Saturday, January 26, 2013

DC Breeze on 106.7 The Fan

The DC Breeze spoke to sports-radio station WJFK-FM yesterday. On Friday, January 25,  TJ from DCB spoke for about 10 minutes on The LaVar Arrington Show with Chad Dukes airing on 106.7 in Washington, DC.

Chad Dukes, who plays in a local pickup game, is a known friend of Ultimate Frisbee. LaVar Arrington, a former NFL player, is a local celeb.

Some highlights of the Segment 17 of their 1/25 show:
Dukes introduces the segment with "Joining us on the...hotline; hottest new team in the area, Vice-President of Community Affairs for the DC Breeze of the American Ultimate Disc League."

LaVar: "I think this is awesome."

Dukes starts off with: "Now you guys are a professional Ultimate team, right? This is not a collegiate, or some sort of commune type of deal that we've seen on the movie PCU. You are in a legit professional league, yes?"

TJ: That is correct. The AUDL started last year, expanded in 2013 to 12 teams, including DC...

LaVar: Wow...So, people come from all over the land to toss frisbees against one another.

TJ: Oh, that's been the case for a long time, LaVar.

Dukes: C'mon LaVar. Get with it. LaVar has been poo-poo'ing my Ultimate career the whole time, TJ.

LaVar: I am being enlightened right now...So, what does a base salary go for?

TJ: ...Well, that depends on the player. For you, maybe, something around 10 g's ($10,000).

LaVar: A game?!?


Dukes: What about a 'Chad Dukes'?

TJ: A 'Chad Dukes'? Well, we were talking about a 15-minute contract for Chad Dukes.

LaVar: Golly.

TJ: There's issues with your fitness that you were telling me earlier.

Dukes: Well, my cardiovascular is not...I watched your highlight video on your website & it looks like a lot of your guys can move up and down the field fairly quickly.

Discussion leads to "the guy...from Florida" Brodie Smith. Dukes asks "He's not in your league, is he?"

TJ: He is; he just signed with Chicago...

The show's producer, Robert Bode, adds: "I want to catch a Frisbee jumping out of a boat from Brodie Smith."

Dukes: "You're a big dummy."

Dukes: Bode, try not to fan boy out for other team's players when you're talking to one of the guy's from our local team.

Bode: My apologies...when  I moss his ass in the endzone...

Duke: Oh snap!! I like it!

They also talk more about salary, athleticism, and the Breeze's open tryouts.

LISTEN to the PODCAST [Segment 17 on Jan 25].

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