Saturday, October 01, 2011

Week 4: Cooler than Usual

frisbee pulseThere was a chill in the air on this first day of October. The weather was indicative of
Sludge’s in-the-game pace that never really warmed up.

Sludge’s O was repeatedly trapped on the sidelines. Down the entire game (1-2, 3-4, 3-6), brown showed little signs of flow minus Nigel, CHris, Brian & Bucci who consistently made great cuts.

CHarlie, Andrew & Matthew played support roles moving the disc downfield. Throws into & near the endzone were not connecting, except for when Mike hurled a hammer for a welcomed score. 5-8; 6-9; 7-10.

Sludge’s gritty defense slowed Absinthe Minded to extreme patience rather than to excessive turnovers. Of note, Christy had a an excellent rundown D to prevent a score while Jen had a (cold)handblock that setup a score.

RacHel made what some labeled as the catch of the season/year between a gaggle of green at the endzone line, then simultaneously threw to and cheered for MicHael to catch the score. 10-13.

Outpaced, Sludge was out of chase. Loss 10-15.

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