Friday, October 07, 2011

Sandy Advice

disc star

Hey you tourists, a starfish is not a Frisbee [roanokeTimes]

According to an Associated Press report, tourism officials on the Caribbean island of Grenada are concerned about dog owners taking starfish out of the ocean and “throwing them like flying discs for their dogs to catch.”

Russ Fielden, president of the local hotel and tourism association, said officials have received several reports of the practice and are launching an education campaign to put an end to the flying of fish.

Fielden said hurling a starfish is “cruel and should be strongly discouraged” (not to mention more than a little weird and gross.)

He said the sea creatures are being left to die on the island’s popular Grand Anse beach and also are creating a foul smell.

So, remember on your next Caribbean vacation with your pooch, pack his Frisbee® and leave the starfish in the ocean. You will be glad you did.


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