Friday, August 18, 2017

AUDL Division Champions by Season (2012-2017)

The American Ultimate Disc League in its 6 seasons has had nine different teams win a division title. Twenty four (24) AUDL teams competed in the 2017 season.

Against the logic of team owner/coach and AUDL promoter, Madison Radicals won their 5th consecutive division championship. Similarly, Toronto Rush have been the mainstay in the East Division since 2013. The nascent South, just like the Midwest and East, has seen only two teams win its division; the Dallas Roughnecks have now won 2 straight division championships. The West has experienced the most variation with 3 different teams winning the division championship in 4 seasons; after many successful seasons, San Francisco FlameThrowers are the most recent division championship.

Thursday, August 17, 2017

EuroStars Ultimate Tour 2017 Game Results

The 2017 EuroStars Ultimate Tour completed their 9-game schedule in July and August. The team of elite club ultimate women players from Europe posted a (3-6) record allowing 98 goals and scoring 103 total goals. The Americus Cup, which was decided after the 7th match, will stay in America.

Game Results of 2017 EuroStars Ultimate Tour.
[Halftime score: indicated by tick mark within scoring bar.]

(2-5) = EST record in July 2017
(1-1) = EST record in August 2017

5 = # of games decided within 3 goals

11.4 = average goals per game (9 games)

(3-0) = record of EST when leading at halftime

+8 = largest goal differential in a win (vs Underground, game to 11 and vs Heist, game to 15)

-6 = largest goal differential in a loss (vs Scandal)

[Stats compiled by SLUDGE via EST website]

Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Funny Camp Letter: Frisbee Edition

My niece spent 7 weeks at summer camp. She thoughtfully mentions the Frisbee activity in her camp letter to me. However, her note implies that she chose the "goofy obstacle" over the frisbee toss activity.

Well, at least there's a frisbee activity being offered!

Tuesday, August 15, 2017

DC Breeze Scoreless for Nearly 2 Hours, Still Win Home Playoff Game

The D.C. Breeze were scheduled to play host to the Montreal Royal on August 11th. The AUDL playoff game started after 7PM on Friday night and was abruptly postponed due to inclement weather (lightning, lightning and rain, and rain).

Not all DC sports teams (ahem, Nationals) with Friday night games chose to stick out the weather delay and play their game as scheduled.

DC's playoff game started after 7PM on Friday night. Montreal scored first and then the DC Breeze were held scoreless for nearly 2 hours in their game on Friday, yet the Breeze won 28-16. DC would eventually find the scoreboard at 9:51PM and outscore the Royal 28-15 after the long weather delay. The game ended at 11:35PM.
[via AUDL App with SLUDGE add-ons]

Friday's Playoff scoRECAP

DC's first round playoff win advanced them to Sunday's AUDL East Division Championship game which the Breeze lost 26-29 (13s HT) versus the Rush in Toronto.

D.C. Breeze's 2017 AUDL season is over. D.C. finished second in the AUDL East in the regular season with a (10-4) record like in 2016 and, similarly, won 1 playoff game and lost the division final to Toronto.

Monday, August 14, 2017

San Francisco FlameThrowers Finally Win a Postseason AUDL Game

Top-seeded San Francisco earns their final four spot with a decisive victory over Los Angeles in the 2017 West Division Championship game.

The FlameThrowers are arguably one of the most successful franchises in American Ultimate Disc League history. In their 4 AUDL regular seasons, the FTs have won 40 of their 56 games.; a .714 blazing winning percentage in the West Division. And, the San Francisco AUDL team has posted a winning record in all 4 regular seasons and also made the playoffs all 4 seasons. They have claimed the regular season division title twice - in 2016 and in 2017.

The AUDL postseason is a different story; the FT's fizzled in the division final in 2014 to San Jose, petered out a first round playoff game in 2015 to Seattle, and got doused in 2016 - again - in the division final to Seattle. The FlameThrowers had never won a postseason game until yesterday's 33-22 win.
SF FT W-L History [as of 8/14/2017]

With San Francisco's win, they advance to American Ultimate Disc League Championship Weekend VI with a chance to add to their postseason win total. The #4-seeded FT's play the #1-seed Madison Radicals in Montreal on Saturday, August 26.

Friday, August 11, 2017

Comparison: AUDL Regular Season Standings 2016 vs 2017

The 2017 American Ultimate Disc League regular season concluded in July. Out of the 24 AUDL teams, 3 advance to the playoffs from each regional division.

AUDL Division Standings: 2016 compared to 2017

Overall, 8 teams improved, 9 teams did not change, and 7 teams did worse in 2017 than in 2016.
No AUDL team advanced or fell more than 2 spots within their division.
The 2016 AUDL Championship finalists - Dallas and Seattle - both dropped in the 2017 standings compared to their 2016 division standings.
Three of 4 divisions had a different team advance to the 2017 AUDL playoffs compared to 2016; East: Montreal Royal, South: Jax Cannons, West: San Jose Spiders.
Three of 4 regular season division winners were the same as in 2017; only the South (Raleigh Flyers) changed.
The D.C. Breeze (East) were the only team to retain their position - 2nd place in the division - from 2016 to 2017.
Of the 2017 playoff teams, Montreal and San Jose had the biggest jumps (+2)

East: There was a lot of movement at the bottom of the division, while the top 2 spots were similar to 2016. Montreal defied the odds and improved 2 spots to claim a postseason bid.

Midwest: Minnesota started the season perfectly (7-0), but ended by going (4-3). Pittsburgh dropped 1 spot compared to 2016, but all 3 playoff teams returned.

South: Jacksonville Cannons handed Dallas their first ever loss - once in May and again in July. Jax returned to the playoffs along with Dallas who dropped a spot and Raleigh who was +1.
*NOTE: Nashville was 7th (last) in 2016 when the South had 7 teams and 6th (last) in 2017 with a winless season, so their relative position did not change.

West: All but 1 team had movement in 2017 compared to 2016 standings. LA (+1), San Jose (+2) and San Diego (+1) went up, while Seattle and Vancouver (-2) both went down 2 spots.

The postseason is underway.  After this weekend, the 4 teams that will play for the 2017 AUDL Championship will be decided.