Friday, January 04, 2013

Ultimate Teams, Cities, and Pro Leagues! Oh My!

A compilation of Ultimate teams/locations who are in one, some, or all of the 2013 professional Ulti leagues.

Location Club team USAU Rank / Flight Nex League Invited AUDL MLU
Atlanta Chain Lightning 7th / Pro X
Austin Doublewide 1st / Pro X
Boston Ironside 3rd / Pro X Whitecaps
Boulder Johnny Bravo 12th / Elite X
Chicago Machine 5th / Pro X Wildfire
Cincinnati Revolution
Columbus Madcow NR / Select X
Detroit Mechanix
Indianapolis AlleyCats
Madison Club 9th / Elite X Radicals
Minneapolis Sub Zero 13th / Elite X Wind Chill
New Jersey Hammerheads
New York PoNY 16th / Elite X Empire Rumble
Philadelphia Southpaw NR / Select X Phoenix Spinners
Pittsburgh Oakland NR/ Select X
Portland Rhino 10th / Elite X Stags
Raleigh Ring of Fire 3rd / Pro X
Rochester Dragons
San Francisco Boost Mobile 15th / Elite Dogfish
San Francisco Revolver 2nd / Pro X Dogfish
Seattle Sockeye 7th / Pro X Rainmakers
Toronto GOAT 6th / Pro X Rush
Vancouver Furious George 11th / Elite X Nighthawks
Washington, DC Truck Stop 13th / Elite X Breeze Current
Updated: 1/25/13 by SLUDGE
USAU = USA Ultimate (Triple Crown Tour) 
Nex League = Nex Gen's league
AUDL = American Ultimate Disc League
MLU = Major League Ultimate

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