Friday, January 11, 2013

iUltimate for Game Stats

Now that you have Ultimate Championships & the Ultimate Frisbee Whiteboard apps, here's another app to add to your iPhone.

iUltimate [Summit Hill Software]

Info: iUltimate is an iPhone app and web site for tracking statistics for your ultimate team(s). Users gather stats during the game and then upload the statistics to their team website (provided). The app also features a Twitter interface that allows the user to "auto-tweet" game events as they happen.

•Create one or more teams that can be uploaded and downloaded to different iPhones (for backup or passing on the tracking duties...or a low battery situation).
•Gather stats while the game action progresses: passes, drops, assists, goals, d's, throwaways with additional detail as well (see screenshots)
•Upload a game to your team site (each team you create get it's own statistics website) after the game.
•Tweet the progress of the game for those that can't attend. Use "auto-tweet" to have the app tweet progress for you and/or use the integrated Tweet view to send ad-hoc tweets
•Publish game scores real-time to Leaguevine automatically.

Price: $0

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Max said...

What about Android? We need more apps.