Thursday, January 17, 2013

UPDATED: Reebok Sponsorship of DC Breeze

As previously hinted at the DC Breeze's introductory meeting in December, DC's AUDL pro Ultimate team announced many updates in their 'insider mailing list' sent on Wednesday, January 16.

The biggest news of the 3 'Breeze Briefs' was:
"The DC Breeze will soon be formally announcing an official apparel sponsorship with the [inter]national sporting goods giant, Reebok."

Back in December, the Breeze owner talked about team sponsorship:
"Final stages of securing a sponsorship with Reebok. They reached out to us (DC Breeze). We (the DC Breeze) will be the first AUDL team with a major sponsor."

UPDATED 01/18/2013 5:15pm...
The DC Breeze provided a necessary correction to me by email & finally on their blog to their initial release about "Reebok sponsorship". This update is meant to correct what was previously directly announced by the DC Breeze.

The DC Breeze is in a licensing agreement with Interscholastic Licensing Corporation (ILC) who is a sole wholesaler in partnership with Team Reebok.

The DC Breeze benefits from this relationship with ILC/Team Reebok through merchandising which allows us to bear the Reebok logo. The DC Breeze and the AUDL want to be clear on their position as it pertains to any and all sponsorships, partnerships whether they are on the national or local level.

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