Tuesday, January 08, 2013

MLU Rulebook

The 2012-dated MLU Rulebook for the 2013 season was posted on Sunday night. The 32-page document is similar to AUDL's rules, and speaks to what is commonly known as "Spirit of the Game".

One notable addition is what happens to players who commit a flagrant foul. Somewhat like soccer's penalty card system (yellow, red), orange band(s) are used to signify who has been naughty.

Here's the MLU Rulebook text:

X. Fouls and Infractions
c. Flagrant Fouls: (20 yards; loss of possession; player may earn a "band" or may be ejected at official discretion)
v. Banding
1. Only active players may earn a band.
2. If a player earns a flagrant foul for any excessively physical action that potentially endangers another player, the official may decide to award that player with a band as an extra penalty.
3. The player must walk up to the official and receive and wear the bright orange band.
4. The band must be worn on the upper arm, over any other clothing, and must be clearly visible any time that player is on the field.
5. If the player intentionally removes, hides, or conceals the band while he is on the field, he is ejected.
6. If the band falls off in the course of play, he will retrieve it and put it back on during the next clock stoppage.
7. If a player earns two bands in the same game, he is immediately ejected.
8. For every three bands a player earns per season, he is suspended for the next game, in addition to any games he was ejected from.
Update: Version 0.8 has been updated, although the footnote still is dated "1/6/12".

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