Friday, January 25, 2013

Spirit Cheer Lip Sync

In the wake of Beyoncé lip-syncing the national anthem at the 2013's inauguration ceremony for President Obama, Ultimate Frisbee players are now coming forward with their own lip-sync stories.

Miming along to a team's 'Spirit Cheer' is not unheard after an Ultimate game. The Spirit Cheer is a demonstration of Spirit of the Game where teams cheer their opponent at the end of the game. Cheers, or "calls" in the UK, are often creative songs.

At the 2009 Chesapeake Open, a barely rehearsed post-game 'Spirit Cheer' was loudly chanted to Axis of C'ville. Players who knew the cheer positioned themselves near the front while one player stood in the back directly behind the team's tallest player.

A USAU Observer observed, "After three lines of this live performance, players from the other team began to question whether everyone was truly singing."

The identified player commented, "I felt rushed in trying to memorize four lines of rhyme scheme." He added, "I do recall announcing 'Prepare to receive!' as my contribution."

"He wasn't comfortable performing without a rehearsal," Ultimate teammates remarked. "We always knew that lip sync was a possibility."

After the tournament, a white board was procured to help reduce future lip syncing of Spirit Cheers.

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