


reillybri said...

did i travel on that flick?

-observer said...

If right foot is your pivot, then NO.

Anonymous said...

thanks for not including a pic of me getting scored on....