Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Frisbee Games before Ultimate

Without the existence of Ultimate yet, this 1957 WHAM-O ad offers ideas to potential customers on what to do with a "flying Saucer" Pluto Platter (Frisbees). 79 cents for the "unbreakable polyethylene." Per inflation, what cost $0.79 in 1957 would cost $6.22 in 2011.

Great line: "You can even play catch around a tree!"
In addition to the Flying Saucer Horseshoe Game ($4.98), the following are suggested...
achieve skill with practice.
TRY A BACKHAND flick of the wrist.
SKIPS tilt at 45* angle into ground. Saucer bounces off into level flight.
BOOMERANG tilt and throw upward.
SKILL GAME play for points.
Play CATCH-THROW CURVES when tilted slightly.

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