Wednesday, May 15, 2019

Qualifying College Ultimate Teams for 2019 Championships: Division III

A total of 32 Division III college ultimate teams have qualified for USA Ultimate College Championships. The D-III USAU College Championships take place on May 18-19 in College Station, Texas. Below are the D-III men's and women's college ultimate teams that qualified for Nationals by region.

NOTE: Whitman men's team won DIII Northwest Regionals and advanced to DI NW Regionals; Portland was runner-up at DIII NW Regionals and advanced to DIII Nationals.

Tuesday, May 14, 2019

Chris Webber Moment in AUDL? Nope. The AUDL Refs Goofed Up.

What appeared to be a similar situation as when Chris Webber put his hands together formed the letter "T"with his hands was actually not.  The DC Breeze (2-2) had a chance to beat New York (4-0) on the Empire's home turf in the regular season. Rowan McDonnell called a timeout in sudden death (2OT) which - by rule - DC Breeze had, but the referees deemed the team did it was a turnover at the goal line, and the Empire scored on their next throw; 26-25.
D.C. Breeze managing partner Don Grage (who also served on the AUDL rules committee) called out the incorrect ruling on Twitter as a "Tough Loss indeed."

According to the 2018 rulebook, each team has exactly 1 timeout in each and every overtime period.

From the game's recap:
from AUDL article

Even so, according to our player survey conducted in late 2018, the majority of AUDL players are not quite "very familiar" with the American Ultimate Disc League rules.

Thursday, May 02, 2019

Premier Ultimate League Standings

After 2 weeks of the PUL season, all but one team has played a game. Week 3 of the PUL regular season continues this weekend. See below for current standings:

Data via PUL; compiled by SLUDGE.

Tuesday, April 23, 2019

AI Invented a New Sport Which Has Elements of Ultimate Frisbee and Goaltimate

Artificial Intelligence was tasked to invent a sport by feeding it data about 400 popular sports. The new sport - Speedgate - pulls the best of rugby, soccer, croquet and ultimate Frisbee. Elements of goaltimate are also sprinkled in Speedgate game. 
Ultimate Frisbee: Players with possession are not allowed to run (or move).

Goaltimate: Passing through a hoop (or gate).

Read more. [via TechCrunch]

Read the full rules at the Speedgate portal.

Monday, April 22, 2019

VIDEO: First Goal in Premier Ultimate League

The first goal of th Saturday, April 20, 2019...
Sadie Jezierski (#11, Columbus Pride) with a layout catch score against Nashville NightShade. It appears to have been assisted by Emily "JT" Barrett. The first point was a break for the PRide d-line

Columbus would go on to win 24-13 (13-6 halftime) over Nashville.

Saturday, April 20, 2019

Premier Ultimate League Premieres Tonight (April 20)

After launching in January and securing funding in March, the Premier Ultimate League will have its first pulls tonight.

In Week 1 of PUL regular season, four of the 8 PUL teams play; Atlanta Soul visit MedellĂ­n Revolution in Colombia, and Columbus (Ohio) Pride play at Nashville NightShade.